The state’s coast has 560 km of shoreline and more than 130 beaches that are suitable for surfing, some of them famous, such as Joaquina Beach (Florianopolis), Guarda do Embaú (Palhoça) and Praia da Vila (Imbituba). Good waves attract professional and amateur surfers from all over the world to Santa Catarina, which has athletes that include the top surfers in the world. You will also find, on most beaches, good infrastructure for services linked to the sport and a lifestyle that is typical of the surfing culture.

Costa Verde e Mar

Balneário Camboriú

Praias Central, dos Amores, do Estaleiro and Coco
There are the main locations for practicing this sport. There are sites to hire surfboards.

More information

Escola de Surf North Shore
Orla Marítima, near to Rua 1.901.
Phone: (47) 8483-3235 / (47) 9902-6659

Balneário Piçarras

Ponta do Jacques
The waves formed on the Laje do Jacques 1 km from the beach attracts surfers to the area at the far north of the resort.


Praias do Mariscal and Quatro Ilhas
Good waves in emerald green waters.


Praias Brava and do Atalaia

Praia do Atalaia

Praia do Atalaia

Strongholds of surfers. Brava can be accessed by Rodovia Osvaldo Reis and has an excellent infrastructure. The beach at Atalaia, nearer to the city center, has kiosks, showers and parking lots.


The beaches at Vieira, Flamingo, Plaza and Ilhota
There are preferred by surfers, with excellent waves.


Praias do Pontal, do Gravatá and Canto do Molhes
The first beach is highly sought after by surfers and bodyboarding enthusiasts. In addition to good waves, Gravatá also have bars, restaurants and busy nightclubs.


Balneário Barra do Sul

Praia do Bispo and Point da Dô
Good waves all year round.

Barra Velha

Praias da Barrinha, do Tabuleiro and de Itajuba (Beaches of Barrinha, Tabuleiro and Itajuba)
The most sought after by the surfers, have good waves all year round.

São Francisco do Sul

Good waves all year round.

Grande Florianópolis


Beaches of the south of the Island
The most sought after by surfers are Morro das Pedras, Armação (north end), Matadeiro and Lagoinha do Leste, the latter being difficult to access.

Beaches of the east of the Island
The beaches of Joaquina, Campeche, Mole, Galheta, Barra da Lagoa and Moçambique have the best surfing peaks.

Beaches of the north of the Island
The best waves break on the beaches of Santinho and Brava.

Governador Celso Ramos

Praias de Palmas, da Gamboa e Grande
The most sought after by surfers. That of Gamboa is difficult to access and Grande, busier during the summer, offers good waves when the wind is easterly.


Praia da Guarda do Embaú
Considered to be one of the 10 best beaches in the world for surfing, this small fishermen’s village was discovered in the 70’s by hippies and surfers. The only access to get to the sea is by the Rio da Madre (Nun’s River), which can be crossed swimming, by canoe or on foot at low tide. On the left bank of the river, traces of the rock carving art can be found. Another attraction is the Pedra do Urubu (Vulture’s Stone), a viewpoint on the northern side which has a beautiful view of the beach.

Encantos do Sul


Silveira and Ferrugem Beaches
The most sought-after by surfers, they are quite busy in the summer. The more rustic Silveira Beach has some of the best waves in the country. At Ferrugem, the unprotected north coast stands out. The other beaches of the city are also suitable for surfing, inclusing the cove at the Historic Center (with a south wind). Schools and individual monitors can be found at the main beaches.

More information

Vento Sul Escola de Surf
Rua Amendoeiras, 1.555, Morrinhos.
Phone: (48) 3254-4520 / 9973-0512 


Beaches of Vila, Rosa, Porto, and Ibiraquera
Vila Beach calls attention for its waves, which can reach 5 m in height. The only Latin American stage of the World Championship Circuit is held at the location. Rosa Beach also attracts many surfers, mainly at its north and south corners.

More information

Escola do Capitão Davi
Praia do Rosa, attached to the deck of the Pousada Fazenda Rosa.
Phone: (48) 9905-7002.

Escola Kite & Surf
Phone: (48) 3255-1251 / 9973-7439

Pousada Raia 1
Recommended courses for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.
Estrada Geral Barra Ibiraquera, 84, Barra de Ibiraquera.
Phone: (48) 3355-0065


Laje da Jágua
Surfing spot in the open sea, 5 km from the coast. The rocky formation that emerge at the site (Shelves of Campo Bom), combined with the wind and tide conditions, produce waves of up to 9 m in height. Professional surfers practice tow-in (towed or motorized surfing).


Beaches of Mar Grosso, Gi, Tereza, Manelone, Itapirubá, Ravena, Gravatá, and Tamborete
The main surfing spots of Laguna. Gi and Mar Grosso beaches are to the north, while the others are located to the South, with access by ferry.

Beaches of Cardoso, Farol (Prainha), Camacho and Cigana
Those most visited by the surfers who frequent the Santa Marta Lighthouse, located 14 km from the center of Laguna.

Caminho dos Cânions

Passo de Torres

Praia dos Molhes (Molhes Beach)
Excellent spots for surfing, especially at the Barra do Rio Mampituba jetties (on the northern side).