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Botuverá houses the largest cave in the South of the country,, considered to be one of the most beautiful in Latin America. The scenarios inside the cave are fascinating, with areas of up to 20 m in height covered by natural sculptures which for more than 65 million years have been continually formed through the action of water and time. The carefully performed work of nature can also be appreciated on the outside, in the rural scenery of the municipality, divided by mountains, valleys and waterfalls. Another good reason for visiting Botuverá is the Festa Bergamasca (Bergamo Festival), which celebrates the culture of the first immigrants coming from Bergamo, in the north of Italy.


Typical Festivities

Festa Bergamasca
Typical dishes and live music. In June, in the Parish Church Saint Joseph, Centro.

Ecotourism and Adventure Sports

Cave Exploration

Parque Municipal das Grutas de Botuverá
The park gives access to the Caverna de Botuverá (Botuverá Cave) and has barbecue pits, restaurants and snack bars and parking for cars and coaches, besides a trail in the jungle which leads to a refreshing waterfall. The visit to the Caverna de Botuverá is monitored by guides and obeys strict safety standards. Autumn and winter, Tuesday thru Sunday, from 8am to 4pm; spring and summer, Tuesday thru Sunday, from 8am to 5pm. Estrada Geral de Ourinhos, s/n, at 15 km from the Center of Botuverá, with access by a dirt track.
Phone: (47) 3359-1100

Caverna de Botuverá
Set in a mountain, it extends for more than 1,000 meters and nine halls, some up to 20 m in height. Only some parts of the cave are open for visiting, but the trip of 45 minutes in up to 220 m of the cave is sufficient for the visitor to be fascinated by the imposing natural sculptures (stalactites, stalagmites, columns and other formations). The place has artificial illumination, facilitating access and observing the rocky formations.

Localização Geográfica

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