The touristic region known as the Grande Oeste is one of the wildest in Santa Catarina. The country scenery, adorned with cascades and waterfalls, is predominant in practically all the municipalities, mostly with a population of fewer than 10 thousand inhabitants. Chapecó is the main urban center and economic area of the region, colonized by children and grandchildren of Italian and German immigrants, coming mainly from Rio Grande do Sul. For the tourists, the attractions are varied: thermal water resorts, rural tourism, typical festivals and gastronomy, museums and activities linked to ecotourism.

Relax in the thermal water resorts present in several towns in the region.

In Águas de Chapecó, Palmitos, São Carlos, Quilombo and Caibi you will find thermal water resorts with an excellent infrastructure. Known as the Rota das Termas (Thermal Water Resorts Route), the route is particularly indicated for those who want to relax, have fun and also enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the hydrothermal springs.

Practice ecotourism in the wild nature of the Santa Catarina Grande Oeste.

In the Grande Oeste you will find rural scenery and extremely beautiful conserved nature retreats, perfect for practicing ecotourism. There are trails in all the municipalities and most of them lead to cascades and waterfalls of a rare beauty in the midst of the jungle. There are also parks with a complete infrastructure, fee-fishing and other attractions for children.