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Agricultural Fairs, Industrial Fairs and Business Events

Business tourism is becoming increasingly popular in the Santa Catarina. Expositions, fairs, symposiums and meetings, held by the various business segments, attract thousands of visitors throughout the year. Chapecó stands out for bringing together a wide variety of business events.

Grande Oeste

Abelardo Luz

Feiras de Gado (Cattle Fairs)
Occurring in March, June and September.


Mercoláctea Milk Fair - International Trade Fair of the Milk Sector
It exhibits machines and equipment of the sector, besides products and services for handling, nutrition, sanitation and quality control, for use from farms to supermarkets. It takes place biannually (even years).
Parque da EFAPI.
Phone: (49) 3322-2292.

Mercoagro (AgriMarket)
Gathering together 600 exhibitors from four continents, it is the second largest trade fair in the world in the sector of meat industrialization, processing and business. It takes place on even years in the Parque da EFAPI.
Phone: (49) 3323-4100.

Mercomóveis (FurnitureMarket)
It gathers together vendors and manufacturers from all over the country in one of the largest trade fairs of the kind. Biannual (even years).
Parque da EFAPI.
Phone: (49) 3328-4144.

Feira Metalmecânica + Corte e Conformação (Metal-Mechanical + Cutting and Shaping Trade Fair)
Exhibition of technologies, equipment, product resources and products of the metal-mechanical sector. It takes place on even years in the Parque da EFAPI.
Phone: (49) 3323-3102.

Expomerco (ExhibitionMarket) - Trade Fair of Cattle for Slaughter and Dairy Herds
It is part of the national calendar of evaluation of the Holstein and Jersey breeds. Biannual (even years).
Parque da EFAPI.
Phone: (49) 3329-5939.

Ambientalis (Environmental)
It discusses issues related to sustainability and seeks to spread socioenvironmental advances. Annually, in the Centro de Cultura e Eventos.
Phone: (49) 8416-3426.

Logistique - International Trade Fair of Logistics, Services, Transportation and Foreign Trade
In its first edition (2009), it received 15 thousand visitors.
Parque da EFAPI.
Phone: (49) 3361-9200.

Simpósio Brasil Sul de Avicultura (South Brazil Aviculture Symposium)
Technical lectures and trade fair of products and services of the sector. Held annually.

Simpósio Brasil Sul de Suinocultura (South Brazil Pig Breeding Farm Symposium)
Technical lectures and trade fair of products and services of the sector. Held annually.

It involves the sectors of architecture, decoration, design and landscaping in an exhibition which receives approximately 15 thousand visitors per edition. Biannually (odd years), between August and October.
Phone: (49) 3323-2387.

Feira das Áreas do Conhecimento, Cultura e Educação (Trade Fair of the Areas of Knowledge, Culture and Education) (FACE)
Information about courses, work market, career, educational products, culture and entertainment, besides opportunities of internship, programs for trainees and interchange.

São Lourenço do Oeste

The International Motorcycle Meeting includes resales of motorcycles, exhibition of motorcycling articles, acrobatics and wheeling shows, besides stands with tattoo artists. Organized by the Motogrupo Fortaleza dos Bruxos (Motorcycle Group Fortaleza dos Bruxos). In November, in the Centro de Eventos São Lourenço.



Festa do Maracujá (Passion Fruit Festival)
4 day of cultural presentations and shows. At the same time as the festival, there is the Industrial, Agricultural and Livestock Trade Fair-Exhibition. In April.
Rua Antônio Ramos Alvim, beside the Forum, Center.


National shows and dances animate the event which also has agricultural and livestock exhibitions, trade and industry fairs, besides typical food. Every two years, between April and May. Pavilhão Municipal de Eventos (Municipal Events Pavilion).
Rua 11 de Novembro, 1.559, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3379-1203.

Caminho dos Cânions


In May, in the Praça Hercílio Luz (Hercílio Luz Square).


Arraial Fest
Shows, typical dances, photography and artisan craft exhibitions. Takes place alongside the Feira Industrial e Comercial de Sombrio (Sombrio Industrial and Trade Fair) (FEINDES), every other year in July. Complexo Esportivo Antônio Sant’Helena. Avenida Papa João XXIII, s/n, Parque das Avenidas.

Costa Verde e Mar

Balneário Piçarras

Piçarras Business and Attractions Fair (Fenapi)
National shows, cultural presentations, typical gastronomy and business fair.
In July. Rua Albano Shultz, Center, around the Ginásio Municipal Aurélio Solano de Macedo.

Grande Florianópolis


Nautical Exhibition
Exhibition of national and imported equipment and boats, nautical accessories, automotive and air vehicles. In June. Marina Píer 33, Foz do Rio Biguaçu.

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz

Meeting of motorcycle riders with attractions as the death globe and shows of state and national bands.
In Octobe in the headquarters of the New Time Club, at Rua Leopoldo Broering, 2.290, Center.
Phone: (48) 3245-1058

Vale Europeu



Fenajeep - National Jeep Festival
Competitions, car showroom and launches of off-road equipment. In May.



Gaspar Exhibition
It gathers together what the region produces best, from handicraft to products of agroindustry, the electronic, metal-mechanical, textile and building industries, information science, services, plastic furniture and tourism. There also national shows, music festivals, art exhibition and the Miss Gaspar competition.

Vale do Contestado

Campos Novos

An agricultural and livestock exposition that shows industrial and trade products. There are also musical shows.
Takes place between March and April, at the Leônidas Rupp Exposition Park.

Treze Tílias

Agriculture, Livestock and Industrial Festival / Dairy Cattle Exposition
The city’s agricultural and livestock production showcase.
Held in April, at the Parque de Exposições.
Rua Três Barras, s/n, Centro.

Encantos do Sul


Big brands from the sectors of construction, architecture, and decoration present new items and launches during the show In October, in the Maximiliano Gaidzinski Events Center.

Southern Metal and Mining Fair
Show organized by the business leaders of the metalworking and coal industries of the region. In June, at the Maximiliano Gaidzinski Events Center.


Industry, Commerce, and Agriculture and Livestock Fairs
The events are enlivened by rodeos.
In April, at CTG (Gaúcho Tradition Center) Estância do Retiro. Riachinho.



Feincos (Industry, Commerce, and Service Fair) and Produsul
Showcase with the best of industry, commerce, and services and local handicrafts. The event take place in parallel and are enlivened by national and international shows.
In May, in Cecontu.

Caminhos da Fronteira


Agricultural and Livestock, Commercial and Industrial Trade Fair of Guaraciaba
Showroom of the production of the town, the event has several exhibitions and shows.
In May, in odd years, at the CTG Fronteira do Oeste. Rua 1º de Maio, s/n, Centro.


Commercial and Industrial Trade Fair (Efrait)
Exhibition of the local production. In April, in the Oktoberfest Complex.

National Motorcycle Riders’ Meeting
In February, in Avenida Uruguai.

São Miguel do Oeste

Expo São Miguel
An exhibition of agricultural, livestock and industrial products. It takes place every two years.
Rineu Granzotto Exhibition Park.
Rodovia SC-386, Km 3.
Phone: (49) 3621-1708.

Serra Catarinense


The region’s agriculture and livestock production showcase is held in October at the Parque de Exposições Conta Dinheiro.