Azorean Cuisine

The Portuguese who settled in Santa Catarina made good use of indigenous seasonings and their extensive experience with the sea to create simple but very tasty food, made from fish, shrimp, shellfish, clams, crab meat, octopus and squid. Recently, this noble group became even stronger with the addition of oysters, produced in marine farms in Florianópolis (Santa Catarina’s capital is the largest national producer), and “Laguna” shrimp, the tastiest species captured on the Santa Catarina coast. In all the beachfront restaurants, these are the ingredients for most of the dishes, including the classic “posta de peixe frito com pirão de farinha de mandioca” (“fried fish cutlet with manioc flour puree”). In Itajaí and São Francisco do Sul, fishing and port cities, the recipes are closer to traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Costa Verde e Mar

Balneário Camboriú

Savor specialties from the local cuisine, with fish, shrimp, oysters and shellfish. Balneário Camboriú also offers the most varied types of restaurant, from international to homemade cuisine, patisseries and colonial cafés. View the bars and restaurants at:

Balneário Piçarras

Try barbecued mullet, and fish stew with cassava flour puree, characteristic recipes of the local cuisine.
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Savor the typical dishes of the local cuisine, such as soups and fish stews. Try the oysters and shellfish cultivated in the town. There are various restaurants on the seaside and on the main avenues in Bombinhas.
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Discover the restaurants specialized in seafood at Praia de Ilhota, to the far north of the city. Azorean cuisine is prominent throughout the whole town.
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Don’t miss out on tasting the seafood, a specialty in the local Azorean cuisine.
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Savor typical dishes of Azorean cuisine such as steamed shellfish and portions of fried fish at seaside restaurants and kiosks.
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Porto Belo

Try crab soup, cooked shellfish and steamed shrimp, all good representatives of the local cuisine. Don’t miss out on cassava flour puree, the traditional accompaniment to seafood based dishes.
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Barra Velha

Savor in the restaurants of Barra Velha the typical seafood-based dishes of the Azorean cuisine.

São Francisco do Sul

Paella de frutos do mar

Paella de frutos do mar

Try the savory seafood dishes. In the Historical Center, on the beaches and in Vila da Glória there are several restaurants specialized in the local cuisine.

Grande Florianópolis


Go to the Balneário de São Miguel and enjoy the great offer of restaurants to savor seafood based dishes, especially the shrimp ones. Inside the municipality, do not fail to buy colonial products, as cold meats, jams, homemade bread, cheeses, liqueurs and compotes.


Enjoy the seafood served in the typical restaurants of Florianópolis. The municipality is the largest producer of oysters in captivity in the country, but the dishes served by the typical restaurants also include fish, shrimps, crab, squid and shellfish. There is also a great variety of restaurants and bistros specialized in the cuisine of other regions in Brazil and the world (see list of bars and restaurants on the site:

Ribeirão da Ilha
In this district located in the south of Island there are countless oyster and shellfish sea farms. Most of the restaurants which serve these dishes are located at the seashore, with a beautiful view of the Baía Sul (South Bay) and the Morro do Cambirela (Cambirela Hill).

Santo Antônio de Lisboa e Sambaqui
A famous gastronomic route in the north of the Island, these two localities are situated at the seashore and have typical restaurants which serve seafood. There are also establishments specialized in Portuguese and Italian gastronomy, among others.

Avenida das Rendeiras
In this avenue located at Lagoa da Conceição there are many typical restaurants which serve the famous Shrimp Sequence (steamed, fried breaded, with garlic and oil), besides other dishes with a seafood base.

Canal da Barra da Lagoa
It links the Lagoa da Conceição to the sea, with some typical restaurants along the channel.

Costa da Lagoa
In this small community of fishermen, located at the edge of the Lagoa da Conceição, there are countless typical restaurants which serve dishes with a seafood base. The place is only accessible by boat or by trail, on foot. Boats with regular lines leave the maritime transportation terminal, at the bridge of Lagoa da Conceição (40 min.), or a transversal dirt road to Rodovia João Gualberto Soares. SC-406 (10 min.).

Governador Celso Ramos

Get to know the gastronomic route of Governador Celso Ramos and savor the delicious mullet roasted on banana leaf, the split anchovy and other seafood based dishes.
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Encantos do Sul


Try the fish with pirão, shrimp course, and other typical dishes in the seaside restaurants or in the center of the city. There are also options ranging from buffets to international cuisine along the access road to the municipal seat.


Discover charming restaurants on Rosa and Ibiraquera beaches, where the typical seafood-based Azorean dishes receive contemporary reinterpretations. The city also offers good options for pizzerias and Asian food restaurants.
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Try dishes based on the typical Laguna shrimp in the restaurants of the Center and the beaches of Mar Grosso and Santa Marta Lighthouse. Mullet, snapper, crab, and shellfish are also good options.
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