For lovers of the off-road universe, Santa Catarina offers many dirt roads that unveil magnificent landscapes throughout the countryside and along the coast. Some itineraries, offered by specialized operators, include transportation, guides, equipment and insurance.

Grande Florianópolis


Bela Vista, Rio Perdido, Maracujá, São Domingos, Ladeia, Serrinha, Santo Antônio e Serra da Garganta
In all these localities it is possible to practice jeep cross and motocross.


Interior do município
Os relevos acidentados são utilizados para o motocross.

Caminho dos Cânions


Special off-road Trips
The Jeep Clube organizes tours for 4x4 vehicles, going through trails between canyons and other beautiful landscapes in the southernmost part of the state.


Jeep Clube Pura & Lama
Estrada Geral Lagoa do Caverá, s/n, Caverazinho.
Telephone: (48) 9985-4685

Praia Grande

Serra do Faxinal
The 22 km of dirt roads are an excellent off-roading option. On the way, you can see the Malacara, Índios Coroados and Faxinalzinho canyons, as well as the Araranguá Valley. It is also possible to take guided tours in 4x4 vehicles to observe the region’s natural beauty. The tour goes through Praia Grande and the Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza canyons.


Canyons Moto Tur
Offers tours for groups of up to 6 people in air-conditioned 4x4 vehicles.
Telephone: (48) 9640-1864 / 8841-8188.

Costa Verde e Mar

Balneário Piçarras

Special off-road drives
There are good trails in the whole town. Check the routes with operators.

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Motoclube Lamaçal
Promotes an annual meeting of trekkers.


Special off-road itineraries
Operators offer 4x4 vehicle tours, passing through wild forests, viewpoints, trails and other locations with preserved nature, including on full moon nights. Stops can be made to bath in the sea and go on walks. Another option is to explore these landscapes cycling in groups accompanied by specialized guides.

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Caminhos e Trilhas
Trekking, off-roading, cycling.
Rua Rio Bombinhas, 44, Zimbros – Bombinhas.
Phone: (47) 3393-4327 / (47) 9973-0584


Off-roading course
The 4x4 vehicle is driven by a guide in the direction of Morro dos Macacos (Camboriú) enables you to contemplate waterfalls and over beautiful scenery.

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Caminhos e Trilhas – Bombinhas
Trails, off-roading, cycling. Rua Rio Bombinhas, 44, Zimbros – Bombinhas.
Phone: (47) 3393-4327 / (47) 9973-0584

Porto Belo

Special mountain biking and off-roading routes
Tours in 4x4 vehicles passing through wild beaches, trails and other locations with preserved nature, including on full moon nights. Stops can be made for bathing in the sea and walks. Another option is to explore these landscapes cycling in groups or accompanied by specialized guides.

Costa Verde e Mar Bicycle Touring Circuit
The complete route is 270 km and covers secondary roads through all of the towns in the region of Costa Verde e Mar. The suggested trajectory passes through the beaches at Vermelha, Grande, Armação de Itapocorói and Alegre.
Consórcio Intermunicipal de Turismo – Citmar.
Phone: (47) 3404-8000

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Cicloturismo Costa Verde & Mar

Caminhos e Trilhas
Trekking, off-roading, cycling.
Rua Rio Bombinhas, 44, Zimbros – Bombinhas.
Phone: (47) 3393-4327 / (47) 9973-0584 

Serra Catarinense

Bom Jardim da Serra

Rota Aparados da Serra (Aparados da Serra Route)
145 km of dirt roads connecting Bom Jardin da Serra to Cambará do Sul (RS), where Itaimbezinho Canyon is located. The views along the way are incredibly beautiful.


Roteiros especiais de mountain bike e off-road (Special mountain biking and off-road tours)
Organized by ecotourism operators, they go along the region’s various trails and roads.


Tribo Xokleng Turismo
Trekking, mountain biking and tours.
Av. Natal Zilli, 3.006, Centro.
Telephone: (49) 3278-5658 / 8402-5658.

Graxaim Ecoturismo e Aventuras
Trekking, off-road 4x4 trips, 1-day hikes, camping trips, city tour.
Rua Adolfo Konder, 3286, corner. Schedule your visit.
Telephone: (49) 3278-5617 / 9151-4011

Caminhos da Serra
Tours through touristic points of interest, trekking, horseback riding, biking, 4x4 trips, trails, jeep tours with picnics.
Av. Adolfo Konder, 2.628, Corner.
Telephone: (49) 3278-4273 / 8802-2610

Serra Sul Ecoturismo
Tour, mountain hiking, bicycle tours, easy hikes
Av. Prefeito Natal Zilli, 2.778, Corner.
Telephone: (49) 3278-4838 / 8846-8717 / 8858-0859 

Grande Oeste


Special off-road routes
Operators organize departures in 4x4 vehicles and motorcycles, with different routes.


Chapecó Moto Clube (Chapecó Motorcycle Club)
Phone: (49) 9112-8888.


Jaraguá do Sul

Picos Malwee, da Pedra Branca, do Jaraguá, da Serra do Funil and da Serra Preta
The trails of these localities are those most sought after by jeep drivers and cyclists.

Jipetur (Jeep Tour)
Adventure ride aboard vehicles 4 x 4, with off-road stretches.


Equipe de Enduro Bicho da Lama (Enduro Bicho da Lama Team) 

Jeep Club de Jaraguá do Sul
Rua José Pavanello, 400, Ilha da Figueira.
Phone: (47) 3371-6370

Rio Negrinho

Special routes of trekking, mountain bike and off-road
Natural retreats and rural properties of the region have ecological trails for practicing trekking, mountain bike and off-road with jeep or four-wheeled bicycle. Tracks of velocross and gaiolacross can be found at the Estância Colonial. The CTG Rio Casa de Pedra has a race track. See ecotourism operators.

There are at least 10 waterfalls which drain into the Rio Negrinho (Black River), some appropriate for practicing rappel. Routes can be prepared in contact with the operators.


Encantos Turismo – Jaraguá do Sul
Rua João Marcatto, 260, sala 402, Centro.
Phone: (47) 9147-3008

Vale do Contestado


Special off-road routes
Jeep drivers and motorcyclists find good trail options all over the municipality. There is also a dirt track (for motorcycles). The Regularity Endurance race livens up the town in July.