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Indigenous Reserves

The Kaingang, Guarani and Xokleng Indians can be found on Indian reservations located in Alto Vale do Itajaí, in the northern and western regions of the state, as well as in Biguaçu, in Florianópolis. At these sites, you can purchase unique handcrafted products and attend events such as the Ritual do Kiki, which takes place on the Dia do Índio (Day of the Indian), at the Xapecó Indigenous Reserve (Ipuaçu).

Grande Florianópolis


Indigenous Tribe of the Guarani Mbyá
Located in the Vila de São Miguel (Saint Michael’s Village), beside the highway BR-101 (at 5 kilometers from the Center of Biguaçu).

Vale do Contestado

Porto União

Santa Cruz do Timbó
The largest district of Porto União, has brought together residents from a variety of places, such as Polish, Ukrainian and the Indians that live on the reservation that is there. These communities have kept their traditions alive through handicrafts and folkloric groups.

Grande Oeste


Indigenous Caingangue Community
Toldo Pinhal Community.
Information at the Fundação Cultural. Fone: (49) 3452-4065.