Tangará holds pleasant surprises for those who venture across its lands. The town is Santa Catarina’s main producer of grapes and has a variety of artisan wineries, rural properties that are open to visitors, inns and restaurants that serve the delicious cuisine brought by the Italian immigrants. The Morro Agudo (Agudo Hill) is another prominent attraction. With a height of 1,075, it is one of the best spots in the South of Brazil for paragliding and hang gliding.


Wine Tourism

Vinícola Monte Carvalho
Rua Francisco Nardi, 435, Centro.
Phone: (49) 3532-2063.

Vinícola Monte Vecchio
SC-455, Km 1,3, Linha Duas Pontes.
Phone: (49) 3532-2099.

Vinícola Panceri
Linha Leãozinho, s/n, Interior.
Phone: (49) 3566-7700.

Vinícola Piccinin
Linha Duas Pontes, s/n, Interior.
Phone: (49) 3532-1092.

Forager and Gaúcha Cuisine

Taste typical Italian and campeira or “forager” style dishes at the region’s rural properties. And make sure you visit the wineries that produce artisan wines. Groups that schedule visits ahead of time can be welcomed with Italian folkloric music performances.

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Sítio São Pedro
Linha Bracatinga, s/n, a 9 km do Centro.
Phone: (49) 9129-8335 / (49) 8415-8853

Rancho Moinho Velho
Linha Duas Pontes, s/n, Interior.
Phone: (49) 3532-1545.


Italian Cuisine

Saboreie pratos típicos das cozinhas italiana e campeira nas propriedades rurais da região. E não deixe de visitar as vinícolas que produzem vinhos artesanais. Grupos agendados podem ser recebidos com apresentações de música folclórica italiana.

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Sítio São Pedro
Linha Bracatinga, s/n, a 9 km do Centro.
Fone: (49) 9129-8335 / (49) 8415-8853.

Rancho Moinho Velho
Linha Duas Pontes, s/n, Interior.
Fone: (49) 3532-1545.



Purchase straw, ceramic and wooden items produced in the region, as well as wine, juices and jams.

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Produtos de Tangará
Rua Francisco Nardi, 436, Centro. By appointment.
Phone: (49) 3532-2063.

Ecotourism and Adventure Sports

Hang Gliding, Parachuting and Gliding

Agudo Hill
with a height of 1,075 and optimum thermal conditions, it is one of the spots most sought out by those who practice gliding in the South of Brasil, especially fans of cross-country (long-distance gliding). It hosts gliding championships twice a year. 8 km from the Center.

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Clube de Voo Livre Tangará
Phone: (49) 9914-7631

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In addition to natural attractions, such as forests, rivers, waterfalls and streams, Ibiam preserves the culture of the Italian colonizers in old mansions built by the immigrants and in the food served at its cantinas. Other good options are the lasso and riding contests (January), the anniversary of Ibiam (July), when the famous stuffed big is served, accompanied by colonial wine, and the Costelão (Big Rib), a traditional gaucho barbeque (December).


City Hall
Phone: (49) 3534-0044