The impressive canyons of the Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral (Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral National Parks) have given rise to the name of this beautiful tourist region of Santa Catarina, located in the southernmost region of the State and colonized by Italian, Portuguese and German immigrants.
Sought out primarily by ecotourism lovers on expeditions that step into these giant mountains that have been abruptly carved out by Mother Nature, the Caminho dos Cânions (Canyon Way) also features other attractions on the coast and inland cities. Araranguá is the biggest of them, with good commercial and service infrastructure, as well as beaches, dunes, caves and one of Santa Catarina’s most beautiful post-cards: the Morro dos Conventos.

Venture into one of Brazil’s ecotourism icons: the Aparados da Serra canyons. 

The canyons of the Parque Nacional Aparados da Serra mark the border between Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. The upper part, known as “Campos de Cima da Serra,” are part of Rio Grande do Sul. Whereas the cliffs, lowlands and river beds below are part of Santa Catarina. The main canyons: Itaimbezinho, Fortaleza, Malacara, Churriado, Faxinalzinho, Josafaz, Índios Coroados, Molha Coco and Amola Faca, are in the towns of Praia Grande, Jacinto Machado, Timbé do Sul and Morro Grande.

Travel along the coast of the Caminho dos Cânions and see true natural paradises.

Along the margins of highway BR-101 there are two major towns that are part of the Caminho dos Cânions: Araranguá and Sombrio. They are the point of entry to the region’s largely preserved coastal area. Araranguá is the most populous city which around 60 thousand inhabitants and a good hotel, commerce and service infrastructure. It also has natural attractions with stunning beauty, such as the Morro dos Conventos. Sombrio has the largest freshwater lake in the state, the Lagoa do Sombrio (Sombrio Lake), which is 54 km2. Balneário Arroio do Silva, Balneário Gaivota and Passo de Torres complete the tour, with dunes, lakes, caves and long sandy beaches.