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Bocaina do Sul

The mountain landscapes and the cultural traditions handed down from the German immigrants and the drovers are the main attractions of this town that has a population of just of 3 thousand inhabitants.

Leisure and Entertainment

Other Tours

Fábrica de Papel Itajaí (Itajaí Paper Factory)
Shut down more than 30 years ago, it has been transformed into a monument for tourists with its ruins and its abandoned equipment. The surrounding landscape is breathtaking. Next to the factory there is a waterfall with a 140 m drop. Located in Pinheiro Marcado, it can be accessed by a dirt road that is 7 km long.


Typical Festivities

Baile do Chope (Draft Beer Party)
Traditional celebration that takes place in December, at the Salão Paroquial (Parish Hall).

Country Exhibition
The town’s most traditional event, with the best agricultural production, sale of handicrafts and typical food. It takes place during the week after Easter.

Ecotourism and Adventure Sports


Minipantanal Pesque Pague
A small paradise next to the Rio Canoas, this “fish and pay” has more than 40 hectares of lakes full of native fish, such as traíras, lambaris and jundiás. There are bathrooms and showers on site, as well as chalets with a pool, a soccer field and a bocce court.
BR-282, Km 187, Santa Rosa.
Telephone: (49) 9122-5458 / Telephone: (49) 9973-0239.

Localização Geográfica

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