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Cultural Events

Music, theater, film and dance are some of the attractions of the festivals and exhibitions that enliven the entire state. The Festival de Dança de Joinville (Joinville Dance Festival), the traditional spectacle, A República (The Republic), in Laguna, the Festival Internacional de Corais (International Choir Festival) (Criciúma), plus the Festinver – Festival de Inverno de Gaspar (Gaspar Winter Festival) – and the Festival de Teatro Isnard de Azevedo (Isnard de Azevedo Theatre Festival), in Florianópolis, are also worth mentioning.

Grande Oeste

Abelardo Luz

Festival da Música Popular e Sertaneja (Popular and Country Music Festival) (Fempal)
In July..


Dança Chapecó – Festival Sul-Brasileiro de Dança (Chapecó Dance – South Brazilian Dance Festival)
Showcase of professional and amateur dancing of the Southern region of the country. In September, in the Centro de Cultura e Eventos (Culture and Events Center). Phone: (49) 3322-3690.

São Lourenço do Oeste

Festival Lourenciano de Interpretação da Canção (FLIC)
It is the most traditional amateur festival in Brazil, gathering together singers from all over the country. In July in the Centro de Eventos São Lourenço (São Lourenço Events Center).

Mostra Interestadual de Dança
It gathers together regional dance groups presenting varied rhythms and styles. Promoted by the Instituto Cultural São Lourenço (São Lourenço Cultural Institute). In May, in the sports gymnasium in the center.

Caminho dos Cânions


Agosto Cultural (Cultural August)
A 15-day event with theatrical and musical presentations, book releases and cultural workshops at various locations throughout the city. In August.


Balneário Barra do Sul

Summer Project
It offers free lessons of gymnastics and other sporting activities, besides national shows and cultural presentations which take place in an arena assembled in the town between December and January.
Boca da Barra, Centro.

Campo Alegre

Winter Festival
Artistic presentations, workshops and typical gastronomy. In July, on the Calçadão da Cascatinha, Centro.


Alternative Rock Festival
Bands of hardcore, heavy metal, punk rock and other kinds. Usually in March or April. Curupira Rock Club: Rua João Sotter Corrêa, 523, Centro.

Jaraguá do Sul

Music Festival of Santa Catarina (Femusc)
More than 200 presentations open to the public. The non-competitive show occurs at the same time as the Femuskinho (children’s event), in the Meetings of Bands and Harpists. In January.
Rua Jorge Czerniewicz, 160, Czerniewicz.
Phone: (47) 3373-8652.


Joinville Dance Festival
During the nights of the event, presentations of varied dance rhythms (from classical ballet to street dancing) are performed in schools, factories, convention centers and public spaces in the city. The closing night is a special show in this event which attracts more than 200 thousand people per edition. At the same time as the festival, there occurs the Ballet Shoe Trade Fair, the largest fair of dance articles in Brazil. In July.

Flower Festival
Exhibition and sales of flowers (highlighting the orchids) are but a few of the attractions of this traditional Joinville festival. There is also a lot of music, dance and typical gastronomy. In November, in the Expoville Complex.

Joinville Jazz Festival
Shows, jam sessions, alternate stages and workshops for musicians. In October.

São Bento do Sul

Summer Concerts
The musical presentations have already become traditional in the town. Every Wednesday January thru February on the bandstand of Praça Getúlio Vargas.

Costa Verde e Mar

Balneário Piçarras

Cultural Night
Presentations by folkloric and artistic groups in the region celebrate the ethnicities forming the population (indigenous, Portuguese and Azorean, African, German, Italian and Lebanese). In August.


Itajaí Music Festival
Great performances and musical events that move the city. Workshops for musicians are offered. In September, at the Municipal Theatre and other outdoor locations.

Vale Europeu


Blumenau Children’s Theater National Festival (FENATIB)
It takes place annually and receives approximately 15 thousand visitors each time. It is considered by the theater critics to be a national reference towards contributing to forming and educating children.

International University Theater Festival
Promoted by the Blumenau Regional University Foundation (FURB), it attracts students from all over Brazil and neighboring countries. All the activities are open to the community. Always in July.


Festinver - Winter Festival of Gaspar
Held in July, with full cinema, dance and theater programming, among other artistic means of expression.


Festinver - Winter Festival of Gaspar
Held in July, with full cinema, dance and theater programming, among other artistic means of expression.

Timbó Singing Festival (Fescati)
A biennial event which receives musicians and singers from all over the country. In August, in the Complexo Esportivo (Sporets Complex). Rua Gustavo Piske, s/n, Padre Martinho Stein.

State Dance Meeting
A biennial event. In May, in the Complexo Esportivo. Rua Gustavo Piske, s/n, Padre Martinho Stein.

Encantos do Sul


International Choir Festival
presentation, lectures, and workshops bring together choral singing groups from other states and countries in this non-competitive event. In November. Phone: (48) 3445-8840 - Fundação Cultural de Criciúma.

Criciúma Book Fair
In August, on the walkway of Praça Nereu Ramos.


The Republic in Laguna
Spectacle that tells the story of the proclamation of the Juliana Republic (or Santa Catarina Republic), an extension of the Ragamuffin Revolution, time of the arrival of Giuseppe Garibaldi 1839. The Italian revolutionary afterward fell in love with young Laguna resident Ana Maria de Jesus Ribeiro, the heroine Anita Garibaldi. This grand event has the participation of around 500 actors and has presentations between July and August, commemorating the anniversary of the city.


Antique Car Gathering
Antique automobiles are displayed by the Tubarão Antique Car Club. In October, in the parking lot of Farol Shopping. Av. Marcolino Martins Cabral, 2.525, Vila Moema. Phone: (48) 3621-5100.


Caminhos da Fronteira

Dionísio Cerqueira

Popular Music Festival (Fecapo) and Country Music Festival (Femuse)
Between June and July, in Grêmio Aéreo Independente (Independent Air Association). Rua Carlos Barreiro, 400, Centro.


Festival of German Singing and Folkloric Par
Typical celebrations held by the Kolping community, in the second fortnight in August.

Itapiringa Song Festival
In September.

São Miguel do Oeste

Municipal Theater Festival
In October, in the auditorium of Colégio São José.

Grande Florianópolis


Florianópolis South Cone Market Audiovisual (FAM)
It shows Brazilian, Latin and European films. Usually in May and June.

International Animation Theater Festival (FITA Floripa)
It gathers together national and international groups. Usually in June.

Floripa Theater – Isnard Azevedo Theater Festival
Brazilian groups present shows divided into the categories adult, children and street animation. Usually, between September and October.

Children’s Cinema Show
Usually June thru July.

Carnival out of season, it integrates the calendar of the main Brazilian out-of-season carnivals. Usually in November.

Planeta Atlântida
Rock and pop festival with shows of national and international bands. In January.

Entertainment Parade
Created to celebrate Gay Pride Day, it is animated by sound cars, artistic performances and musical shows.

Vale do Contestado


Joaçaba Dance Festival
Is held in November and brings together around one thousand ballerinas at the Teatro Alfredo Sigwalt. Rua Roberto Trompowski, 63, Centro. Phone: (49) 3521-1906.


Dance Festival
In September, in the Wilson Buch Sports Gymnasium.
Phone: (47) 3642-0488 – Culture, Sports and Tourism Secretariat.


Canta Piratuba
In March.

Film Festival
In July.

Dance Festival
In November.


Treze Tílias

Sculpture Week
An exhibit of works by the city’s various artists, in addition to cultural presentations and typical cuisine. Held in July, at the Maria Thaler Moser Events Center. Rua Antônio Carlos Konder Reis, s/n, Centro.


Serra Catarinense


Festival de Teatro de Lages (Lages Theatre Festival)
Also known as Fetel, it is held in September at the Teatro Municipal Marajoara.

Festa Nacional do Pinhão (National Pine Nut Festival)
One of Santa Catarina’s main regional festivals, it brings together thousands of visitors from throughout Brazil, with shows by national artists and the best local cuisine, with the pine nut as the staple food. The event, held during Corpus Christi, lasts for ten days and his held at the same time as the Festival de Música Nativista Sapecada da Canção.
Parque de Exposições Conta Dinheiro - Av. Luiz de Camões, s/n, Conta Dinheiro.
Telephone: (49) 3222-7100.