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Sporting Events

Santa Catarina hosts major championships and competitions in various sports, such as hang gliding, downhill (mountain biking), jet skiing, fishing, surfing and many others. Some of the highlights include the only Latin American leg of the World Championship of Surfing – WCT (Imbituba) and the final stage of the Jet Waves – World Jet Ski Freeride (Balneário Piçarras).

Grande Florianópolis


Santa Catarina Jet Ski Championship
In September, in the dam of the Usina Hidrelétrica Garcia.

Caminho dos Cânions

Balneário Arroio do Silva

Arrancada de Caminhões (Truck Pull)
The competitions are held at the seaside arena, on tracks that are 500m for the pull and 500m for braking and return. The traditional event has been taking place since 1986 and attracts around 100 thousand people. Exhibitions and shows are also part of the program, which lasts for 4 days, in February or March (10 days after Carnival). Parque Municipal da Arrancada. Praia da Meta, Areias Brancas (North side).

Praia Grande

Festival de Boia-Cross (Tubing Festival)
During the event, the rapids of the Mampituba River are the setting for various types of boiacross (a sport recognized by the Brazilian Canoe Association) competitions. The traditional event is enlivened by shows from regional and national bands. In March, on the Mampituba River, near the Center of the city.

Costa Verde e Mar

Balneário Piçarras

Jet Waves
The city is home to the final stage of the Jet Ski Freeride, receiving riders and audiences from the whole world. In November.

Brazilian Jet Ski Championship
Held at the Rio Piçarras.


Itapema Ultralight Meeting
Parachuting, aircraft and aeromodelling. The program last 3 days, normally at the end of April or beginning of May. Itapema Flight Center (Fazenda Meia Lua) – the future Costa Esmeralda Aerodrome in Sertão do Trombudo.

Vale do Contestado

Frei Rogério

Sportive gymkhana with Japanese adaptations. In May.


Mincemeat Trail
The off-road circuit for motorbikes. Organized by the Motorcycle Club Ita in Lama. In April.


Drag Racing – Dirt Track
The Automobile Club organizes competitions in March, June, September and November.
On the Municipal Race Track of Mafra, on the BR-116.
Phone: (47) 3642-3984 / 9177-5174.

Downhill – Mafra Stage
The Downhill Federation is responsible for defining the event calendar.
Phone: (47) 3642-0488 – Culture, Sports and Tourism Secretariat.

Vale Europeu


Festival Brasileiro de Aeromodelismo
Promoted by the Valley Wings Modeling Club.
Rod. Gov. Jorge Lacerda, 4.100, Poço Grande.
Phone: (47) 3332-1564

Encantos do Sul


WCT – World Championship Tour
The surfing World Championship Tour ranks the sport’s 45 best athletes in the world. The only phase hosted in Latin America takes place at Vila beach, near the center of Imbituba. Normally between April and May. Check the calendar from the Professional Surfers’ Association, the organizer of the event.


Jaraguá do Sul

Allegory Festival
During the event, the skies of the city are adorned by free flight enthusiasts in fancy dress. Generally in November.

Rio Negrinho

Fishing Gymkhana
It takes place at the Represa de Volta Grande, in February.