Rafting and Canoeing

Descending the rapids of a river aboard an inflatable boat is one of the most exciting adventures you can experience in Santa Catarina. The state has some of Brazil’s best rivers for rafting, especially the Itajaí-Açu (European Valley) and the Cubatão River (Florianópolis). The tours, with various levels of difficulty, are offered by accredited operators, which offer basic training and the necessary safety equipment. Ducking (inflatable kayak for two people) and canoeing on rivers and ponds are also a good option for those who want to get in touch with Santa Catarina’s nature.

Vale Europeu


Rio Itajaí-Açu and tributaries
One of the main rafting areas in the country. The basic stretch has 7.5 km, interspersing agitated rapids, calm stretches, waterfalls and spectacular scenery. There are light parts for beginners and other radical ones, which must only be done by veterans in the sport.

Rio Itajaí do Norte
Much lighter rapids, ideal for beginners. At the time of the rains, the river rises, making the trip more exciting.

Ribeirão Neisse
About 7 km of continuous rapids, small waterfalls and waves for surfing.

More information

Ibirama Rafting
Phone: (47) 3357-2130

Ativa Rafting e Aventuras
Phone: (47) 3353-1392

Ecoadrenalina Aventuras
Phone: (47) 9124-1578

Rio dos Cedros

Beautiful River Lake
Situated at 600 m of altitude, it is 9 km long. A good option for trips by launch, kayak, canoe or jet ski. Alto Palmeiras community, at 25 km from the Center.

Pinhal Lake
It is at 800 m of altitude, in an extremely beautiful region with more than 78 waterfalls. It is 14 km long with islands and peninsulas. It is possible to hire a kayak, launch or jet ski in the place. In Alto Cedros, at 37 km from the Center.



Balneário Barra do Itapocu e Lagoa da Cruz (Seaside Resort Barra do Itapocu e Lagoa da Cruz)
Good points for boat, jet ski and kayak trips. It is necessary to take one’s own equipment.

Rapids of the rivers Itapocu and Piraí
Good points for canoeing.

Campo Alegre

Salto do Imigrante (Immigrant’s Cascade)
Surrounded by native vegetation and with an intense volume of water, the place offers good conditions for practicing rafting. Situate don private property, entrance requires authorization.
Fazenda Monte Olimpo (Monte Olimpo Farm).
Locality of Salto.


Rio São João
Is the place most indicated in the region for practicing canoeing and bicycle motocross.


Represa de Guaramirim (Guaramirim Dam)
The waters of this dam of the Rio Itapocu (Itapocu River), built in 1969, are still used for irrigating the rice fields. The place is appropriate for water sports as canoeing. There is a restaurant in the place.
BR-280, Km 55, at the back of the Posto Rudnick.
Phone: (47) 3373-0345.


Reserva Volta Velha (Old Round Reserve)
Trekking, riding on horseback, canoeing and bird watching are some of the options in this private reserve of Atlantic Rainforest conservation, where 2 indigenous archeological sites also stand out. Visits must be scheduled.
Rua Emanoel Vieira Garcia s/n, (Rua da Celesc, after the Rio Saí Mirim).
Phone: (47) 8854-4780

Jaraguá do Sul

Rio Itapocu (Itapocu River)
Cutting Corupá Valley to Barra Velha, it has good rapids and backwaters, ideal for canoeing


Encantos Turismo
Rappel, canoeing, mountaineering.
Rua João Marcatto, 260, sala 402, Centro.
Phone: (47) 9147-3008

Clube de Canoagem Kentucky(Kentucky Canoeing Club)
Rua 13 de Maio, 141, Czerniewicz.
Phone: (47) 3371-1331 / 8804-9367

Clube Jaraguaense de Acqua Ride (Acqua Ride Jaraguá Club)
Rua Luís Arte, 278, Nereu Ramos.
Phone: (47) 3276-0357.


Joinville Golf e Country Club
It has an area for practicing water sports as sailing, canoeing and jet ski. It also has an official golf course and jockey club with a riding school, riding track and five bays, besides a polysports court. Exclusively for members, except in events open to the public.
Estrada da Ilha, 4.830, Distrito Industrial de Pirabeiraba.
Phone: (47) 3489-9620 / 3489-9630

Rio Negrinho

Represa Volta Grande (Volta Grande Dam)
15 km long, it is much used for fishing, Canoeing and jet ski. It headquarters the Fishing Gymkhana.


Rio Bracinho Valley

Trekking, mountain bike, acqua-ride, rappel, cascading, canoeing and bicycle motocross are some of the options for people wanting to enjoy the natural beauties of this valley full of waterfalls. Five of them (of up to 40 m) can be found on the trails which go up the Arroio do Macaco (Monkey’s Brook). And anyone following the Estrada Itoupava Sul can also visit the Cachoeira da Pedra (Stone Waterfall) (30 m).

South Arm River Valley
Region full of springs and streams between the Morro do Agudo (Sharp Hill) (759 m) and the Serra Feia (Ugly Mountain), where there is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the municipality (the Wasserhoff), besides the best track in Latin America for practicing downhill (near the Morro do Agudo, with 3.2 km of descent). In the place here is also a crosscountry track 8.3 km going through the jungle and a sports complex for championships.


Rua São Paulo, 37, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3374-0757 / 8809-2657.

Encantos do Sul

Balneário Rincão

Esteves Lagoon
It is the largest of the town’s 7 lagoons, favorable for the practice of water sports. Much sought-after also for fishing, because it is the only saltwater lagoon of Balneário Rincão. There is camping on site.


Ibiraquera Sandbar
Kayak excursions in the beautiful Ibiraquera Lagoon.

Costa Verde e Mar


Zimbros Bay
Calm waters with canoe trips.


Praia da Armação do Itapocorói
Kayaks can be hired on the dock at Praia da Armação do Itapocorói for up to 40 minutes.
December to February, daily, from 9 am to 7 pm; March to November, Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm.
Phone: (47) 9121-2163

More information

Loja Agnel – Pesca e Náutica
Sells equipment and offers snorkeling courses (free diving without cylinders).
Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm.
Av. Itapocorói, 1.914, Armação do Itapocorói.
Phone: (47) 3345-6897.

Grande Florianópolis


Rio Ratones
Kayak trips which cross a beautiful mangrove swamp conservation area. North of the Island of Santa Catarina.

Lagoa do Peri
Kayak and inflatable boat trips in one of the most beautiful natursl scenarios of Florianópolis. South of the Island of Santa Catarina.

Lagoa da Conceição
Kayak and Canadian canoe trips in the most famous lagoon of the city. East of the Island of Santa Catarina.

More information

Adrenailha Turismo de Aventura
Phone: (48) 3284-3585 / 3269-1414

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz

Rio Cubatão
Extremely beautiful river of clear waters located next to the Parque Estadual da Serra do Tabuleiro, with excellent conditions for rafting and ducking. Stretches for beginners and veterans.

More information

Ativa Rafting e Aventuras
Rua Nossa Senhora da Rosa Mística, s/n, Vargem do Braço.
Phone: (48) 3245-7021

Apuama Rafting & Café do Tabuleiro
Rodovia Princesa Leopoldina, 1.900, Caldas da Imperatriz.
Phone: (48) 3245-7602 / (48) 9103-6730

TDA Rafting & Expedições
Rodovia Princesa Leopoldina, 68, Caldas da Imperatriz.
Phone: (48) 3245-7279 / (48) 9972-4417

Vale do Contestado


Adventure Park
rock climbing wall, rappelling spots as high as 20m, a ropes course, a paintball field, two 220m zip lines over a lake used for fishing and canoeing, trails, horseback riding and camping. Opened Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, 9am to 7pm.
Estrada Geral Fraiburgo, Km 0,3,10, Fazenda Bom Futuro.
Phone: (49) 3246-4037


Municipal Water Park
Also known as the Prainha, it has a lake, camping, trails, a bathing area and water sports.


Little Lake Beach
Ideal for practicing water sports, there is a bar, bathrooms, a sandy area and parking. Located on the edge of the Lago da Usina (Power plant Lake), it is monitored by the Fire Department during the summer time.
Phone: (49) 3458-1919


Farm hotels
Many of the region’s farm hotels and rural inns offer horseback riding and other outdoor activities to their guests, such as trekking and zip lining. See Rural Tourism.

Serra Catarinense


Rio Canoas (Canoas River)
Mild rapids with average difficulty, ideal for those who practice ducking (canoeing in inflatable canoes). Due to the extremely cold waters in Canoas, the sport is only practiced in the summer.


Corvo Branco Expedições