Rich in flavors and influences, Santa Catarina’s cuisine is a portrait of the state’s colonization. The cuisine of the coast, where the Portuguese settled, is seafood-based. Moving inland, the center of Germanic colonization, mainly present in Caminho dos Príncipes and the European Valley, fish gives rise to heavily spiced and seasoned pork, and the typical German beers (see “Rota da Cerveja”). In greater numbers, the Italian immigrants are spread throughout all regions with their “cantinas” and boutique wineries. There are also small Polish, Ukrainian, Austrian, Hungarian and Dutch culinary centers, which, in addition to the “gaucho” and “tropeira” cooking, make the state of Santa Catarina mouthwatering. In wine tourism, the highlights are the wineries of the Santa Catarina Mountains, which produce national and international award winning wines and champagnes, and the Vale da Uva e do Vinho (Wine and Grape Valley) Tour, in the Contestado Valley. And for those who like good cachaça, there is no lack of quality distilleries, especially in Florianópolis, Costa Verde e Mar and Caminho dos Príncipes.