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Home of the first farm hotels in the country, the Serra Catarinense (Santa Catarina Mountain Range) is located just 2 hours, by car, from the coast. The trip to get there is an attraction in and of itself, due to the beauty of the landscapes that you will encounter along the way. In all, there are 17 municipalities that make up this region, most of which have less than 20 thousand inhabitants. In all of them, rural tourism is predominant.

Have your breath taken away with some of the most spectacular landscapes in southern Brazil

The natural beauty of the Serra Catarinense is striking. The landscape, made up of araucaria trees, rivers, waterfalls, valleys, high grasslands and grand canyons will enrapture you. Places such as the Serra do Rio do Rastro (Rastro River Mountain Range), the Serra do Corvo Branco (White Raven Mountain Range) and the Morro da Igreja (Church Hill) are sites you cannot miss, with winding roads that cut through the mountains until reaching some of the highest points in the country. The view is spectacular. On days when the sky is clear, it is possible to see the coast, dozens of miles away.

See the Brazil where it snows

The Serra Catarinense has peaks with altitudes that reach 1,827 meters (Morro da Boa Vista – Boa Vista Hill). It is one of the coldest regions in Brazil, the only one where it snows almost every winter – even if for just a few days. During the winter season, the landscape has a special touch, with frost, fog, hail, blizzards and frozen waterfalls, which add to the joy of tourists from all over the country.

Recharge at the birthplace of Brazilian rural tourism

It was in the Serra Catarinense that Brazil’s first farm hotels and rural inns appeared. Today, the region has a wide range of resorts that offer complete leisure infrastructure and amenities. Horseback riding, breathing in the pure mountain air, is just one of the options available to you.

Venture out into an ecotourism paradise

Fans of ecotourism will find, in the Serra Catarinense, the perfect place to practice trekking, rappelling, canyoneering, mountain biking, zip lining, and other activities, such as trout sport fishing. The region also provides numerous “fish and pays,” places with reservoir fishing, which have good facilities for visitors.

Taste some of the best Brazilian wines and excellent regional cuisine

Recently, the Serra Catarinense started welcoming high quality industrial wineries. Visiting them is a real treat for those who appreciate fine wines and champagnes, some which have won both national and international awards. Speaking of treats, the regional cuisine will surprise you, with typical dishes based largely on pine nuts, trout and beef, all abundant and flavorful.