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Correia Pinto

The mountain views and cascades are the biggest attraction of this town, with a population of around 15 thousand inhabitants and a relaxed lifestyle throughout the year.

History and Culture


Confraria do Monge (Brotherhood of the Monk)
A tribute to João Maria de Agostinho, a wandering monk who traveled throughout the region in the XIX century, who was taken as a prophet. At the site, in addition to a restaurant, there is a nature trail with scenery that tells the story of the monk and a statue sculpted out of sandstone. Open Wednesday through Monday, 11am to 4pm; Wednesday through Saturday, 11am through 4pm and 7pm through 11pm.
BR-116, Km 236.
Telephone: (49) 8802-0050.

Ecotourism and Adventure Sports

Trekking, Canyoneering, Rappelling, Cascading and Zip Lining

Cascata do Cerro Pelado (Cerro Pelado Cascade)
It has a waterfall that is 30 m high and a rock wall that is almost 100 m high. It is a good spot for rappelling.

Localização Geográfica

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Cidades Vizinhas

Otacílio Costa

Otacílio Costa’s principal economic activity is the industrial production of paper and cellulose. The region features large reforested areas and an urban population that is much larger than the majority of the populations of the neighboring towns: 16,337 inhabitants. Its main events include the town’s anniversary and emancipation (May) and the Otacílio Rock Festival (February), held in Parque Cambará (Cambará Park).


Prefeitura (City Hall)
Telephone: (49) 3221-8000


Palmeira is a small and your town with few more than 2 thousand inhabitants, the majority of which are ancestors of German and Italian immigrants. Tourists should visit São Sebastião do Canoas (16 km from the Center of the town), which has good spots to swim in the river, fish and take part in water sports.


Prefeitura (City Hall)
Telephone: (49) 3238-0050