Like Urussanga, Orleans is part of the National Immigration Routes of the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN). Locations such as the Barzan House, the Santa Otília Parish Church, and the Open-Air Museum put the tourist in touch with the culture and customs of the Italian immigrants who arrived in the region over 100 years ago. Another highlight of the town is the Wall of Zé Diabo, a set of sculptures carved into the wall of the railroad on the banks of the Tubarão River.

History and Culture


Wall of Zé Diabo
Sacred artist José Fernandes (known locally as Zé Diabo) carved scenes representing various Bible passages in a wall of rough stone, located on the banks of the Tubarão River, along a stretch of the railroad. In Coloninha, 500 m from the urban center of Orleans.

Historical Italian Heritage

Historical heritage
The National Immigration Routes (catalogued by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute – IPHAN) pass through Orleans. The Barzan House (building from 1929, in Palmeira Alta) is considered to be a national monument to Italian immigration. Another highlight is the Santa Otília Parish Church, built in 1922 in the same location where the colonizers erected the town’s first chapel (1866).

Museums, Cultural Centers, Monuments and Memorials

Open-Air Museum
The visitor has the chance to see perfectly functioning waterwheels pulled by animal traction, milling sugarcane and mandioca, and producing typical colonial products, in the same was they were produced at the end of the 19th century. Other attraction of the site include an alembic, pottery, a sawmill, and a wine cantina. There is also an exhibit of objects used by the colonists. Tuesday to Friday, 9AM to 12PM and 1:30PM to 5:30PM; Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, 9AM to 5:30PM.
Rua Pe. João Leonir Dall' Alba, s/n, Murialdo.
Phone: (48) 3466-0011 / 3466-5626

Localização Geográfica

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Cidades Vizinhas

Braço do Norte

Colonized by Germans, Portuguese, and Italians, Braço do Norte is between two very beautiful Santa Catarina mountain ranges, the Rio do Rastro and the Corvo Branco. Among its main attractions are the fee fishing ponds of Borget, on the Braço do Norte Main Road, and Simão, on the highway that leads to Rio Fortuna. Another highlight is FEAGRO – the Agriculture and Livestock Fair of the Valley (June), the Festival of Sagrado Coração de Jesus (July), and the city’s anniversary festival (October). The Santa Augusta Chapel (1887) and the Nossa Senhora de Fátima Grotto are important destinations of religious tourism in the town.


City Hall
Phone: (48) 3658-2222