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Nature is the great attraction of Apiúna. The municipality is bathed by the Rio Itajaí-Açu, considered to be one of the best in all of Brazil for practicing rafting. Other adventure sports and ecotourism activities are usually practiced in this beautiful region of the Vale Europeu. There are a hundred or more cascades, hills and valleys which favor canyoning, rappel, trekking and mountain biking. The Cycle Tourism Circuit of the Vale Europeu also goes past Apiúna.

Leisure and Entertainment

Other Tours

Steam engine trip
It starts at the station located in Subida community, crosses the Túnel do Baú (Chest Tunnel) and the viaduct with two arches and then stops for the passengers to admire the rapids of the Rio Itajaí-Açu and the turbines of the Salto Pilão Plant.

Ecotourism and Adventure Sports

Mountain Biking and Cycling

Cycle Tourism Circuit of the Vale Europeu
The circuit goes past several towns in the region of the Vale do Itajaí, including Apiúna.
Phone: (47) 3382-6811 / 9176-0672

Caminho do Baguaçu
Trekking and mountain biking on a 22 km trail. Serra Anta Gorda.

Rafting and Canoeing

Rio Itajaí-Açu and tributaries
One of the main rafting areas in the country. The basic stretch has 7.5 km, interspersing agitated rapids, calm stretches, waterfalls and spectacular scenery. There are light parts for beginners and other radical ones, which must only be done by veterans in the sport.

Rio Itajaí do Norte
Much lighter rapids, ideal for beginners. At the time of the rains, the river rises, making the trip more exciting.

Ribeirão Neisse
About 7 km of continuous rapids, small waterfalls and waves for surfing.

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Ibirama Rafting
Phone: (47) 3357-2130

Ativa Rafting e Aventuras
Phone: (47) 3353-1392

Ecoadrenalina Aventuras
Phone: (47) 9124-1578

Bird Watching

Special routes
Organized by the tourism operators, they visit parks or go along trails in the Atlantic Rainforest specifically in order to watch birds.

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Coave (Bird Watchers Club of the Vale Europeu)
Phone: (47) 3281-9000

Trekking, Canyoneering, Rappelling, Cascading and Zip Lining

Cross Hill
The 350 m of altitude can be accomplished by different trails. At the top, the viewpoint from the Cânion do Rio Itajaí-Açu (River Itajaí-Açu Canyon) provides a beautiful view of the Santa Luiza Waterfall.

Cachoeira Santa Luzia
100 m in height, it has several small waterfalls, some of them favorable to rappel and cascading. In the lower part, there are natural swimming pools formed by the waterfall.

Neisse Stream Valley
Rappel of 45 m in the Cachoeira Três Dedos (Three Fingers Waterfall) and water trekking for two hours to the Cachoeira Andorinhas (Swallow Waterfall), with the option of rappel of 18 m. Estrada Geral de Barra do Salão.

Chest Waterfall
Three hours’ water trekking in the stream and rappel of 35 m. Estrada Geral de São Jorge I, at 25 km from the Center.

Baguaçu Path
Trekking and mountain biking on a 22 km trail. Serra Anta Gorda.

A route which combines a boat crossing by the Rio Itajaí-Açu, steep uphill trekking to the top of the hill (450 m) and then to the Cachoeira Santa Luzia, culminating with rafting on a 3 km stretch in the Rio Itajaí-Açu.

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