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Typical Festivities

Throughout the year, cities and towns from all regions of Santa Catarina hold lively, traditional festivals to celebrate the culture of the colonizers, the cuisine and the local agricultural production. These celebrations usually attract visitors from neighboring towns and, in some cases, tourists from other states, such as the Festa do Pinhão (Pine Nut Festival), in Lages.

Vale Europeu


A typical German festival, held between January and February, with music, dancing and gastronomy, always on Thursday night. At the time of the Sommerfest, the trade and hotel network offer special discounts. Parque Vila Germânica: Rua Alberto Stein, 199, Velha.

A gastronomical and cultural festival with a great variety of dishes of the Italian cuisine and wines produced in the region. In June, in the Parque Vila Germânica: Rua Alberto Stein, 199, Velha.

A festival in the open air which is held every six months in Rua XV de Novembro, gathering together the typical Associations of Friends.


Festa Bergamasca
Typical dishes and live music. In June, in the Parish Church Saint Joseph, Centro.


Indaial Municipality Installation Festival (Fimi)
Typical food, dances, shows, folkloric music, wrangling and motorcycle tests of the Centro de Tradições Gaúchas (Rio Grande do Sul Traditions Center). In March, in the Pavilhão Municipal de Events Rosiméri Wolf (Rosiméri Wolf Municipal Events Pavilion). Ribeirão das Pedras, at 2 km from the Center.

Luiz Alves

National Rum Festival (Fenaca)
Shows, dances, gastronomy and rum tasting. It takes place at the same time as the Crioulo Rodeo, the Agribusiness Fair and the Banana Festival. Fenaca Pavillion, Vila do Salto.

Nova Trento

Incanto Trentino
a typical festival which celebrates the traditions of the Italian immigrants from the region of Trento. Presentation of songs in the Tento dialect, folkloric music and dances, typical gastronomy, shows and dances. It takes place together with the commemorations of the anniversary of the emancipation of the municipality, on the weekend nearest to August 8. Praça del Comune (in front of the Parish Church Saint Virgil), Centro. Phone: (48) 3267-3234.


Gastronomic Festival of Pomerode
In July, the restaurants of the town gather together in the Vila Gastronômica (Gastronomic Town) installed in the Parque Municipal de Events (Municipal Events Park). The menus are varied and the event also has musical shows, art exhibitions, a handicraft fair, sale of bread, cakes and fine chocolates.

Pomeranian Festival
It gathers together competitions of shooting, woodcutters, trips in carts or diligences and a lot of typical food and drink. There are also presentations of folkloric groups, which play and dance polka, mazurca, polonaise and waltzes. In the second fortnight of January.

Osterfest (Easter Festival)
The celebration of Easter according to German traditions. Folkloric presentations, typical gastronomy and the Ostermarkt (Easter Fair). It occurs on weekends preceding the Christian commemoration.

Rio dos Cedros

Festa Trentina
Held in the first fortnight of September, in the Complexo de Events (Events Complex), next to the Mayor Walmor Busarello Municipal Sports Pavilion, in the Center.


Trento Saga
It integrates the commemorations of the anniversary of Rodeio (March 14). Typical Italian food, games, dances and folklore.
Italian Town Pavilion.
Rua Giácomo Furlani, 1.069, Centro.

Wine Dance
Promoted by the Antares Sports and Cultural Society and by the local Rotary Club. In July, in the Sociedade Esportiva e Cultural Antares.
Rua Giácomo Furlani, 66, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3384-0151.

La Sagra
Organized by the Circolo Trentino di Rodeio, the traditional festival commemorates the result of the harvest with a parade, typical music and dances of Trento, besides the best of the typical Italian cuisine, full of cheeses, wines, pastas and roast chicken with polenta. In September, in the Italian Town Pavilion.

Grande Florianópolis


Feast of Cheese and Honey/Country Feast
In April, in the community of Garcia.

Tangerine Feast
May thru June, in the Parque do Centenário (Centenary Park). District of Garcia.


Colonist’s Feast
In October, in the Parish Hall of Anitápolis. Rua do Passeio – Centro.

Antônio Carlos

Greenery Festival
In June, in the community of Rachadel, at 12 km from the Center.

Colonist’s Festival
In July, in the Center.

Brandy Festival
In August, on the premises of SER Cruzeiro, in Santa Maria.


Lasting three weeks, it is the largest municipal event. It has exhibitions, an amusement park, shows and cutting the cake. In May, in the town square and at CTG Sela de Prata.

Citizen Square
Festival with cultural activities which rescue the culture and customs of the region. In May, one week before Bigfest. Center.

Rancho Queimado

Strawberry Festival
Presentations of folk groups and a great variety of tarts, cakes, jams and many other products derived from the fruit. In November, in Parque do Morango (Strawberry Park).
Rua Romanos Goedert, Taquaras.
Phone: (48) 3275-0015 / (48) 3275-1157.

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz

Sweet Corn Feast
In April, in the Mayor Orlando Becker Exhibition Park. Rua Natividade, s/n, Centro. Phone: (48) 3245-4300.

São Bonifácio

Maize, Colonist’s and Hospital Festivals
Respectively in May, August and October.

São José

Crab Soup Gastronomic Festival
Annual competition which occurs in March and rewards the best crab soups. There are typical dishes of the Brazilian and Luso-Azorean coastal cuisine, popular music shows and cultural presentations. Praça Arnoldo de Souza, Centro Histórico.

São Pedro de Alcântara

Colonist’s and Driver’s Feast
In the Parish Church, in July. Rua João Carlos Clasen – Centro.

Typical German event. At the end of September, in several places of the town.

Filling Feast
In October, in the Parish Church.



Festa do Maracujá (Passion Fruit Festival)
4 day of cultural presentations and shows. At the same time as the festival, there is the Industrial, Agricultural and Livestock Trade Fair-Exhibition. In April.
Rua Antônio Ramos Alvim, beside the Forum, Center.

Balneário Barra do Sul

Mullet Festival
Cultural presentations and national shows animate the 4 festival days, while dishes based on savory fish are sold in various stalls along the main avenue in the town. In July.
Rua Amândio Cabral, Centro.

Campo Alegre

State Sheep Festival
Exhibition of animals, sale of handicraft and typical food, with mutton-based dishes. In March, on the Calçadão da Cascatinha, Centro.


The typical Brazilian fruit is the theme of this German festival. In October, at the Seminário Sagrado Coração de Jesus (Heart of Jesus Holy Seminary).

Corupá anniversary week
The attractions include a cycling excursion, parade, jeep raid and art and handicraft fair. July 3 thru 11.

Jaraguá do Sul

Ethnic Cultural Meeting
The anniversary of the municipality is commemorated with typical gastronomy of the German, Hungarian, Italian, African and Polish cultures, besides cultural presentations and parades. In July.

Search for Kings and Queens
Throughout the year, the shooting societies of Jaraguá do Sul have dances and competitions to elect the shooting king and queen, maintaining the tradition of the German colonizers. To know the calendar of these events, get in touch with the Tourism Secretariat.
Shooting Clubs Association
Phone: (47) 3370-9795.


Strudelfest (Strudel Festival)
Typically German festival, highlighting the cuisine and the dessert from which the name of the event is drawn. In October, in the Pavilhão Municipal de Eventos.

National shows and dances animate the event which also has agricultural and livestock exhibitions, trade and industry fairs, besides typical food. Every two years, between April and May. Pavilhão Municipal de Eventos (Municipal Events Pavilion).
Rua 11 de Novembro, 1.559, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3379-1203.

Festa do Colono (Colonist’s Festival)
It gathers together folkloric groups, traditional music and typical food. In July.

Rio Negrinho

Anniversary of Rio Negrinho
Commemorative shows. In April, in the Pavilhão dos Imigrantes.

Creole Rodeo
During the typical Rio Grande do Sul festival, the bareback, lasso, bridle and wrangler competitions are disputed by competitors from several Brazilian states. There is also a lot of music, dancing and typical gastronomy, highlighting the rib cooked over an open fire. Promoted by CTG Amor e Tradição, in April, at the Fazenda Evaristo Stoeberl.
Estrada Rio dos Bugres, s/n, Rio dos Bugres.
Phone: (47) 3203-5400

São Bento do Sul

Summer Concerts
The musical presentations have already become traditional in the town. Every Wednesday January thru February on the bandstand of Praça Getúlio Vargas.

Schlachtfest and Bauernball
They celebrate the anniversary of the town with dances and other traditions inherited from the German, Austrian and Swiss immigrants. In September, at the Sociedade Ginástica e Desportiva São Bento.
Rua Vigando Kock, 100, Centro.
Phone: (47) 3633-4159.

São Francisco do Sul

Festilha – Festa de Tradições da Ilha
Festival of Traditions of the Island: with shows, cultural presentations and typical gastronomy, it celebrates the traditions and folklore of São Francisco do Sul. In April at the seaside and in the streets of the Center.

Caminho dos Cânions


Aniversário do município (Anniversary of the town)
Celebrated in April, in the Praça Hercílio Luz (Hercílio Luz Square).

Balneário Arroio do Silva

Festa do Peixe (Fish Festival)
During the event, the Town Square becomes a culinary haven, specializing in seafood-based dishes, where the town’s main restaurants come together. There are also national shows and an artisan fair on site. The festival is held in July.

Jacinto Machado

Banarroz / Festa do Colono (Settlers’ Festival)
A huge party in the Praça Municipal (Town Square) is held to celebrate the banana and rice harvests, the town’s principal agricultural products. It is held every other year, in August.

Rodeio Crioulo Nacional (National Crioulo Rodeo)
The schedule includes cowboy sports competitions and shows. It is put on by the CTG (Centro de Tradições Gaúchas) Recanto da Gávea, in April. Estrada Geral Bairro Gávea. Telephone: (48) 3535-1133.

Passo de Torres

Aniversário de emancipação do município (Anniversary of the emanicaption of the town)
Celebrated in September

Festa do Peixe e do Pescador (Fish and Fisherman’s Festival)
Every other year, in May.

Praia Grande

Celebrações gauchescas (Gaúcho celebrations)
Semana Farroupilha (Farroupilha Week) (September) and the Rodeio Crioulo Nacional (National Crioulo Rodeo) (October) are put on by the Centro de Tradições Gaúchas (Gaúcha Traditions Center) (CTG). Porteira do Faxinal.
Vila Pé da Serra.
Telephone: (48) 3532-0178.


Arraial Fest
Shows, typical dances, photography and artisan craft exhibitions. Takes place alongside the Feira Industrial e Comercial de Sombrio (Sombrio Industrial and Trade Fair) (FEINDES), every other year in July. Complexo Esportivo Antônio Sant’Helena. Avenida Papa João XXIII, s/n, Parque das Avenidas.

Encantos do Sul

Balneário Rincão

Mullet Festival
In June.
Colônia de Pescadores Z – 33. Rua Laguna, 377, Balneário Rincão.
Phone: (48) 3468-1369.


Ethnicity Festival
Celebrates the traditions of the colonizers and immigrant (Italians, Polish, Africans, Germans, and Portuguese) with folklore presentations, typical cuisine, and national and international attractions. It lasts for 9 days in September. At the Maximiliano Gaidzinski Events Center.


National Shrimp Festival
The schedule includes a fair of industrial and artisanal products, regional, national, and international shows, as well as typical cuisine found at the Casa do Camarão, a space where various restaurants offer dishes and snacks based on the crustacean. In February, at the Municipal Event Pavilion.
Rua Três de Outubro,no number, Centro.
Phone: (48) 3255-2374 - Economic and Touristic Development Department.


Mullet Festival
Commemoration of mullet fishing season which brings together fishers and visitors. In june, at Arroio Corrente Resort.

Nova Veneza

Carnevale di Venezia/ Italian Cuisine Festival
The event lasts for 3 days, and the programming includes local and regional shows, folklore and dance groups, parades, and typical foods. But the most awaited moment is really the Carnevale di Venezia, with party-goers masked in the style of Venetian Italy. In the second half of July.
Praça da Chaminé and Praça de Humberto Bortoluzzi, Centro.

Santa Rosa de Lima

Gemüse Fest
The local culinary specialty gave rise to this popular festival of Germanic traditions. In addition to the typical cuisine, there are dance groups and German folk bands. In even-numbered years, in May.

São Martinho

Festivals of the communities
Among the various festivals celebrated in all the rural communities of São martinho, highlights are the Duck Festival (in May, in Rio São João), the Festival of Sagrado Coração de Jesus and Homestyle Cookie Festival (in June, in Rio Gabiroba), and the Colonist Festival (in July, in Vargem do Cedro).


Tropeira Horseback Ride
Follows the historic path of the muleteers through Picadão da Serra, starting from Lages toward Tubarão. The arrival of the horsemen in the city is one of the festivities which commemorates the town’s anniversary. In May.


Festa do Vinho
A tradicional comemoração tem desfiles, shows, apresentações folclóricas, artísticas e culturais, além de culinária italiana típica. Nos anos pares, em agosto, no Parque Municipal..

Ritorno alle Origini
Comemora o aniversário de fundação do Núcleo Colonial de Urussanga, resgatando as músicas, as danças, a indumentária, os usos e costumes tradicionais, além da gastronomia típica. Em maio, no Parque Municipal.

Serra Catarinense

Bocaina do Sul

Baile do Chope (Draft Beer Party)
Traditional celebration that takes place in December, at the Salão Paroquial (Parish Hall).

Country Exhibition
The town’s most traditional event, with the best agricultural production, sale of handicrafts and typical food. It takes place during the week after Easter.

Bom Jardim da Serra

Cavalgada Aparados da Serra (Aparados da Serra Cavalcade)
A famous cavalcade that follows a trail of nearly 300 km, including trails that are hundreds of years old, passing through towns such as São José dos Ausentes (RS), Cambará do Sul (RS) and some of the most beautiful views of the Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul mountains. The event lasts a week and takes place annually in the winter. Telephone: (49) 3232-0735.

Rodeio Crioulo do CTG Presilha da Serra (CTG Presilha da Serra Crioulo Rodeo)
Various activities linked to gaucho traditions. Take place from the end of April until the beginning of May. Parque Gasparino Amaral Velho, s/n.

Bom Retiro

Festa do Churrasco (Barbeque Festival)
Typical gaúcha food, musical shows and lasso and riding contests. Held between March and April. Parque de Exposições Dieter Hornung. BR-282, Km 120, 5 km from the Center of town.


Festa Nacional do Pinhão (National Pine Nut Festival)
One of Santa Catarina’s main regional festivals, it brings together thousands of visitors from throughout Brazil, with shows by national artists and the best local cuisine, with the pine nut as the staple food. The event, held during Corpus Christi, lasts for ten days and his held at the same time as the Festival de Música Nativista Sapecada da Canção.
Parque de Exposições Conta Dinheiro - Av. Luiz de Camões, s/n, Conta Dinheiro.
Telephone: (49) 3222-7100 

Festa do Lambari (Lambari Festival)
Fishing contest, cuisine and musical performances. It is held at the Salto do Rio Caveiras at the end of the summer.

Festival da Truta (Trout Festival)
Culinary event held in October on Via Gastronômica.

Rodeio da Integração Crioula (Crioula Integration Rodeo)
A cultural event held in September at the Parque de Exposição Conta Dinheiro.

Rio Rufino

Festa Nacional do Vime (National Wicker Festival)
Wicker pieces and other family farm products, as well as parties and typical cuisine. In April.

São Joaquim

Festival da Neve (Snow Festival)
Typical cuisine alongside events such as the ice sculpture competition. Only in the winter. Centro de Eventos. Av. Urubici, s/n, Jardim Caiçara.

Festa Nacional da Maçã (National Apple Festival)
Agricultural and culinary exposition with shows by regional and national artists.
Rua Urubici, s/n, Jardim Caiçara.
Telephone: (49) 3233-2790

Torneio de Laço do CTG Mangueira Velha (CTG Mangueira Velha Lasso Contest)
Lasso and riding competitions, regional music festivals and typical cuisine. Parque de Exposições Nenzo Sá - Santa Isabel.


Festa das Hortaliças (Vegetable Festival)
Shows, dances, exhibitions, vegetable fair, cattle fair, gymkhana, gaúcha music festival and national crioulo rodeo. Held in March, at the Parque de Exposições Manoel Prá (Manoel Prá Exhibition Park), in the town of Águas Brancas.


Torneio de Laço (Lasso Contest)
Second weekend in November. Parque Municipal de Exposições e Feiras Antonio de Souza Melo
SC-439, Km 26.

Costa Verde e Mar


Anniversary of the town
Shows, culture presentations and the traditional Remo Boat Race, where competitors come from various places to participate. March 15th at the Praia do Center.

Fish Festival and Fisherman's Festival
Typical dishes based on fish and shellfish, folkloric events, music shows and activities that value local fishing culture, such as the Motorboat Race. In September, at different locations.


Camboriú Rural Festival
The country rodeo is the main attraction of the festival, which includes national music shows and exhibitions of agricultural products.


Town anniversary
Commemorated with the traditional Estraatfest (meeting of friends in Belgian). June 21st, at the Praça Charles Van Lede, Center.


One of the largest festivals of Lusitanian culture in Brazil. For 17 days it offers varied program, including shows of traditional Portuguese fado music, national artistic attractions, crafts, dances and folkloric presentations such as ‘boi de mamão’. The typical gastronomy can be savored at the Gastronomic Pavilion which serves dishes such as codfish balls, crab and barbecued sardines. Held in November at Itajaí Events Center.
Av. Ministro Victor Konder, 303, Fazenda.
Phone: (47) 3348-1080

National Colonist Festival
Agribusiness fairs and exhibitions, animal shows, typical gastronomy, sports competitions, balls, cultural presentations and national shows. Takes place in July at the Gilmar Graf Agricultural Park. Location in Baía, near to Rodovia Antônio Heil.


Anniversary of the town
Commemorating during the whole of April with music shows, presentations by folkloric groups and craft displays.


Fisherman Festival
The highlight is the typical seafood based food. Held in July in the district of Machados.

Town anniversary
Agribusiness fair, sports competitions, national and regional shows and cultural presentations throughout the month of August.


National Seafood Festival
In addition to the typical seafood based gastronomy, the schedule includes national shows and folkloric events. Held near to Carnival time. Av. Nereu Ramos, near to Shopping de Verão, Praia Alegre.

Porto Belo

Mullet Festival
In addition to the typical gastronomy with fish based dished, the program includes folkloric presentations, musical shows and crafts. In July. Rua Manoel Felipe da Silva, Center.

Vale do Contestado


State Yerba Mate Festival (Fesmate)
The town’s biggest festival, held at the Ouro Verde Exposition Park, in September.

Butter Festival
In November, in the Marcílio Dias district.

Shooting Festival
In October, at the headquarters of the Target Shooting Club of the Campo d’Água neighborhood.

Frei Rogério

Sakura Matsuri - Cherry Tree Blooming Festival
In September, at the beginning of the spring.

Frutos da Paz Festival
Brings together all the crops from the region. Held on the second weekend in February.

Frei Fest
Held every two years, between January and February.


Dourado Festival
In March, at the Servita Gymnasium.

Anniversary of the town
In December, in the Dr. Aldo Ivo Stumpf Square.


Mincemeat on the Spit Festival
Typical bands, dances, dance groups and a cattle show are some of the attractions of the festival which commemorates the anniversary of the municipality. The main dish is mincemeat roasted on the spit. It occurs in October in a structure mounted in the streets of the historical district Alto Paraguaçu.
Phone: (47) 3652-1306.

Polish Night
Folkloric presentations, typical food and other cultural attractions as ice breaker and toast of Vodka. Promoted by the Polish Cultural Association. In August. Salão de Festas da Igreja Santo Estanislau (Festival Hall of the Church Saint Stanislaus). Historical Center of Alto Paraguaçu.


A typical German festival with music, dancing and local cuisine. Lar dos Velhinhos.
Rua Gustavo Friedrich, 1.120, Vila Nova.
Phone: (49) 3642-2068.
In March.

Dances, folkloric presentations and typical food celebrate the tradition of families coming from Bavaria (Southern Germany).
In July.

Municipality anniversary festivities
Shows, handicraft fair, typical food and Producer’s Festival. In September.
Phone: (47) 3642-0488 – Culture, Sports and Tourism Secretariat.


Hawaii Night
In January, at the Termas de Piratuba complex.

Also in January, at the Centro de Events.

Porto União

The Steinhaeger and Xixo Festival
In addition to the specialties that give this festival its name, German dishes are also served. There are also artistic presentations, shows and parades. Held in December, at the Espaço Estação União. Praça Hercílio Luz, s/n, Centro.

Is the Festa dos Colonos da Montanha (Mountain Settlers’ Festival), a typical German event, which brings back Germanic traditions and customs. Takes place in November, at the Maratá location, 15 km from the Center of Porto União.


Festa da Ovelha (Mutton Feast) e Jantar Italiano (Italian Dinner)
Held every two years, they celebrate the cultural heritage of the immigrants, with a highlight for the typical gastronomy.


Grape Harvest Festival
An event that celebrates the grape harvest with musical performances under grapevines, followed by a typical Italian dinner. Every year it is held in a different community, in January or February.

Videira Fest
Shows, cultural presentations and typical cuisine. Held every two years, at the Sociedade Esportiva Recreativa Perdigão (Perdigão Recreational Sports Society) (SERP).
Rua 10 de Setembro, 1.996, Universitário.
Phone: (49) 3566-7976.

Grande Oeste


Festa da Colonização Italiana (Italian Colonization Festival)
It reunites the communities of Italian culture in the town, with a lot of music, entertainment and typical cuisine. On the first Saturday of July. Each edition in a different community.
Phone: (49) 3321-8411.

Dance, gastronomy and a lot of draft beer during three days. In November, in the Parque da EFAPI (EFAPI Park). Phone: (49) 3329-5597 / 9967-1085.

The Sausage Feast (in German) has a dance animated by typical German bands and special dinner, whose main ingredients are the different types of sausage. Promoted by the Câmara Júnior de Chapecó (Chapecó Junior Chamber) (JCI).

São Lourenço do Oeste

Baile do Chopp
An event animated by bands from the region. In October.


Various editions of this festival are held throughout the year in different communities.

Held in October, at the Seara Educational Athletic Center (Carecão). Rua Ferdinando Kirchner, 181, Bairro Industrial.

Caminhos da Fronteira

Dionísio Cerqueira

Integration Festival
The programming includes typical gastronomy and dances. In March, in the Events Center. Av. Washington Luís, Centro.

Border Festive Square
Between June and July, in the Events Center. Av. Washington Luís, Centro.

São Miguel do Oeste

Watermelon Fair
It occurs at the same time as the Feira do Terneiro (Calf Fair), Feira da Uva (Grape Fair) and the Festival da Canção (Singing Festival). In January, in the Parque de Exposições Rineu Granzotto.
Rodovia SC-386, Km 3.
Phone: (49) 3621-1708.

Anniversary of the municipality
The festival includes artistic and sports attractions. February the 15th.

Creole Rodeo
Typical Rio Grande do Sul commemoration, held in January, in the Parque de Exposições Rineu Granzotto.
Rodovia SC-386, Km 3.
Phone: (49) 3621-1708.