Balneário Arroio do Silva

Along the 22 km beach is the main attraction, Balneário Arroio da Silva. It is there that the majority of recreational and sporting events organized by the Town Hall take place, especially in the summer. The highlight is the Arrancada de Caminhões (Truck Pull), one of the biggest events of its type in the world, attracting up to 100 thousand people every year. The Plataforma de Pesca Entremares (Entremares Fishing Pier), another touristic point of interest, is 5 km from the main beach in Praia da Meta (Meta Beach). The Festa do Peixe (Fish Festival) (July) and the Summer Festivals are the regions biggest events.

Beach and Nature


Praias (Beaches)
Arroio do Silva’s main beach is known for hosting the Summer Festivals, with shows, and recreational and sporting events. Praia da Meta, to the south, is home to the Plataforma Pesca Entremares and the Arrancada de Caminhões arena, while the Mariscão and Caçamba beaches (also south of the main beach) host stages of the Circuito Regional de Arrancadas de Motos (Regional Motorcycle Pull Circuit), in January.


National Holiday Events

Festas de Verão (Summer Festivals)
The réveillon (New Years Eve) celebration marks the beginning of the festivals, which includes shows and recreational and sporting events, held on the beaches throughout the summer. The calendar comes to a close with one of the most exciting Carnival celebrations in the southernmost region of the state, with an emphasis on the samba school parades that travel down Avenida Getúlio Vargas.

Sporting Events

Arrancada de Caminhões (Truck Pull)
The competitions are held at the seaside arena, on tracks that are 500m for the pull and 500m for braking and return. The traditional event has been taking place since 1986 and attracts around 100 thousand people. Exhibitions and shows are also part of the program, which lasts for 4 days, in February or March (10 days after Carnival). Parque Municipal da Arrancada. Praia da Meta, Areias Brancas (North side).

Typical Festivities

Festa do Peixe (Fish Festival)
During the event, the Town Square becomes a culinary haven, specializing in seafood-based dishes, where the town’s main restaurants come together. There are also national shows and an artisan fair on site. The festival is held in July.

Ecotourism and Adventure Sports


Plataforma de Pesca Entremares (Entremares Fishing Pier)

Plataforma De Pesca Entremares Na Praia Da Meta

Plataforma De Pesca Entremares Na Praia Da Meta

Is in the form of a long peninsula (410 m), along which you can fish or walk along to take in the seaside cliffs and the Balneário Morro dos Conventos lighthouse, in Araranguá. Located in Praia da Meta, 5 km to the south of the main beach.

Localização Geográfica

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