Colonial mills, rustic distilleries and typically rural environments are part of the tours through Santa Catarina’s stills, although the highlight of the visit is the tasting of high quality spirits, liqueurs and cachaça produced in the state. São Pedro de Alcântara, in Florianópolis, stands out for the sightseeing tour known as the Rota da Cachaça (Cachaça Route), with several registered establishments that are ready to welcome visitors. In Costa Verde e Mar and Caminho dos Príncipes there are also stills that produce excellent spirits.

Grande Florianópolis

Antônio Carlos

Scherer Cellar
It produces high quality brandy, aging the drink in oak barrels imported from Europe. The cellar has space for tasting the drink. Monday thru Friday, from 9am to 7pm; Saturday, from 9am to 8pm.
Estrada Antônio Scherer, 65, Santa Maria.
Phone: (48) 3272-7000.

São Pedro de Alcântara

Brazilian Brandy Route
The route visits several brandy stills, where one can learn about the process of manufacturing the drink. Organized by the Cultural Center, through scheduling. Monday thru Friday, from 8am to 12pm e from 1pm to 5pm.
Praça Leopoldo Francisco Kretzer, 2, Centro.
Phone: (48) 3277-0151.

Engenho de Silvino Hillesheim
Alto Varginha.
Phone: (48) 9960-4358.

Engenho Colonial Irmãos Pitz
Caminho dos Engenhos, Vila Junckes.
Phone: (48) 3277-0346.

Engenho Colonial Zé Folia
Estrada Geral de Santa Filomena.
Phone: (48) 8444-0033.

Alambique Cachaça do Baron
Estrada Geral do Cubatão, Sítio Morro Alto.
Phone: (48) 9902-2626.

Cachaça Manino
Sítio do Engenho, Alta Varginha.
Phone: (48) 9104-5288.

Alambique Dom Blas
Caminho dos Engenhos, Vila Junckes.
Phone: (48) 3277-0356.

Alambique Vandair Junckes
Estrada Geral de Campo Demonstração.
Fone: (48) 8465-5506.

Cachaça Dom Gregório
Rua Santo Stahelin, 2.442, Boa Parada.
Fone: (48) 3277-0169.

Cachaça Maricota
Rua Geral da Invernada.
Fone: (48) 8465-1813.

Cachaça Capela dos Imigrantes
Rua Geral de Santa Barbara.
Fone: (48) 3277-0264.





Alambique Linzmeyer (Linzmeyer Still)
Rua Roberto Seidel, 2.961, Seminário.
Phone: (47) 3375-1248


Taste the delicious homemade liqueurs produced in Schroeder.

Alambique Colonial Lökerhaus (Colonial Lökerhaus Still)
It produces fruit and herb liqueurs.
Rua Mal. Castelo Branco, 2.667, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3374-1237.

Vale Europeu

Luiz Alves

Cachaçaria Artesanal Spezia
Monday to Saturday, 7 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm; Sunday, by appointment.
Rua José Kraisch, 466, Vila do Salto.
Phone: (47) 3377-1170/1175/1171.

Cachaça Wruck
Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm.
Rua Otto Wruck, 2.485, Francês.
Phone: (47) 3377-0077.

Costa Verde e Mar

Porto Belo

Alambique Pedro Alemão
Establishment with more than 40 years of tradition, known for the quality of its rum and liquors. It is possible to taste the most varied flavors of such drinks onsite. Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm; Sunday, 8 am to 12 pm.
Av. José Neuli Cruz, 3.965, Alto Perequê.
Phone: (47) 3369-8191.