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Religious Celebrations

The sanctuaries and churches located in Santa Catarina’s cities and towns hold several religious festivals throughout the year. In the cities where the majority is catholic, the festivals dedicated to the patron saints stand out. In the cities with more prominent Azorean culture, the Festa do Divino (Festival of the Divine) is a legacy that is still preserved. Entities related to other religious denominations also organize their own celebrations of faith. Pilgrimages and traditional processions are other events that attract thousands of followers to the state.

Grande Oeste

Abelardo Luz

Pilgrimage to the Chácara Ângelo Augusta (Ângelo Augusta Farm)
In homage to Father Zanatta, who lived on the property. In November.


Ascension of the Lord
40 days after Easter, with a celebration at the Lutheran Church.

Grande Florianópolis


Festa da Igreja Católica de São José
In March, in Barra Clara.

Festa do Santuário
In December, in the Santuário Nossa Senhora de Angelina.
Praça Nicolau Kretzer, 274.


Festa do Padroeiro São Sebastião
In January, in the Parish Hall of Anitápolis.
Rua do Passeio – Centro.


Festa do Divino Espírito Santo
One of the largest religious and popular events in the city, it is held on different dates in several districts of the capital.

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz

Festa do Divino
Also called the Emperor’s Feast, it is one of the most traditional Divine Feasts in Brazil. In May, in the pavilions of the Parish Church of Santo Amaro da Imperatriz.
Praça São Francisco de Assis, 50.

São Bonifácio

Festa do Padroeiro
In June, in the Parish Hall of the Parish Church. Center.

São José

Festa do Divino Espírito Santo
Traditional Azorean feast. In May or June, in the Historical Center.

São Pedro de Alcântara

Festa do Santuário Bom Jesus de Santa Cruz
In August.
Rua Antônio José Raulino, s/n – Santa Tereza.



Festa do Padroeiro (Patron Saint Festival)
Hundreds of the faithful take part in the traditional procession paying homage to the Good Lord Jesus. In August. Santuário do Senhor Bom Jesus, in the Center.


Festa do Santo Anjo (Holy Angel Festival)
Promoted by the Paróquia do Morro de Santo Anjo (Parish of Morro de Santo Anjo ) (at 830 m of altitude). In October.

São João do Itaperiú

Festa de São João
The programming includes a pyrotechnic show, a giant bonfire (approximately 30 m), musical presentations and typical gastronomy. In June, in the Igreja Matriz São João Batista.

Barra Velha

Festa Nacional do Pirão (Fenapir)
The different types of mash are the stars of the festival (fish, shellfish, crab, beans, etc.). There are also cultural presentations and shows.
In September, in front of the Ginásio Alfredo José de Borba (Alfredo José de Borba Gymnasium), Centro.

Caminho dos Cânions


Festa da padroeira Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens (Festival for the Patron Saint, Our Lady, the Mother of Men)
Is celebrated by the inhabitants of Araranguá and visitors from nearby cities and towns. In May, in the Praça Hercílio Luz (Hercílio Luz Square).

Balneário Gaivota

Festa de São Sebastião (São Sebastião Festival)
Balneário Gaivota’s biggest traditional celebration of faith. It takes place in January at the Figueirinha neighborhood church, 6 km from the town’s Center.

Passo de Torres

Festa de Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes (Our Lady of Navigators Festival)
The city’s most important religious celebration, which takes place in February.

Praia Grande

Festa de São Sebastião (São Sebastião Festival)
In honor of the patron saint of the city. It takes place in January, at the Igreja Matriz.

Serra Catarinense

Bom Jardim da Serra

Festa de São Sebastião (São Sebastião Festival)
Religious festival in honor of the patron saint of Bom Jardim da Serra, which is held in January.

Festa de Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro (Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help)
Religious feast held in the chapel of the same name.

Rio Rufino

Festa do Senhor Bom Jesus (The Good Lord Jesus Festival)
Event that pays homage to the patron saint of the town. In August.


Festa da Padroeira Sant' Ana (Feast of the Patron Saint Sant' Ana)
The last week in July

Vale Europeu


Festival of Our Lady of Azambuja
On the third Sunday of August, a pilgrimage of approximately 80 thousand devotees prays, gives thanks and makes requests to Our Lady of Caravaggio, in the Santuário Nossa Senhora de Azambuja.
Praça de Azambuja, 1.076, Azambuja.
Phone: (47) 3396-6276

Nova Trento

Horse Riding on the Paths of Mother Pauline
A route which starts from the Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Azambuja (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Azambuja), in Brusque, and continues to the Santuário de Santa Paulina, in Nova Trento (35 km). It gathers together approximately 8 thousand horse riders and occurs in the last weekend in August.
Abracamp: Phone:(47) 9985-0818

Feast of Canonization of Mother Pauline
On the third Sunday in May, at the Santuário de Santa Paulina.

Festa Litúrgica de Santa Paulina
Special pilgrimages, masses and orations. on the second Sunday in July.

Feast of Beatification of Mother Pauline
In the second Sunday in October, with masses, pilgrimages and orations, at the Santuário Santa Paulina.

On the eve of Holy Friday, the followers go up the Morro da Cruz, passing by the 14 phases which represent the Way of the Cross. On Hallelujah Saturday and Easter Sunday processions take place in the Center and at the Santuário Santa Paulina.

Holy Cross Feast
A procession to the Morro da Cruz in homage to Our Lady of Good Succour. On the first Sunday in May.

Costa Verde e Mar


International Congress of Gideon Missions
Evangelical event with messages from preachers and shows by gospel singers. In April.


Our Lady of Navigators Festival
In addition to the river procession, the program also includes novenas and masses, artistic shows, music shows, a trade fair, gastronomy and procession conducting the image of Our Lady of Navigators through the center of town. The festival lasts 10 days, between the last week in January and first week in February.


Divino Festival
The three day schedule includes solemn mass, performance representing the coronation of the emperor, procession, lunch and closing ball. Held in accordance with the date of Pentecost (May to June) in the Center, near to the Parish Church.

Vale do Contestado

Campos Novos

São João Batista Festival
A traditional “junina” or June festival, with a bonfire, bingo, dance and tents.
Praça Lauro Müller, s/n, Centro.
Phone: (49) 3544-0216.


Santa Cruz Festival
In May, in the Hall of the Cristo Rei Parish Church.


Our Lady of Everlasting Help Festival
Ukrainian religious celebration. In June. Ukrainian Church.
Rua Jorge Lacerda, 164, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3642-8384.

Porto União

São Pedro and São Paulo Festival
An event with a pyrotechnics show that has been held for more than 70 years at the São Pedro neighborhood church. During the celebration, one of the largest bonfires in Brazil is lit. In July.


Festa de São Pedro Apóstolo (Saint Peter the Apostle’s Feast)
A religious celebration, in homage of the patrro0n saint of the town). In June.

Encantos do Sul


Procession of Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes
The image of the saint is carried from Vigia Beach to Vermelha Beach (Imbituba) on a vessel which has its course followed along the beach by hundreds of believers and visitors. In the first week of February.


São João Batista Festival
June celebration held at São João Batista Parish Church.
Praça Getúlio Vargas, 69, Centro.
Phone: (48) 3643-0108.

Senhor Bom Jesus dos Passos Festival
A life-size image of the saint is carried in a procession that brings together 40,000 believers. Promoted by the Parish Church, on the last Sunday of Lent.
Praça Getúlio Vargas, 69, Centro.
Phone: (48) 3643-0108.


Divino Festival
The religious festival is one of the Azorean traditions preserved by Jaguaruna residents. In June, in the square at the Nossa Senhora das Dores Parish Church, Centro.


Morro da Glória
O Centro Histórico, os bairros, as praias e lagoas que cercam a cidade podem ser avistados a partir do mirante, a 126 m de altura. O local também recebe peregrinos para contemplar a imagem de Nossa Senhora da Glória, no topo do morro.

Festival of Santo Antônio
The celebrations of the patron saint of the city include a procession from the Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora Church (Progresso neighborhood) to the Santo Antônio dos Anjos Parish Church (Center). There is a fireworks display. In June.

Nova Veneza

São Marcos Festival
In April, at the Parish Church.

Procession of Nossa Senhora de Caravaggio
On the last Sunday of may, in the Nossa Senhora de Caravaggio Sanctuary.
District of Caravaggio (access 6 km before the entrance to Nova Veneza, via SC-446).

Stations of the Cross on Good Friday
The path, followed by hundreds of the faithful, begins in front of the São Marcos Church, in the urban area, and continues into the rural zone for 2 km, passing by 14 capitels. On the way, it is possible to have a beautiful view of the Serra Geral. In other religious celebrations throughout the year, the stations of the Cross also attracts visitors.

São Martinho

Cristo Rei Festival
In October, in the Salão Beira-Rio, beside the Parish Church.