Caminhos da Fronteira | Venha Descobrir | Santa Catarina Turismo

People who like to subjugate untamed lands will find in the Caminhos da Fronteira the ideal place for their adventures. The region lies at the far west of Santa Catarina and borders the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná, as well as Argentina. This fact is striking for explaining the cultural diversity found in its 18 municipalities, of which São Miguel do Oeste is the most densely populated, with 36 thousand inhabitants.

Overcome nature practicing ecotourism and adventure sports in the Caminhos da Fronteira.

Ecotourism is one of the most promising activities of this region still little known by most Brazilians. The wild beauty of the municipalities is an invitation to activities as trekking, rappel and fishing, to name but a few.

Make a cultural trip through the municipalities of the region.

In the Caminhos da Fronteira, the traditions of the German, Italian and Polish immigrant are mixed with the Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Argentinean customs, forming a rich cultural mosaic. In Guaraciaba there is one of the largest rural museums in Brazil: the Edvino Hölscher. Whereas in Dionísio Cerqueira the attraction is the Limit of the Three Borders.

Have fun in the typical festivals, where the cuisine is as varied as it is tasty.

Few people know it, but the first Oktoberfest in Santa Catarina was held in Itapiranga. The German cuisine is present in several other festivals, as are the typical dishes of Italian and Polish gastronomy. The genuine Rio Grande do Sul barbecue is also a highlight in events held in the municipalities of the region.