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Typically, trekking is the first sport for those who are new to ecotourism. It consists of journeys by foot along trails through woods, fields, mountains and coastlines, and may include walking for anywhere between 1 hour to several days, spending the nights camping. Rappelling is the descent, with a rope, down walls or waterfalls using equipment such as a carabineer, brake, seat and helmet. When this descent is done in the water, it is called cascading. Canyoneering uses techniques taken from rappelling, climbing and zip lining (crossing by gliding along a rope with the help of a reel) for exploring canyons, mountains and gorges. Santa Catarina has lush sites to practice all of these activities.

Serra Catarinense

Correia Pinto

Cascata do Cerro Pelado (Cerro Pelado Cascade)
It has a waterfall that is 30 m high and a rock wall that is almost 100 m high. It is a good spot for rappelling.

Bom Jardim da Serra

Cânion das Laranjeiras (Laranjeiras Canyon)
One of the region’s most famous, situated in Santa Bárbara, 12 km from the Center of town. The site is on a private area (Fazenda Santa Cândida), but access is free. It is recommended, however, that you visit the site with a guide or in groups organized by the inns.

Cascata Salto do Pelotas (Salto do Pelotas Cascade)
Large group of waterfalls, 8 km from the Center of town, along SC-438. Located in a private area, it is recommended that you visit the site with a guide or in groups organized by the inns.

São Joaquim

Adventure Park Snow Valley
Zip lining, ropes course, climbing wall, nature trails. There are also cabanas and chalets for rent, group accommodations and a camping area.
SC-438, Km 10.
Telephone: (49) 3233-3447


Morro da Igreja e Pedra Furada
The Morro da Igreja is the highest inhabited point in the entire southern region of Brazil (1,822 m high), where the coldest temperatures in the country are recorded (-17.8 degrees, in 1996). At the top, it is possible to view the Pedra Fundada, a natural sculpture with a “window” with a circumference of around 30 m. It is a picturesque view of the Serra Catarinense. The view of the mountains, of the high grasslands and of the coastal plains is spectacular, whether on clear days or even when a layer of clouds forms below the hill. The site has an Air Force base and is just a few kilometers from the Center of Urubici.

Serra do Corvo Branco
Thrills await those who intend on exploring the Serra do Corvo Branco. Situated 30 kilometers from the Center of Urubici, it has a striking view, which starts at the slit that cuts through the two enormous rock walls. The road that descends toward Grão Pará is vertiginous, revealing breathtaking and completely wild scenery. Drivers should pay close attention because the curves are sharp and the road is narrow at many points.

Cachoeira do Corvo Branco (Corvo Branco Waterfall)
Rappel 85 meters down one of the region’s most beautiful waterfalls, next to the road that leads to the Serra do Corvo Branco.

Nascente do Rio Pelotas (Pelotas River Spring)
Trekking with average difficulty, crossing the edge of the Serra do Corvo Branco until reaching the Rio Pelotas spring. The trail is beautiful and it is possible to see the Pedra Furada, Urubici’s picturesque scenery, along the way.

Paredão de Arenito (Sandstone Wall)
Rappel down the 35-meter high wall, next to the Rio Canoas (Canoas River).

Cânion do Rio Canoas (Canoas River Canyon)
Trekking, canyoneering and rappelling down a 60-meter high wall, located in the Rio Canoas Valley. The trail has a beauty that is rare.

Cachoeira do Avencal (Avencal Waterfall)
Trekking and rappelling along one of the region’s largest waterfalls, with a height of 100 m. At the upper part of the waterfall, you can also go zip lining. Located just a few minutes from the Center of Urubici, there is access at both the upper part of the waterfall (by car) and the lower part (trail). Estrada Geral de Urubici, toward São Joaquim, at the Morro do Avencal, Km 34, turn right. Telephone: (49) 9102-8729.

Morro do Campestre/Morro da Cruz (Campestre Hill/Cruz Hill)
Sandstone formation with a height of 1,380 m. From the top of the hills, there is a beautiful panoramic view of the Vale do Rio Canoas (Rio Canoas Valley). Located on private property, it is indicated for trekking.

Pedra da Águia (Eagle Rock)
Sandstone formation, whose shape is similar to the head of an eagle. Located at around 30 km from the Center of Urubici, next to the Serra do Corvo Branco, it is a good option for those who practice rappelling (120 m). Rio Canoas Valley.

Around 5 hours of canyoneering, passing three cascades that are good for rappelling (25, 35 and 45 m), all located in Arroio da Cotia.

Eco do Avencal Resort Ecológico (Eco do Avencal Ecological Resort)
Canopy tours, zip lining, rock climbing, trekking and horseback rides. Estrada Geral Rio Capoeira, s/n.
Telephone: (49) 9168-2088

More information

Corvo Branco Expedições
1-day or longer hikes and camping trips.
SC-370, Km 22, Serra do Corvo Branco.
Telephone: (48) 8401-7304

Tribo Xokleng Turismo
Trekking, montain bike and tours.
Av. Natal Zilli, 3.006, Centro.
Telephone: (49) 3278-5658 / 8402-5658.

Graxaim Ecoturismo e Aventuras
Trekking, off-road 4x4 trips, 1-day hikes, camping trips, city tour
Rua Adolfo Konder, 3286, Corner. Schedule your visit.
Telephone: (49) 3278-5617 / 9151-4011

Caminhos da Serra
Tours through touristic points of interest, trekking, horseback riding, biking, 4x4 trips, trails, jeep tours with picnics
Av. Adolfo Konder, 2.628, Corner.
Telephone: (49) 3278-4273 / 8802-2610

Serra Sul Ecoturismo
Tour, mountain hiking, bicycle tours, easy hikes
Av. Prefeito Natal Zilli, 2.778, esquina.
Telephone: (49) 3278-4838 / 8846-8717 / 8858-0859 

Acolhida na Colônia
Horseback riding, hiking, fishing and visits to waterfalls.
Telephone: (49) 3278-4244

Ecotourism guides:

Ademir Israel
Horseback riding.
Telephone: (49) 8406-1747

Iran Croda de Souza
Parque Nacional de São Joaquim and Parque Nacional Aparadores da Serra guide.
Telephone: (49) 9966-8006

Claudio Clasin
Trekking, mountain biking and car trips
Telephone: (49) 3278-4726 / 3278-5658 / 8402-5658.

Álvaro Costa
Parque Nacional de São Joaquim guide.
Telephone: (49) 3278-4092 / 8805-0059 / 9919-5333.

Grande Florianópolis

Águas Mornas

Rio Forquilhas e Rio Salto
Excellent points for practicing trekking, canyoning, Tyrolese and rappel.

More information

TDA Rafting & Expedições
Rodovia Princesa Leopoldina, 68, Caldas da Imperatriz.
Phone: (48) 3245-7279 / (48) 9972-4417

Ativa Rafting e Aventuras
Rua Nossa Senhora da Rosa Mística, s/n, Vargem do Braço.
Phone: (48) 3245-7021

Apuama Rafting & Café do Tabuleiro
Rodovia Princesa Leopoldina, 1.900, Caldas da Imperatriz.
Phone: (48) 3245-7602 / (48) 9103-6730


Rios Povoamento, da Prata, Maracujá, Branco, do Meio e Serrinha

Serra Geral
Trekking. It is at 25 km from the Center.


Praia da Lagoinha do Leste
Located in the south of the Island of Santa Catarina, it is one of the most beautiful and wildest beaches in the city, with access only on foot or by boat. The trails cross stretches of dense Atlantic Rainforest, leaving from Praia do Matadeiro (from two to three hours) or from Praia do Pântano do Sul (about 90 minutes).

Parque Municipal da Lagoa do Peri
Conservation area with trails which go along the Lagoa do Peri and rise in the direction of Sertão do Peri (Peri Interior), the highest point in the region. The route goes past waterfalls, flour mills and old stills. It is a good program also for those who like to watch wild birds and animals. It is in the south of the Island of Santa Catarina.

Praia do Saquinho
In the extreme south of the Island of Santa Catarina there is the Praia da Solidão (Solitude Beach), from where a trail leaves in the direction of Praia do Saquinho. The trekking lasts about an hour, going past the coast, small waterfalls and stretches of Atlantic Rainforest. Those who want to go further can take a new trail in the direction of the semi-deserted Praia de Naufragados. The whole trip, from Solidão, takes almost a whole day.

Praia de Naufragados
Trekking of about one hour, leaving from the locality known as Caieira da Barra do Sul and ending in the beautiful Naufragados. The beach, which is part of the Parque Nacional da Serra do Tabuleiro (National Park of the Checkerboard Mountain), has simple restaurants which open in the summer season. It is possible to return by boat to Caieira.

Costa da Lagoa
A small community of fishermen, located on the edge of the Lagoa da Conceição. The trail starts at Canto dos Araçás, near the commercial center of the Lagoa da Conceição, and the visitor takes about two hours to arrive at the small village, where there is a waterfall and several seafood restaurants. The return can be made by boat, enjoying the extremely beautiful view of the Lagoon.

Ilha do Campeche
It is in front of Praia do Campeche (Campeche Beach), on the east of the Island of Santa Catarina. Listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN), it has trails which go to places where there are inscriptions carved into the rocks by Indians more than 5 thousand years ago. To arrive at the Ilha do Campeche it is necessary to take a boat from the Praia da Armação (Armação Beach). The journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

In Florianópolis there are trails which link busy beaches, crossing hills and coasts of great beauty. The trails between the beaches Praia do Santinho and Praia do Moçambique, between Praia dos Ingleses and Praia Brava, and between Barra da Lagoa and Praia Mole stand out. On the latter, one goes past the Ponta do Gravatá, where it is possible to go climbing, do rappel and Tyrolese. The Costão das Aranhas, with access by Praia do Santinho, also offers good conditions for practicing these activities.

More information

Adrenailha Turismo de Aventura
Phone: (48) 3284-3585 / 3269-1414

Brazil Ecojourneys
Phone: (48) 3389-5619

Brazil Trails
Phone: (48) 3232-5747 / 9127-4558

Ecoturismo Recrearte
Phone: (48) 3246-2821 / 9962-9632.

Ekoeté Eventos e Ecoturismo
Phone: (48) 3226-0330 / 9983-4341

Natural Ecoturismo
Phone: (48) 3209-2770 / (11) 3522-5042


Parque Estadual da Serra do Tabuleiro
The largest conservation unit in Santa Catarina (almost 90 thousand hectares), it encompasses nine municipalities and some coastal islands. Groups can schedule lectures with the environmental monitors. Seat: Km 238 da BR-101.

Morro do Cambirela
One of the best trekking options in all the state. The ascent of the Cambirela, located in the Parque Estadual da Serra do Tabuleiro, is hard and requires good physical preparation to reach the peak of the hill, at about 1,000 m of altitude. The view is worth the effort. On days with a clear sky, it is possible to see all the Island of Santa Catarina.

Morro da Pedra Branca
Located at 6 km from the Center, it has an ascent of 500 m which can be largely done by car. A beautiful view of all the region.

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz

Parque Estadual da Serra do Tabuleiro
There are trails throughout the park, with several degrees of difficulty. Organized groups leave the Hotel Plaza Caldas da Imperatriz and the Sítio do Guto.

More information

Plaza Caldas da Imperatriz Resort & SPA
Rodovia Princesa Leopoldina, 3.355, Caldas da Imperatriz.
Phone: (48) 3281-9000

Sítio do Guto
BR-282, Km 28, Morro das Três Voltas.
Phone: (48) 3028-0056 / (48) 9971-3015

Vale Europeu


Cross Hill
The 350 m of altitude can be accomplished by different trails. At the top, the viewpoint from the Cânion do Rio Itajaí-Açu (River Itajaí-Açu Canyon) provides a beautiful view of the Santa Luiza Waterfall.

Cachoeira Santa Luzia
100 m in height, it has several small waterfalls, some of them favorable to rappel and cascading. In the lower part, there are natural swimming pools formed by the waterfall.

Neisse Stream Valley
Rappel of 45 m in the Cachoeira Três Dedos (Three Fingers Waterfall) and water trekking for two hours to the Cachoeira Andorinhas (Swallow Waterfall), with the option of rappel of 18 m. Estrada Geral de Barra do Salão.

Chest Waterfall
Three hours’ water trekking in the stream and rappel of 35 m. Estrada Geral de São Jorge I, at 25 km from the Center.

Baguaçu Path
Trekking and mountain biking on a 22 km trail. Serra Anta Gorda.

A route which combines a boat crossing by the Rio Itajaí-Açu, steep uphill trekking to the top of the hill (450 m) and then to the Cachoeira Santa Luzia, culminating with rafting on a 3 km stretch in the Rio Itajaí-Açu.

Benedito Novo

Zinc Cataract
Waterfall of 76 m, ideal for practicing rappel and cascading. Estrada Ribeirão Liberdade, s/n, Vale do Zinco.

Doutor Pedrinho

Bride’s Veil Waterfall
Trekking and rappel in a waterfall of 63 m in height. To the natural swimming pool, there are 20 minutes’ light trail. To reach the top, another 20 minutes. Estrada de Campina, at 10 km from the Center.

Negherbon II Waterfall
A waterfall of 15 m, at 9 km from the Center.

Donner Cataract Cascade
25 m of waterfall, at 5 km from the Center, on the right side of the BR-477.

Casket Canyon
Canyoning, cascading and rappel in the Gruta do Capivari (Capivari Grotto) (12 to 30 m), Salto Garovinha (Garovinha Cataract) (5 and 15 m) and in the Cachoeira Paulista (São PauloWaterfall) (40 m). It is in the Vale do Capivari (Capivari Valley).

Ferrioto Canyon
Rappel, canyoning and trekking along the river which crosses the region.

Hitchhiker Circuit
It crosses trails, bridges, plantations and gardens in two different routes to Benedito Novo.

More information

Ativa Rafting e Aventuras
Phone: (47) 3353-1392

Ecoadrenalina Aventuras
Phone: (47) 9124-1578

Ibirama Rafting Ecoturismo
Phone: (47) 3357-2130 / 8813-1895


Rural hostels
Some of these establishments offer fishing in weirs and rivers, horse riding and trekking routes through the region. See in Rural Tourism.

Rio dos Cedros

Indian’s Grotto Waterfall
More than 35 m of free fall, good for rappel. It is almost at the limit with Rio Negrinho (Black River), in the locality of Alta Pedra Preta (High Black Stone), at 50 km from the Center.

Formosa Waterfall
Trekking to the waterfall with 40 m and natural swimming pools. In Palmeiras.


Mountain Peak
A good stretch for mountain trekking at 946 m of altitude. It also has a good takeoff track for free flight. Região 80 (Region 80), a locality at about 40 minutes from the Center.

Cascata O Salto
A trail of easy access which goes to the cascade, 80 m high. It is at less than 2 km from the Center.


Valley Paragliding Club (Gaspar)
Phone: (47) 9602-5240.

Wind Tribe/Roberto Luiz Serpa Paragliding School
Phone: (47) 9980-5215

Costa Verde e Mar

Balneário Camboriú

Toca do Urso
Access by the Praia de Laranjeiras, 6 km from the Center.

Raimundo Malta Municipal Natural Park
There are different trails through the native vegetation, totaling around 40 minutes. We can highlight the Caranguejos Trail (1.1 km), with walkways over flood areas; the Bromeliad Garden, with 40 different species; the Natural Pharmacy, where you can take some samples of the teas produced at the location. Daily, from 1 pm to 5 pm. Rua Angelina, s/n, Bairro dos Municípios.
Phone: (47) 3363-7145.

Unipraias Adventure Park
Canopy tour at a height of 130 m culminating in a 32 meter long zip line at a height of 15 m. There are also suspended walkways for ecological walks through the forest, as well as kiosks for snacks, ice creams, souvenir stores and 3 viewpoints with spectacular views of Balneário Camboriú. December to February, daily, from 9.30 am to 7 pm, other months, daily, from 9.30 am to 6 pm. Av. Atlântica, 6.006, Barra Sul, Unipraias.
Phone: (47) 3404-7600


Los Espinhales
Enormous rock wall with 11 different climbing routes, some with a height of over 100 m. Located on the access road to the Morro do Encanto.

Cascata do Encanto
Adventure park in the middle of nature, with zip line, natural swimming pool, canopying circuit for children, sports pitches (grass and sand) and a restaurant. Open for closed groups only, with a minimum of 40 people. Estrada Geral dos Macacos, Km 8.
Phone: (47) 9977-1996

Pico da Pedra
Sought after by practitioners of paragliding and abseiling, this is the highest point in the town (678 m). From the top you can see a good part of the coast, including Florianópolis, as well as the mouths of the Rio Itajaí and the Rio Tijucas. It is recommendable to be accompanied by a guide when following the trail.

More information

Projeto Aventura
Phone: (47) 9221-4009 / (49) 3233-3447


Coast of Praia Brava
Highly sought after by those who practice trekking and climbing (up to 15 m), with a beautiful view of the beach.

More information

Projeto Aventura
Phone: (47) 9221-4009 / (49) 3233-3447

Adventure House
Rua Conselheiro Júlio Kumm, 563, Praia Brava.
Phone: (47) 9952-5562


Cachoeira do Sertão
Trail that passes through a stream with stones, small waterfalls and locations for bathing. In the locality of Sertão do Trombudo, 9 km from the BR-101.

Ilha do Pirata
On the coast of the island there are 16 climbing routes in blocks of rocks up to 12 m high. The view of the sea is exceptional.

Pedra da Gurita
Trekking through native forest interspersed with waterfalls and transparent streams up to the top (200 m high). Located 10 km do Center. Access via Rua 902.

More information

Caminhos e Trilhas – Bombinhas
Trails, off-roading, cycling.
Rua Rio Bombinhas, 44, Zimbros – Bombinhas.
Phone: (47) 3393-4327 / (47) 9973-0584

Estrela do Mar Turismo
Trails and city tours.
Rua 246, 280, Meia Praia.
Phone: (47) 3264-1369


Praia Vermelha and others
Throughout the town there are trails with various degrees of difficulty, passing through coastlines, wild beaches and abundant native forest. From the right side of Praia Vermelha, a trail lasting approximately one hour leads to a beautiful waterfall in an area of ecological preservation. The beaches of Cascalho and Armação do Itapocorói can be accessed by a trail from the left side of Praia Grande. To the right of the same beach another trail leads to the Praia do Poá. The beaches at Saudade and Bacia da Vovó can also be accessed via the trail from the right shore of the Praia do Quilombo.

More information

Cleber Neumann (tour guide)
Contact for trails.
Phone: (47) 8809-9126 

Porto Belo

Reserva Morro de Zimbros
1.2 km route into the middle of preserved forest rich in biodiversity. There are also species threatened with extinction, such as the oncilla and the collared anteater. Fans of Bird Watching receive binoculars and clipboards to identify the most common species (visitors should be long to a bird watching club). The trails culminates in a viewpoint with a panoramic view of Enseada de Porto Belo, Ilha de Porto Belo, Itapema, the Inlet of Itajaí and Enseada do Caixa D’Aço. Walks are accompanied by guides. Book a visit.
Phone: (47) 3369-4022

Ilha de Porto Belo
There are various trails at the location, crossing the forest. The main one leads to the top of the island, where the entire coast of Porto Belo and Itapema can be viewed. It is possible to see rock inscriptions on the Pedra da Cruz en route.
Phone: (47) 3369-4146

More information

Pelicano Adventure
Phone: (47) 3348-1528/3045-2603

Tourist Center
Trails, diving, boat rides and city tour.
Av. Governador Celso Ramos, 2.460, loja 5, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3369-5030

Caminhos e Trilhas
Trails, off-roading, cycling.
Rua Rio Bombinhas, 44, Zimbros – Bombinhas.
Phone: (47) 3393-4327 / (47) 9973-0584


Morro do Macaco
After 500 m, a beautiful 360º panoramic view can be reached. Ascending another 191 m (around 40 minutes) to the top, you can view the islands of the Arvoredo Reserve and the entire peninsula. Only realized accompanied by a guide. Morro do Macaco Municipal Park, Canto Grande.

Galheta Municipal Park
The trail is a little over 1 km and starts at the left coast of the Praia de Bombas in the direction of the park. Other seaside trails along the coast can be followed at Praia de Quatro Ilhas and Praia do Mariscal and between Praia da Conceição and Praia da Tainha.

Coast of Zimbros
A trip of around one hour passing through wild beaches: Cardoso, Triste and Vermelha. The trail starts and ends at Praia da Lagoa, where it is also possible to bathe in freshwater. Only realized accompanied by a guide.

Praia Triste
There is a 2 m waterfall at this location and two natural swimming pools. The trail lasts around an hour and a half.

Eco 360º Viewpoint

A esquerda Praia de Zimbros, a direita Canto Grande e Mariscal

A esquerda Praia de Zimbros, a direita Canto Grande e Mariscal

Abseiling and zip lining. December to March, daily, from 9 am to 8 pm; April to November daily. Av. Tatuíra, s/n, Praia da Tainha.

More information

Caminhos & Trilhas
Trekking, off-roading, cycling.
Rua Rio Bombinhas, 44, Zimbros.
Fone: (47) 3393-4327 / (47) 9973-0584


Barra Velha

Morro do Cristo
A good alternative for practicing trekking, it has a viewpoint and 2 statues of Christ the Redeemer. Access by the main avenues of the town.

Campo Alegre

Cascata Paraíso (Paradise Cascade)
On its walls one can practice rappel and climbing. The trail to the viewpoint with a panoramic view is also a good trekking option. Rua Coronel Bueno Franco, beside S.A.C.A. Centro.

Salto do Engenho (Cascade of Inventiveness)
Trekking to the waterfall 7 m in height. There is a structure for barbecues and camping in the place. Locality of Salto, at 15 km from the Center, by the Estrada Geral da Avenquinha.

Montanhas do Quiriri (Quiriri Mountains)
Unit formed by approximately 30 peaks which range from 1,300 and 1,580 m, ideal for practicing trekking, rappel and mountaineering. The place is part of an Environmental Protection Area which includes the municipalities of Campo Alegre, Garuva and Joinville. Access at 56 km from the Center, by an unpaved road.


Rota das Cachoeiras

Cachoeira Da Confluência

Cachoeira Da Confluência

14 waterfalls, native jungle and abundant fauna compose the scenery of this Private Reserve of the Natural Heritage situated in the Parque Emílio Battistella. There are rappel points and trails from the base of the reserve until the top of the Serra do Mar, passing by waterfalls (come more than 100 m in height). The park also has barbecue pits, restrooms with showers and parking. Daily, from 7:30am to 5pm30min.
Estrada Rio Novo, a 14 km do Centro.
Phone: (47) 3375-2232.

A trail of 2.3 km which leads to a waterfall of 25 m, the Salto Grande (Great Cascade).

Passes Waters
A trail of 1.8 km, passing by several waterfalls.

Bruaca Cascade
A trail lasting approximately 4h.

Vale Perdido
A trail which gives access to waterfalls and natural swimming pools surrounded by orchids and bromeliads.

Isabel River
A trail which leads to two of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Faxinal region.

Factory Stone
Trekking and rappel (45 m) on a wall near the former hydroelectric plant of the town.

Good Year Waterfall
Cascading (150 m).

Faxinal Waterfall
Cascading (70 m). In the Rio Pedra de Amolar (Grindstone River).

Smoky Waterfall
Cascading (20 m) which falls in the midst of the jungle of the Vale do Ano Bom (Good Year Valley).

Horse’s Tail Waterfall
Cascading. in the Vale do Rio Isabel (Isabel River Valley).

Left Arm Waterfall
Cascading (100 m).

Church Hill and Ox Hill
Trekking and mountaineering. The Morro do Boi is the highest point in the municipality (990 m).

Flight Cave
It has an underground brook which runs underneath the galleries until reaching the Cachoeira da Caverna (Cave Waterfall), where it is possible to bathe in the midst of the obscurity. Rappel is practiced at the entrance of the cave (45 m).


Encantos Turismo
Trails, rappel, cascading and mountaineering.
Rua Getúlio Vargas, 839, Centro.
Phone: (47) 9974-7874

Aracnos Montanhismo
Phone: (47) 3633-1869

Cabeça de Pedra Expedições e Aventuras
Phone: (47) 9988-9908


Rio do Braço (Arm River)
Trails in the jungle, waterfalls and natural swimming pools.

Cascatas do Quiriri (Quiriri Cascades)
Trekking going to grottoes, caves and springs in the midst of the Atlantic Rainforest.

Monte Crista
Trekking going up granite stairs for more than 3 km in the midst of the thick rainforest gives access to the top of the hill (980 m in altitude).
Access at Km 15 of the BR-101.


Reserva Volta Velha (Old Round Reserve)
Trekking, riding on horseback, canoeing and bird watching are some of the options in this private reserve of Atlantic Rainforest conservation, where 2 indigenous archeological sites also stand out. Visits must be scheduled.
Rua Emanoel Vieira Garcia s/n, (Rua da Celesc, after the Rio Saí Mirim).
Phone: (47) 8854-4780 

Jaraguá do Sul

Morro do Carvão (Coal Hill)
Trekking along the trail of Juvenato Marista to the top of the hill (145 m).

Morro da Boa Vista (Good View Hill)
Trekking along several trails until the top of the hill (897 m), from where on can see all Itapocu Valley.

Cachoeira do Camaleão
Rappel with a 15 m descent ending in a natural swimming pool. Ideal for beginners.

Cachoeiras da Pedra Branca, do Relógio, do Ribeirão Cacilda, do Salto do Rio do Júlio e da Grota Funda (Waterfalls of White Stone, Clock, Cacilda Stream, Júlio River Cascade and Deep Grotto)
The most sought after by cascading enthusiasts.

Picos Malwee, da Pedra Branca, da Serra Preta, da Serra do Funil e Morro da Palha (Peaks Malwee, White Stone, Black Mountain Range, Funnel Mountain Range and Straw Hill)
Access by a trail in the midst of closed rain forest.


Pico Malwee
free flight, trails and mountaineering.
Barra do Rio Cerro.
Phone: (47) 3376-0214.

Encantos Turismo (Tourism Enchantments)
Rappel, canoeing, mountaineering.
Rua João Marcatto, 260, sala 402, Centro.
Phone: (47) 9147-3008

Vivendo Turismo
Rua Reinoldo Rau, 728, sala 15, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3275-2734


Castelo dos Bugres (Bugres Castle)
998 m in height, it is suitable for practicing climbing. There are 2 trails which take you to the top, going by caves, rocky corridors and viewpoints, as the Pedra do Sofá (Sofá Stone). From the top, it is possible to see all the northern region of Santa Catarina and part of the territory of Paraná. Daily, as of 7am. Access only accompanied by a specialized guide. SC-301, next to the boundary with Campo Alegre.
Phone: (47) 3026-3174 / 9984-5179.


Salamandra Escola de Montanha (Salamandra Moutain School)
Phone: (47) 9904-7010

Associação de Guias de Turismo (Tourism Guide Association)
Phone: (47) 3029-0634

Rio Negrinho

Special routes of trekking, mountain bike and off-road
Natural retreats and rural properties of the region have ecological trails for practicing trekking, mountain bike and off-road with jeep or four-wheeled bicycle. Tracks of velocross and gaiolacross can be found at the Estância Colonial. The CTG Rio Casa de Pedra has a race track. See ecotourism operators.

There are at least 10 waterfalls which drain into the Rio Negrinho (Black River), some appropriate for practicing rappel. Routes can be prepared in contact with the operators.


Encantos Turismo – Jaraguá do Sul
Rua João Marcatto, 260, sala 402, Centro.
Phone: (47) 9147-3008

Jeep Clube Rio Negrinho

CTG Rio Casa de Pedra
Rua Jorge Lacerda, 374, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3644-2903 / 9937-3613

São Bento do Sul

Morro da Igreja (Church Hill)
842 m high, it is indicated for practicing mountaineering. Rio Natal community.

Vale Perdido (Lost Valley)
Trekking and rappel in waterfalls up to 130 m in height. Rio Braço Esquerdo, in the Ano Bom community.

Cachoeira do Braço Esquerdo (Left Arm Waterfall)
Trekking and cascading a waterfall more than 100 m high.

Recanto Buger Strasse (Buger Strasse Retreat)
It has several trails going through woods and waterfalls. Saturday, Sunday and holiday, from 8:30am to 8pm.
Estrada dos Bugres, s/n, Serra Alta.
Phone: (47) 3692-5260 / (47) 9988-6386.


Aracnos Montanhismo
Rua Wigando Kock, 171, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3633-1869 / 9924-9734

São Francisco do Sul

Morro do Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf Hill)
Trekking to the top of the hill (150 m), which has a panoramic view of São Francisco do Sul Island and the Port of Paranaguá, in Paraná. Rapid connection, between the Port and Praia de Paulas (2 km from the Center).

Morro da Enseada (Enseada Hill)
Trekking by stairs to the top of the hill. Praia da Enseada.

Morro do Forte or Morro João Dias (Fort Hill or João Dias Hill)
Trekking to the top of the hill, from where there is a beautiful view of the Ilha da Paz and the entrance of the bay channel. In the place there are 4 cannons of 1910. The ascent can also be made by car. Praia do Forte (Fort Beach), 15 km from the Center.

Cachoeira do Camaleão (Chameleon Waterfall)
Rappel with 15 m of descent ending in a natural swimming pool. Ideal for beginners. Other options are the waterfalls of Relógio, Ribeirão Cacilda, Salto do Júlio and Grota Funda.


Vale do Rio Bracinho (Rio Bracinho Valley)
Trekking, mountain bike, acqua-ride, rappel, cascading, canoeing and bicycle motocross are some of the options for people wanting to enjoy the natural beauties of this valley full of waterfalls. Five of them (of up to 40 m) can be found on the trails which go up the Arroio do Macaco (Monkey’s Brook). And anyone following the Estrada Itoupava Sul can also visit the Cachoeira da Pedra (Stone Waterfall) (30 m).

Vale do Rio Braço do Sul (South Arm River Valley)
Region full of springs and streams between the Morro do Agudo (Sharp Hill) (759 m) and the Serra Feia (Ugly Mountain), where there is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the municipality (the Wasserhoff), besides the best track in Latin America for practicing downhill (near the Morro do Agudo, with 3.2 km of descent). In the place here is also a crosscountry track 8.3 km going through the jungle and a sports complex for championships.


Rua São Paulo, 37, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3374-0757 / 8809-2657.

Grande Oeste


Trilha do Pitoco
It leads to five waterfalls, with heights which vary between 8 and 45 m. It is possible to practice rappel. Line Alto Capinzal. Distrito de Goio-En. Phone: (49) 3319-9205.

São Lourenço do Oeste

Gruta da Curva Fria (Cold Curve Grotto)
A famous rappel point, it has imposing rocky walls surrounded by native jungle.


Toca do Bugre Cave
Trekking. Information at the Fundação Cultural. Phone: (49) 3452-4065

Caminhos da Fronteira

Dionísio Cerqueira

Cânion do Assentamento

Cachoeira do Assentamento

Cachoeira do Assentamento

The trekking in the jungle goes past four waterfalls, the last of them being appropriate for practicing rappel, cascading and other radical sports. Rua Santos Dumont, esquina Almirante Barroso, 740, Centro (in Assentamento Conquista da Fronteira).
Phone: (49) 3621-0168

São Miguel do Oeste

Trail Adventures Center
Tyrolese, tree top walk, rappel, climbing wall, crossing wall and trail in the midst of the jungle are some of the attractions of this leisure complex, installed in a green area of 30 mil m2. Monday thru Saturday, from 8am to 6pm. Rua Santos Dumont, esquina Almirante Barroso, 740, Centro (near the airport, at 200 m from the BR-386).
Phone: (49) 3621-0168

Vale do Contestado


Adventure Park
rock climbing wall, rappelling spots as high as 20m, a ropes course, a paintball field, two 220m zip lines over a lake used for fishing and canoeing, trails, horseback riding and camping. Opened Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, 9am to 7pm.
Estrada Geral Fraiburgo, Km 0,3,10, Fazenda Bom Futuro.
Phone: (49) 3246-4037


Adrenalina Adventure Sports
The famous zip lining circuit, with a length of about 2.5 km. The path starts in Itá, goes over the Rio Uruguai and ends in Rio Grande do Sul. The descending speed can reach up to 100 km/h, and it may be done individually or in a group, with parachutes or with a stop on the way to go rappelling and return by speedboat. Activities are done with reinforced safety equipment and monitored by accredited professionals. Those interested should contact the operator before driving to the location. SC-466, s/n, Beira-Lago.
Phone: (49) 8818-6024 / 9929-2754


Salt Mine Waterfall
A waterfall 30 m in height on a rocky wall of 80 m in width. Craveiro Itajaí, at 32 km from the Center.


Estrada Vila Ruthes (Vila Ruthes Road)
The iron bridge and waterfall found along the road are used for practicing rappel


Itajaí-Açu River
Trekking to the source of the river, at 6 km from the Center.

Waterfall of Silver and Seven Cascades of Stone River

Cachoeira Rio Pratinha

Cachoeira Rio Pratinha

Trails in the Atlantic Rainforest leading to these beautiful waterfalls. That of Pratinha is at 30 km from the Center and that of Sete Saltos do Rio das Pedras at 57 km.

Waterfall of Three Cascades of the Silver River and that of Mineral Water
Good points for rappel, are at approximately 10 km from the Center.

Itajaí-Açu River Stone Yard
Trekking going to grottoes and waterfalls.

Porto União

Rio dos Pardos Leap
With a height of 72 m, it is the town’s largest waterfall. You can get there by way of a steep trail through the abundant forest. Located 49 km from the Center, in the district of Santa Cruz do Timbó.

Rio Bonito Waterfall
One of the most sought out for rappelling, with an infrastructure that brings together camping and a restaurant. 48 km from the Center.

Encantos do Sul


Pedra do Índio and Tataiwarê Lookout
Trekking along the main attractions of the neighborhood of São Miguel. To find out more, get in touch with the local eco-tourist operators.

Circuito de Aventuras
Ziplining, canopy tours, and climbing. On Avenida Pedro Zapelini, in front of the Hotel Internacional.

More information

4 Elementos Ecoturismo
Runs outings for rappelling, downhill cycling, mountain biking, rafting, and canyoning through the city and its surroundings.
Av. Pedro Zapelini, 882, Termas.
Phone: (48) 3632-4712

Regional tourism guide - Fábio Mendonça
Phone: (48) 9906-7269


Morro do Formigão and Morro da Antena
Good spots for rappelling and climbing, recommended even for beginners. The panoramic view from the Morro da Antena Lookout (neighborhodd of Congonhas, 4 km from the Center) encompasses the city of Tubarão, the beaches, and the Serra Geral range. Morro do Formigão is next to BR-101.

More information

Clube de Montanhismo Tubaronense
Runs monthly activities. Departures must be schedules in advance.
Phone: (48) 9955-4141

Caminho dos Cânions

Jacinto Machado

Cânion Fortaleza (Fortaleza Canyon)

Canion Fortaleza -  Aparados Da Serra

Canion Fortaleza - Aparados Da Serra

A trail that takes approximately 6 hours through the interior of the Cânion Fortaleza, crossing the exuberant native forest and the Rio da Pedra (Pedra Rio) riverbed, and hiking stretches with a high level of difficulty. Access at the Costão da Pedra community.

Mirante do Fortaleza (Fortaleza Observatory)
An easily accessible trail, but one that takes a long time to finish, it travels along the edges of the canyon to the observatory, where both the coast and the border between Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul can be seen. Access at the Costão da Pedra community.

Cachoeira do Tigre Preto (Tigre Preto Waterfall)
From the Mirante do Fortaleza there is a trail that leads to various waterfalls (some reaching heights of more than 400m) and to the Pedra do Segredo (Secret Stone), an emblematic rock formation. Access at the Costão da Pedra community.

Morro Carasal (Carasal Hill)
An elevated area in front of the Cânion Fortaleza with a magnificent panoramic view of the region. Trekking over the hill can be done by taking a steep trail, with a high level of difficulty, which passes through fields and forests. It is situated at Engenho Velho, on a rural property. Visits should be scheduled with local ecotourism guides.

Cânion da Pedra (Canyon da Pedra)
Rappelling and canyoneering are excellent options for exploring the natural beauty of this site, also known as the Cânion do Fundo das Bonecas (Fundo das Bonecas Canyon). Trekking through the Rio Pai José (Pai José River) riverbed, along the canyon’s 4,000 meters, reveals pleasant surprises, such as the Tobogã and Anna Schiratta cascades. Access at the Costão da Pedra community.


Everaldo Ronconi
Ecotourism guide.
Telephone: (48) 3535-1133 / 9601-4950.

Joelson Cechinel
Ecotourism guide.
Telephone: (48) 3535-1044, r. 22.

Almir Ronsani
Ecotourism guide.
Telephone: (48) 3535-1044, r. 28.

Marcelo Pícolo
Ecotourism guide.
Telephone: (48) 9985-1350.

Edmilson Espindola
Ecotourism guide.
Telephone: (48) 3583-1175 / 8435-1644.

Luiz Fernando Soares
Ecotourism guide.
Telephone: (48) 3583-1933 / 8423-2008.

Sérgio Lopes de Lima
Ecotourism guide.
Telephone: (48) 9636-1590.

Praia Grande

Parque Nacional Aparados da Serra (Aparados da Serra National Park)
The park’s impressive views are characterized by vertical rock walls that reach as high as 700 m, which are abruptly interrupted by the gentle slope of the plateau. Waterfalls and cascades make the setting even more breath taking. The conservation unit is situated at the border between Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, and has three trails that are open to the public. Starting at the headquarters of the National Park (in Cambará do Sul – RS), the main attractions include the Vértice (Summit) and Cotovelo (Elbow) trails along the upper edges of the canyon. The Trilha do Rio do Boi (Boi River Trail) – which follows a more challenging path through the interior of the canyon – can be accessed through the Posto de Informações e Controle de Praia Grande (Praia Grande Office for Information and Control). Telephone: (48) 3532-1425.

Cânion do Itaimbezinho (Itaimbezinho Canyon) – Trilha do Rio do Boi (Boi River Trail)

Approximately 9 km for trekking (round trip), passing through one of the most famous canyons of Aparados da Serra. The path crosses the Rio do Boi riverbed about 30 times and has various cascades and natural pools. The company of an accredited guide is mandatory. Access via the Posto de Informações e Controle de Praia Grande (Praia Grande Office for Information and Control). Telephone: (48) 3532-1425.

Parque Nacional da Serra Geral (Serra Geral National Park)
Trekking  through the parks various trails reveals waterfalls, rivers and other ecological recesses. The Park lies on the border between Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, and borders the Parque Nacional Aparados da Serra, with which it shares administration

Poço do Malacara
Trekking  through the depths of the Cânion Malacara (Malacara Canyon), between impressive basaltic walls, passing through rock beds and natural pools. With a duration of 3 hours, the practice requires the company of a guide. It is 6 km from the Center of the town.

Obs.: Inns and local tourism operators have professionals who are registered with the Associação Praia-Grandense de Condutores para o Ecoturismo (APCE) (Praia Grande Association of Ecotourism Guides) and offer tours that include, in addition to trekking, activities such as rappelling, boiacross (tubing) and horseback riding. Within the national parks, only trekking on authorized trails is permitted.


Refúgio Ecológico Pedra Afiada
Telephone: (48) 3532-1059

Rota dos Canyons Turismo/Cabanas Magia das Águas
Telephone: (48) 3532-1404 / 9911-5199

Verdes Canyons Operadora de Ecoturismo e Aventura
Telephone: (48) 3532-1104 / 9154-9621

Tigre Preto Associação de Condutores de Turismo
Telephone: (48) 3535-1656

Canyons do Sul Agência e Operadora de Ecoturismo
Telephone: (48) 3532-1085 / 9101-0058

Canyons e Peraus
Telephone: (48) 3532-1022 / 9123-2796