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Hang Gliding, Parachuting and Gliding

For those who enjoy launching themselves into the air, with sports such as hang gliding, parachuting or glider rides, there are excellent options in various cities throughout Santa Catarina. Many operators offer tandem hang gliding or paragliding for those who want to begin practicing one of these activities. Moreover, Santa Catarina offers quality courses, and has become a national reference in flying adventures.

Caminho dos Cânions


Morro dos Conventos and Morro Mãe Luzia
The two sites have ramps for practicing hang gliding. The cliff ramp of Balneário Morro dos Conventos (located 300 m from the Lighthouse) is 80 m high. The Morro Mãe Luzia (20 km from the town Center, on the border of Maracajá) ramp is 230 m high.


Associação de Voadores do Extremo Sul (Aves)
Estrada Geral de Espigão da Pedra, s/n, Espigão da Pedra.
Telephone: (48) 9975-0608.

Calixtro Escola de Voo Livre
Rua Canela, 81, Morro dos Conventos.
Telephone: (48) 9975-0608.

Costa Verde e Mar

Balneário Camboriú

Morro do Careca
At an altitude of 80 m, it permits safe and peaceful paragliding. Tandem parachute flights can be undertaken for approximately 15 minutes with experienced pilots (including children over 5 years).

Praia do Atalaia
Areas for paragliding owned by the Atalaia Paragliding Club (Atalaia Paragliding Club).

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Pégasus Voo Livre
Av. Carlos Drummond de Andrade, 327, sala 101, Praia dos Amores.
Phone: (47) 3361-5322 / (47) 9987-1151

Atalaia Clube de Voo Livre
Phone: (47) 9987-1151

Asas do Litoral
Rua Domingos Rampelotti, 2.505, São Roque.
Phone: (47) 8409-0350.


Pico da Pedra
Sought after by practitioners of paragliding and abseiling, this is the highest point in the town (678 m). From the top you can see a good part of the coast, including Florianópolis, as well as the mouths of the Rio Itajaí and the Rio Tijucas. It is recommendable to be accompanied by a guide when following the trail.


Praia do Atalaia
There is a ramp on the hill near the beach for paragliding. The panoramic view includes the entrance bay to the Port of Itajaí.

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Asas do Litoral
Rua Domingos Rampelotti, 1.434, São Roque.
Phone: (47) 8409-0350.


Home of the annual ultralight meeting, Itapema has operators offering panoramic flights along the coast and neighboring cities.

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Demonstration Flights - Captain Flavius Neves
Phone: (47) 8416-8000

Itapema Pilots Association
Phone: (47) 8416-8000


Praia Vermelha
The viewpoint at the beach is one of the best in the states for paragliding. Those who have never practiced the sport can make tandem flights (from September to April).

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Voar Alto Escola de Parapente
Phone: (47) 3371-0609 / (47) 9953-9496

Asas do Litoral
Rua Domingos Rampelotti, 1.434, São Roque – Itajaí.
Phone: (47) 8409-0350

Escola de Parapente Tribo do Vento
Phone: (47) 9128-6574 / (47) 9980-5215


Campo Alegre

Rampa do Bugio (Ramp of Bugio)
In the place there are two ramps for practicing free flight. The highest one is at 1,100 m and has an extremely beautiful panoramic view. Located on the Morro do Serro (Serro Hill).
End of Rua Julia Pazda, s/n, Bateias de Baixo.

Jaraguá do Sul

Fabricante de paragliders

Fabricante de paragliders

Morro Boa Vista and Pico Malwee
Respectively 897 m and 550 m in altitude, are the main free flight points in the region.


Pico Malwee
ree flight, trails and mountaineering.
Barra do Rio Cerro.
Phone: (47) 3376-0214.

Jaraguá Clube de Voo Livre (Jaraguá Free Flight Club)
Phone: (47) 3373-6101 / 99430534

Flutuar Escola de Voo Livre (Free Flight Floating School)
Rua Nossa Senhora Aparecida, 190, Ilha da Figueira.
Phone: (47) 3371-5735 / 8826-7471

Phone: (47) 3371-0609/9953-9496

Grande Florianópolis


Praia Mole
Traditional redoubt of free flight in the city, with two points for leaping. One is on the north coast of the beach (120 m) and the other on the south coast (145 m).

Morro da Lagoa da Conceição
The takeoff ramp is at a height of 225 m, providing a beautiful view of what is one of the most beautiful regions of the Santa Catarina capital.

Praia Brava e Rio Vermelho
Leaps at 145 and 95 m of height, respectively.

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Federação Catarinense de Voo Livre

Good Fly
Phone: (48) 9989-6240

Ícaro Voo Livre
Phone: (48) 9969-4410 / 9997-4939

Parapente Sul
Phone: (48) 3232-0791 / 9155-9641

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz

Morro Queimado
694 m in height, it is where the main free flight competitions in the state are held, with excellent conditions for thermal flight.

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South Paragliding Free Flight School – seat Lagoa Clube de Voo Livre
Phone: (48) 3232-0791 / (48) 9155-9641

Ícaro Voo Livre
Phone: (48) 9997-4939 / (48) 9969-4410

Good Fly Voo Livre
Phone: (48) 9989-6240

São José

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Aeroclube de Santa Catarina
Single and double parachute leaps and panoramic flights in a glider, as well as courses for beginners.
Phone: (48) 3257-0400

Encantos do Sul


Ferraz Hill
Hang gliding from a ramp at 130 m altitude. The panoramic view from the location includes the beaches and lagoons of Garopaba and Macacu. In the direction of Siriú and Gamboa, with paved access to the top.


Morro Seco
The hang gliding ramp, at a height of 530 m, is known for hosting a phase of the Santa Catarina Paragliding Championship. At the location, there is a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the sea. Located in the neighborhood of Morro de Fátima (between São Roque and Várzea das Canoas), 12 km from the Center.

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Clube Céu Azul de Parapente
Sponsor of the hang gliding ramp, it has monitors for paragliding and for double jumps.
Phone: (48) 9928-3130.

Vale Europeu


Cross Hill
Also known as Morro do Pelado or Parapente (Paragliding), has a takeoff track at 270 m of altitude.

More information

Valley Paragliding Club
Rua Artur Poffo, s/n, Santa Terezinha.
Phone: (47) 9602-5240.

Wind Tribe Paragliding School
Phone: (47) 9980-5215

Rio dos Cedros

Free Flight and Fee-Fishing Andreazza
Free flight ramp, camping and lagoons for fishing. It has a beautiful view of the region. Saturday, Sunday and holiday, from 8am to 9pm.
Rua Alto São Bernardo, s/n, Interior.
Phone: (47) 9969-2222 / 9121-9387.


Mountain Peak
A good stretch for mountain trekking at 946 m of altitude. It also has a good takeoff track for free flight. Região 80 (Region 80), a locality at about 40 minutes from the Center.


Valley Paragliding Club (Gaspar)
Phone: (47) 9602-5240.

Wind Tribe/Roberto Luiz Serpa Paragliding School
Phone: (47) 9980-5215


Freymund Germer Ecological Park
It is where the Morro Azul Blue Hill), 758 m in altitude, is located. It has a ramp for free flight, a structure for camping and a beautiful view of neighboring Pomerode.
Daily, from 8am to 8pm.
Estrada Geral de Mulde Alta, s/n, Mulde Alta.
Phone: (47) 9603-4948

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Timbó Free Flight Club
Panoramic flights over Timbó and the neighboring towns, and flights of prolonged duration.

Grande Oeste

São Lourenço do Oeste

Rampas Sul e Dr. Marcos
With 954 m and 955 m in altitude, they are the main free flight points in the region. The Rampa Sul (South Ramp) has access by the SC-468 and the Rampa Dr. Marcos (Dr. Marcos Ramp) by the Vila Maria road.

Vale do Contestado


Agudo Hill
with a height of 1,075 and optimum thermal conditions, it is one of the spots most sought out by those who practice gliding in the South of Brasil, especially fans of cross-country (long-distance gliding). It hosts gliding championships twice a year. 8 km from the Center.

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Clube de Voo Livre Tangará
Phone: (49) 9914-7631