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October Festivals

In October, Santa Catarina becomes the best and most lively tourist destination in Brazil. In various regions of the state, 13 festivals attract more than 2 million visitors. There are tourists from all over the country and the world, many returning for the second or third time to the state, thus spreading the dance, music, typical food and the inherited traditions of the German, Italian, Portuguese, Azorean and Austrian immigrants, as well as those of the other ethnic groups that form the basis of this people of Santa Catarina.

Vale Europeu


The main attraction is the “Ente mit Rotkohl” (wild duck filled with red cabbage), besides other dishes of the German cuisine, draft beer, music and typical dances. The event of Brusque is part of the calendar of the October Festivals of Santa Catarina and is held in the Pavilhão de Events Maria Celina Vidotto Imhof (Fenarreco Pavilion).


Festa do Imigrante
Dances, shows, parades, gastronomy and presentations of Germans folkloric dances are the mark of this great festival of Timbó, which is part of the calendar of the October Festivals of Santa Catarina. In October in the Henry Paul Events Pavilion.

Grande Oeste


The agricultural and livestock, industrial and commercial exhibition-trade fair of Chapecó recently became part of the Santa Catarina October Festivals. Efapi is one of the largest multisectoral trade fairs in Brazil, reuniting industry, trade, agriculture and livestock and services, besides cultural presentations and shows. At the same time, there is the Feira da Novilha, Feira do Gado Geral (General Cattle Fair) and the Feira do Artesenato (Handicraft Fair). On odd years, in the Parque de Exposições Tancredo de Almeida Neves (Tancredo de Almeida Neves Exhibition Park).
Phone: (49) 3321-8416.

Grande Florianópolis


Fenaostra - Festa Nacional da Ostra e da Cultura Açoriana
National Feast of the Oyster and Azorean Culture: more than 100 dishes with a seafood base, especially oysters and mussels. There are also gastronomic competitions, courses, workshops and seminars, handicraft trade and artistic and cultural attractions. In October.

Caminhos da Fronteira



The first Oktoberfest in Brazil, as the residents of Itapiranga like to tell you, it celebrates typically German gastronomy, folklore and dancing. The opening and closing of the traditional festival have taken place since 1978 in one of the German centers of the town, the Line Becker. On the other days, the commemorations are held in the Oktoberfest Complex.
Alto Jardim Bela Vista, Jardim Bela Vista.
Phone: (49) 3677-3040


Jaraguá do Sul

The Shooters’ Festival (in German) rescues the German traditions of hunting clubs and is part of the October Festival Calendar of Santa Catarina. In the 10 days of commemoration, there are shooting competitions, dances, parades, folkloric presentations and typical food.
Rua Walter Marquardt, 910, Barra do Rio Molha.
Phone: (47) 3370-9795

Rio Negrinho

Typically German commemoration which is part of the Calendar of October Festivals of Santa Catarina, with parades of folkloric groups and the bierwagen, dances to music played by typical bands, competitions of target shooting and draught beer drinking, as well as challenges between firewood cutters. All this washed down with draught beer and a lot of typical food.
In the Pavilhão dos Imigrantes de Rio Negrinho (Rio Negrinho Immigrant Pavilion).

Costa Verde e Mar

Porto Belo

Shrimp Festival
Delicious recipes based on shrimp, oysters and shellfish. Unlike the majority of October Festivals, the Porto Belo Shrimp Festival values Portuguese colonization, especially Azorean culture.


Encantos do Sul

São Martinho

Colonial Product Festival
With lots of music and typical German food, the event celebrates the traditions of the colonizers. In November, in the Colonial Product Festival Park, in the Center.

Vale do Contestado

Treze Tílias

And event that celebrates the traditions of the Austrian colonizers, with presentations by folklore groups, music and typical cuisine. Takes place in October (the city’s anniversary month), in the Praça Municipal Ministro Andreas Thaler.