German Flavors

There are several municipalities, communities, colonies and typically Germanic districts in Santa Catarina. The main ones are in the European Valley, Caminho dos Príncipes and Florianópolis. If you visit any one of these regions, be sure to try the various types of sausages (wurst), Kassler (pork chop), eisbein (pork knuckle), sauerkraut with vienna sausages, as well as typical dishes with local adaptations, such as mallard with purple cabbage (mit rotkohl) and German cake with banana farofa. Sweets such as apfelstrudel (apple strudel) can also be enjoyed in delicious German pastry shops.

Grande Florianópolis

Águas Mornas

Try the delicious cakes, jams, biscuits, cold meats, homemade bread and pure honey gathered in the region. Do not fail to take with you these and other colonial products of Águas Mornas.

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Produtos Caseiros da Sônia
Daily, from 7:30am to 7pm.
SC-431, Km 9.
Phone: (48) 9149-7379.

São Bonifácio

Try traditional German dishes with the special touch given by the local ingredients, as gemüse (vegetables) with a cabbage base, potato and smoked ham. Do not fail also to take away with you some colonial and homemade products.

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Casa do Produto Colonial e Artesanal
Av. 29 de Dezembro, s/n, Centro.
Phone: (48) 3252-0813.

Estrada Geral, 271, Rio Atafona I.
Phone: (48) 3252-0117.

Produtos Coloniais Paraíso
Rua Canto do Sell, 1.156, Alto Capivari.
Phone: (48) 3252-0816.

Caninha do Vovô
Estrada Geral de São Bonifácio, s/n, Santo Antônio.
Phone: (48) 3252-0503.

São Pedro de Alcântara

Savor a typical “colonial breakfast” and acquire delicious colonial products. Do not fail to do the Brazilian Brandy Route, organized by the Cultural Center (see in Trips).

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Café Colonial Girassol
Saturday, Sunday and holiday, from 4pm to 9pm.
Bairro Santa Tereza.
Phone: (48) 3378-0064.

Empório Rural San't Geordes
A good variety of colonial products. Thursday thru Sunday, from 9am to 4pm.
SC-407, Santa Filomena.
Phone: (48) 8449-5890 / 8455-5515

House of the Farmer and Handicraft
Colonial products and handicraft. Tuesday thru Friday, from 1pm to 5pm.
Rua João Pering, s/n Centro.
Phone: (48) 8436-6639 / 8440-5836.

Art and Taste Fair
Colonial products and handicraft. Second Saturday of each month, from 9am to 5pm.
Praça João Adalgísio Philippi, Centro.
Phone: (48) 8436-6639 / 8440-5836.

Vila Hoffmann
A condominium of rural properties, with producers of Brazilian brandy and manioc flour, etc., who sell their products directly to the consumer.

Vale Europeu


Taste the typical dishes of German cuisine in recipes which have received regional influences. Savor cheeses, a selection of cold meats and sausages and the craft wines, a legacy of the Italian colonization in the municipality. And do not fail to enjoy to beer produced in Blumenau in the boutique breweries of the city.
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Discover the bakeries and confectionery shops of Brusque, which serve the delicious German sweetmeats, apfelstrudel, the lemon and Black Forest cakes and other recipes with a regional influence, as the cake with a covering of manioc flour and banana. It also stands out for the traditional wild duck with red cabbage and for a boutique brewery.
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Savor the trout, easily found in the traditional fee-fishing of the town, and do not fail to enjoy the craft beers and Brazilian brandies produced by the German, Italian and Azorean immigrants.
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Try the delicious German recipes served in the traditional festivals of the municipality and in typical restaurants. The eisbein (pig’s knee), o kassler (pork chop), stuffed wild duck, as well as the sweetmeats, bread, cakes, biscuits and pies, are outstanding. The boutique brewery of the town is another attraction not to be missed.
See the list of restaurants and houses of colonial breakfast at the Town Hall site:


Enjoy the typical cuisine in German and Italian restaurants. Do not fail to taste the craft beers and wines produced in the town.



Savor recipes which have the banana as the main ingredient. Also try the stuffed duck, strudel and homemade Brazilian brandy of the region.


Langer Industry
Rua Roberto Seidel, 167, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3375-1154.

Hary Borchardt
Rua Ano Bom, 950, Ano Bom.
Phone: (47) 3375-1041.

Oma Breach
German cuisine. December thru January, daily as of 1pm. Other months, Saturday as of 1pm, Sunday as of 8am.
Pedra de Amolar, 4.200.
Phone: (47) 3375-2171.

Jaraguá do Sul

Enjoy the typical German cuisine of Jaraguá do Sul. Do not fail to visit a boutique brewery as well.


Try the tasty apfelstrudel (apple pie) as well as the tarts and cakes served in the pastry shops in the city. Joinville also has a great variety of restaurants, offering from typical German cuisine to international specialties. Colonial products can also be found in small rural centers. The home-made breweries are also outstanding.