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Ecotourism and Adventure Sports

If you are a fan of ecotourism or simply like to practice sports in contact with nature, will be delighted with the quantity and quality of the options that Santa Catarina offers. The state’s prime nature is a standing invitation for a variety of outdoor activities. Adrenaline is guaranteed.

Tackle trails on foot or by bike, explore canyons, climb mountains, descend waterfalls and fly high in Santa Catarina

Both on the coast and the interior, there are great trails for trekking and mountain biking. They enter the Atlantic Forest and cross seafront hills and coastline, or cut through valleys and mountains in the inland part of the state. Waterfalls and cascades are everywhere, to the delight of practitioners of rappelling and cascading. The Santa Catarina Mountains also have fabulous places to practice canyoneering, which requires knowledge of various techniques for rock climbing, rappelling, zip lining, and others. There are also good options for those who like to take adventures in off-road vehicles or on bicycle touring circuits. And the sky also has a lot of emotion to offer, with free flying, parachuting and hang gliding.

Practice surfing and other water sports along the state’s extensive coast

560 km long, the state’s coast has beautiful beaches, each one with characteristics that are very different from the others. Some are located within busy beach resorts. Others, almost deserted, are accessible only by hiking through the middle of the Atlantic Forest or by boat. For those who practice surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing and stand-up paddle boarding, there is no shortage of good waves and great winds along the coast, as well as havens such as the Lagoa da Conceição (Conceição Lake), in Florianópolis, and the Lagoa de Ibiraquera (Ibiraquera Lake), in Imbituba. For those who like sand boarding, the best place to go is to the Joaquina dunes, in Florianopolis, as well as to the dunes in Garopaba and Jaguaruna.

See large whales just meters away

The coast of Santa Catarina is a kind of nursery for baleen whales. From June to November, they leave Antarctica and come to give birth and nurse their young, principally in the waters of Imbituba, Garopaba and Palhoça. You can see them easily from the beach, but there are also excursions, through accredited operators, who take tourists to within a few meters of these great mammals, some that are over 17 meters long. Santa Catarina’s ecotourism also has good options for fans of bird watching, cave exploration, zip lining and canopy tours.

Venture to the best place to scuba dive in southern Brazil

The Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve, near Florianopolis and Bombinhas, is considered the best place to practice scuba diving in southern Brazil. A natural shelter for many marine species, the reserve is offers activities for tourists, which are controlled by environmental agencies that regulate the scuba diving sites and the maximum amount of visitors. Only accredited operators are allowed to lead tours. There are also great options for diving and snorkeling in the sheltered bays and shorelines located in Florianopolis, Bombinhas and Porto Belo.

Fish freely on Santa Catarina’s coast or inland rivers

For those who like good fishing, all along the coast there are a plethora of bays, beaches and shorelines perfect for bait casting and boat fishing. Bass fishing is a major attraction in Babitonga Bay, on the northern coast. Whereas in the Santa Catarina Mountains, you can practice trout sport fishing in clear river waters, amidst spectacular mountains and valleys.

Go down exciting rapids on Santa Catarina’s rivers

Santa Catarina has some of the best spots in Brazil for rafting. One of those spots is on the Itajaí-Açu River and its tributaries, in the Itajaí Valley. Accredited operators offer tours with varying levels of difficulty. The beautiful rivers of Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, near Florianópolis, and the Santa Catarina Mountains also guarantee excitement. Canoeing is also a good alternative at many of the state’s resorts and parks, as well as on its many rivers and lakes.