Santa Catarina is internationally known for its festivals and bustling nightlife. Some houses welcome the most sought after DJs in the world, especially in Balneário Camboriú and Florianópolis. Throughout all the regions and seasons of the year, the night shines in bars with live music, pubs and nightclubs with mechanical sound.

Caminho dos Cânions


Enjoy yourself nightclubs, bars and restaurants on the trendy Avenida Getúlio Vargas. And take advantage of the summertime movement in Balneário Morro dos Conventos. See the schedule for shows and festivals at the

Costa Verde e Mar

Balneário Camboriú

Have fun in discos, pubs, bars and nightclubs in the city that has one of the busiest nights in the south of the country. View the schedule and nightclubs at:

Balneário Piçarras

Enjoy yourself at the bustling bars in Balneário Piçarras. In the summer, discover busy nightclubs (open in this season only) and enjoy the free shows on the beach. View the bars and nightclubs at:


Have fun at the bustling bars on Avenida Manoel José dos Santos, in front of the Praia de Bombinhas.


Enjoy yourself at one of the best nightclubs in the country.

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Green Valley: receives big names from the world of electronic music. Rua Mamoré, 1.083, Rio Pequeno. Phone: (47) 3360-8097.


Conheça as famosas casas noturnas da Praia Brava e divirta-se também nos bares e choperias da cidade. A via Gastronômica além de excelentes restaurantes concentra também ótimas opções de bares.
Ver informações em Lazer e Entretenimento no site:

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Secretaria Municipal de Turismo de Itajai
Av.Ministro Victor Konder, 370 – Centro
Fone: (47) 3348-1080

Posto de Informações Turísticas
Centro de Cultura Popular Mercado Velho
Av.Ministro Victor Konder s/n.
Fone: (47) 3348-9855


Have fun at nighttime in Itapema. In summer there are free shows at the acoustical shell in Praça da Paz that attract up to 15 thousand people.
View the bars and nightclubs at:


Have fun at nightclubs and pubs in Navegantes. In the summer, enjoy the liveliness of Praia do Gravatá and take advantage of the free shows at the Praia Central.
View more at:

Porto Belo

Enjoy the hype at the bustling bars and nightclubs in Porto Belo. View the bars and nightclubs at:

Encantos do Sul

Balneário Rincão

Have fun at the show arena erected at Av. Valdemar Carlos Petrini during the summer and at one of the most famous night clubs in the whole region.

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Bali Hai – Içara: e-music and pop music. Rod. municipal ICR-350, s/n, Boa Vista.


Enjoy the shows and dance events with electronic music, pop, and college sertanejo which take place at the city’s large night clubs. Also enjoy yourself at the bars and draft houses spread across the Centro and nearby neighborhoods. Find out more at:


Enjoy yourself at the principal night club of the region, Bali Hai, and discover other bars and dance events of Garopaba

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Bali Hai: SC-434, Km 4.


Enjoy the night at the night clubs of the Hot Springs of Gravatal.

Zulas Music Live: Friday, starting at 11:30PM. Rua Júlio Manoel de Oliveira, 3.621, Termas. Phone: (48) 3648-2665 / 8419-4007.


Enjoy the night at the happening night clubs of Imbituba, which attract young people from neighboring cities, states, and countries. Don’t forget to check out the bustle in the center of Rosa Beach. See more at:,,


Enjoy the night in the live music bars of the happening Camacho Resort.


Enjoy yourself at the bars with live music on Mar Grosso Beach, and don’t miss out on the practice sessions of the Carnival blocks and the parties and shows that take place daily during the summer. See more at:


Take your pick of bars with live music or dance clubs and enjoy the the night in Tubarão. The center of the city offers the best options.


Have fun at the dance clubs of the Nova Itália and Rio Maior neighborhoods, and in the bars in the center of the city. Find out more at:

Vale Europeu


The night starts by drinking draft beer in the squares and bars with a panoramic view towards the Rio Itajaí-Açu and afterwards choosing a pub or nightclub to continue the party.
See bars and nightclubs in the site:


Dance and have fun in an old flour mill which became a lively bar and entertainment complex.

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Thapyoka: Bar, nightclub, restaurant and brewery. Monday thru Friday, from 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to 12am; Saturday, Sunday and holiday, as of 11am. Av. Getúlio Vargas, 201, Centro. Phone: (47) 3382-0198.

Grande Florianópolis


Enjoy the dancing nights of the city which was considered by The New York Times as the best destination for parties, in a selection among 44 places in the whole world. See the schedule of parties and nightclubs on the sites

São José

Have fun in the nightclubs of São José. The districts Kobrasol and Campinas have the best options for dancing nights. In the district Ponta de Baixo there is live music in lively bars and restaurants. See the list of bars and restaurants on the following sites: and



Have fun in lively bars, controlled by DJs and with live music and ballads. See more at: