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Cultural Spaces, Galleries, Theaters and Cinemas

Explore Santa Catarina’s other art and culture spaces. Check out the schedule for each institution and take part in entertaining cultural activities.

Costa Verde e Mar

Balneário Camboriú

Art Gallery
Exhibitions of paintings, photograph and book launches. Monday to Friday, 1 pm to 7pm.
Rua 2.412, 111, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3366-5491 / (47) 3366-5325.



Municipal Art Gallery
Monthly exhibitions are held for photography, sculptures, paintings, drawings and art installations. The building itself, dating from 1902, also draws attention for its characteristic German baroque lines. The Tourism Department has special opening times for tourists arriving from cruise liners.
Monday to Friday, 8 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm.
Rua Lauro Müller, 53, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3348-3610 / (47) 3349-1665.

Dide Brandão Cultural Center
In the building dating from 1913 there are two art galleries, a reading room, audiovisual room, as well as a small theater. Workshops are offered for the community.
Rua Hercílio Luz, 323, Centro.
Temporarily closed for renovations. Phone: (47) 3349-1665

Itajaí Municipal Theater
Receives plays and music shows frequently, and is one of the most important cultural points in the city.
Rua Gregório Chaves, 111, Fazenda.
Phone: (47) 3349-6447.
View the theater schedule on the blog:

Grande Florianópolis


CTG Sela de Prata (Rio Grande do Sul Traditions Center)
Rua Júlio Teodoro Martins, s/n, fundos.


Centro Integrado de Cultura (CIC)/Fundação Catarinense de Cultura (FCC)
Segunda a sexta, 13h às 19h.
Av. Irineu Bornhausen, 5.600, Agronômica.
Phone.: (48) 3953-2323.

Espaço Cultural Sol da Terra
Av. Afonso Delambert Neto, 885, Lagoa da Conceição.
Phone: (48) 3232-2303.

Teatro Ademir Rosa (Teatro do CIC)
Av. Irineu Bornhausen,5.600, Agronômica.
Phone: (48) 3953-2300.

Teatro Álvaro de Carvalho (TAC)
Rua Marechal Guilherme, 26, Centro.
Phone: (48) 3028-8070.

Teatro da UFSC
Praça Santos Dumont, s/n, Campus Universitário, Trindade.
Phone: (48) 3721-99447.

Teatro da Ubro
Escadaria da Rua Pedro Soares, 15, Centro.
Phone: (48) 3222-0529.

Teatro Governador Pedro Ivo
SC-401, 4.600, Saco Grande.
Phone: (48) 3665-1630.

Paradigma Cine Arte
SC-401, 8.600, sala 2, bloco 8. Centro Empresarial Corporate Park. Santo Antônio de Lisboa.
Phone: (48) 3239-7777.

Note: In the shopping centers of the city there are good cinema rooms. Check out scheduling in,, e


São José

Theatro Adolpho Mello
Erected in 1854, it is the oldest playhouse in Santa Catarina. Monday thru Friday, from 1pm to 6pm.
Praça Hercílio Luz, 10, Centro Histórico.
Phone: (48) 3247-0051.

Vale Europeu


Carlos Gomes Theater
Since 1939, it has been the place of great cultural events of the city.
Rua XV de Novembro, 1.181, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3144-7166.

Michelangelo Theater
It belongs to the Metropolitan Faculty of Blumenau (Fameblu), linked to the Leonardo da Vinci Educational Association (Asselvi).
Rua Udo Deeke, 531 (in front of the landfill terminal), Salto do Norte.
Phone: (47) 3221-9595.

GNC Cinemas - Shopping Neumarkt
6 salas de cinema Multiplex, sendo duas salas 3D e uma sala VIP
Rua 7 de Setembro, 1.213, Centro.

Arcoiris Arcoplex Cinemas - Shopping Park Europeu
Salas de cinema 3D totalizando 5 salas
Via Expressa Paul Fritz Kuehnrich, 1600, Itoupava Norte.

Cinépolis - Norte Shopping
7 salas de cinema, sendo 2 com 3D.
BR 470 - km 54, no 3.000 - Itoupava.


Municipal Theater
A building of 2009, is architecture takes into account the unit in which the building is inserted. Monday thru Friday, from 7:30am to 11:30am and from 1pm to 5pm. Centro Cultural de Pomerode.
Rua Hermann Weege, 111, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3387-7224 – Culture Directory.

Grande Oeste


Galeria Municipal de Artes Dalme Marie Grando Rauen (Dalme Marie Grando Rauen Municipal Art Galery)
)It promotes exhibitions of artists of the region. Monday thru Friday, from 8am to 11:30am and from 1:30pm to 5:30pm.
Praça Coronel Bertaso, s/n, Centro.
Phone: (49) 3321-8553.

Vale do Contestado


CTG Fronteira da Querência
Founded in 1957, it has a crioulo shed with an upper area of 3 thousand m2.
Vila Fragosos, Interior.
Phone: (49) 3442-0768.




Alfredo Sigwalt Theater
A building shaped like a piano, it was inaugurated in 2003. Rehearsals of the Banda Carlos Gomes, the Fratelli d’Itália Choir and the Joaçaba Dance Festival presentations (November) are held at the theater.
Rua Roberto Trompowski, 63, Centro, in front of the Catedral Santa Terezinha.
Phone: (49) 3521-1906.

Porto União

Casa Cultural Anibal Khury
The 1929 building, known by the residents as “Castelinho,” was listed as a historical heritage site and is home to the Casa Cultural, which organizes musical events and exhibitions, with a focus on the regional culture. Open Monday through Friday, 9am to 11:30am and 1:30pm to 5pm.
Rua Coronel Belarmino, 435, Centro.
Phone: (42) 3523-9280.

Encantos do Sul


Criciúma Cultural Foundation
The 1940 structure holds the Jorge Zanatta Cultural Center, which includes a gallery for temporary exhibits and a picture gallery. Monday to Friday, 8AM30 to 12PM and 1:30PM to 6PM.
Rua Cel. Pedro Benedet, 269, Centro.
Phone: (48) 3445-8840.

Elias Angeloni Theater
One of the biggest concert halls, seating up to 720 people for its artistic/cultural shows and presentations. It is part of the Santos Guglielmi Cultural Center, which also includes the Donatila Borba Municipal Public Library and an arena theater.
Rua Domênico Sônego, s/n, Paço Municipal, Santa Bárbara.
Phone: (48) 3431-0153.

Sesc Auditorium
Receives shows, theater performances, and also shows films outside of the commercial circuit. Holds 100 seats.
Rua Presidente Kennedy, 850, Pio Correa.
Phone : (48) 3437-5224.

Shopping Della and Criciúma Shopping
They have movie theaters showing commercial films.
There are located, respectives, in the Center and in the neighborhood of Próspera.
See the schedules at the websites: e


Jaraguá do Sul

Sociedade Cultura Artística (SCAR) (Artistic Culture Society)
It receives cultural events as theatrical, musical and dance presentations and exhibitions.
Rua Jorge Czerniewicz, 160, Czerniewicz.
Phone: (47) 3275-2477.


Bolshoi Theater School

Only branch of the most respected ballet school in the world. The structure of the educational institution includes rooms for practical and theoretical lessons, piano studios, a library and cultural spaces. Schedule a visit.
Av. José Vieira, 315, América.
Phone: (47) 3422-4070.

Teatro Juarez Machado
It is the stage of several cultural events, including the shows of the Bolshoi Theatre School in Brazil. It has a gallery of arts, museums, conventional and 3D cinemas, rooms for research and filing.
Av. José Vieira, 315, América.
Phone: (47) 3433-2190 r. 214.

Serra Catarinense


Teatro Municipal Marajoara (Marajoara Municipal Theater)
Art deco style building, with details inspired by indigenous art, it is the stage for various artistic presentations. Open Monday through Friday, 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 6pm. Rua Presidente Nereu Ramos, 74, Centro. Telephone: (49) 3224-8325.

The Centros de Tradições Gaúchas (Gaúcha Traditions Centers) are institutions that preserve and disperse gaucho (from Rio Grande do Sul) customs, such as lasso and riding contests, dances, clothing and cuisine. There are more than 20 CTGs in the region. See more at: