Forager and Gaúcha Cuisine

In the nineteenth century, many drovers crossed Santa Catarina driving cattle between Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo. The culinary influences of these travelers on some municipalities in Santa Catarina is striking. Gaucho (from Rio Grande do Sul) neighbors who migrated to the state have also made their contribution. In forager and highland areas, be sure to try the typical dishes prepared by these cultures, and cooked on a wood stove, such as “carreteiro” rice, “tropeiro” (drover) beans, grilled meats, “chimarrão” (tea), as well as recipes based on pine nuts (fruit from the Brazilian pine trees).

Caminho dos Cânions

Jacinto Machado

Savor the typical “café com mistura” (blended coffee) (or “café da roça” (farm grown coffee)), with cheeses, salamis, breads, desserts and seasonal fruits, including organic bananas, the fruit that is also the main ingredient for the delicious sugar-covered candies and other artisan goods.


Zanatta Palace Hotel
Serves "café com mistura".
Rua Irmãos Trevisol, 1.244, Centro.
Telephone: (48) 3535-1108.

Pousada Família Cechinel
Serve o café com mistura.
Estrada Geral, s/n, Costão da Pedra.
Telephone: (48) 3535-1044 r. 25.

Balas de Banana Índia
You can watch the production processes.
Rua Albino Zanatta, 43, Gávea.
Telephone: (48) 3535-1186.

Balas de Banana Joice
You can watch the production processes.
Rua Gov. Celso Ramos, 546, Centro.
Telephone:(48) 3535-1012.

Vale do Contestado


Enjoy the wide variety of restaurants in Joaçaba, which serve everything from typical regional food to international specialties.
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Savor in the typical restaurants of the region the roasted minnow (of indigenous origin), the salted and dried meat manioc flour (heritage from the cattle drivers) and the typical Polish recipes as the Juliana (vegetable) soup (with a base of greens cooked, seasoned and served with cream) and the pierogi (similar to a cooked pie filled with ricotta).


Taste typical Italian and campeira or “forager” style dishes at the region’s rural properties. And make sure you visit the wineries that produce artisan wines. Groups that schedule visits ahead of time can be welcomed with Italian folkloric music performances.

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Sítio São Pedro
Linha Bracatinga, s/n, a 9 km do Centro.
Phone: (49) 9129-8335 / (49) 8415-8853

Rancho Moinho Velho
Linha Duas Pontes, s/n, Interior.
Phone: (49) 3532-1545.


Serra Catarinense


Savor the best typical mountain cuisine at the farm hotel restaurants or on the Via Gastronômica (Culinary Way), located in the Center of the city, especially the colonial coffee, “arroz carreteiro” (wagoner’s rice), “feijão tropeiro” (drover’s beans) and “entrevero” – a delicious mixture of beef and pork, vegetables and pine nuts. Additionally, do not miss the region’s winery. See bars and restaurants at


Try the delicious regional cuisine or the international dishes served at the restaurants, hotels and local inns. Do not forget to taste the trout, a fish that is abundant in the region’s rivers, purchase colonial products, or visit the city’s winery. See bars and restaurants at:


Pousada e Produtos Coloniais Beckhauser (Beckhauser Colonial Products and Inn)
Open daily from 8am to 6pm.
Estrada Geral de Santa Teresinha, s/n, Santa Teresa.
Telephone: (49) 3278-2019.

Café da Montanha Sabor da Roça
Estrada Geral São Pedro, s/n, São Pedro.

Propriedade Vinhos Celestino (Celestino Wines Property)
Rua Franciasco Guizoni, 150, Centro.
Telephone: (49) 3278-4169 / 8402-7877.

Grande Florianópolis

Rancho Queimado

Enjoy the strawberries grown in the regions and try the barbecue, rice with vegetables, cattle driver beans and other specialties of the country cuisine.
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Rio Negrinho

Visit the restaurants of the municipality and try the pine nuts roasted over an open fire, a typical recipe of Rio Negrinho. The country cuisine is also outstanding in the town.


Café Colonial Vera Zeithammer
It serves homemade bread, cakes, biscuits, jam and liqueurs. Schedule attendance.
Rua Alberto José Trouche, s/n, Pinheirinho.
Phone:(47) 3644-8013.

São João do Itaperiú

Visit the rural communities as Santa Cruz and Santa Luzia and savor the colonial products produced in the municipality as tapioca, couscous, manioc flour and corn meal. Homemade sweetmeats, liqueurs and preserved vegetables can also be found in these same places.