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Resorts Spas

There are hot springs with therapeutic and relaxing properties in 19 cities in 6 of Santa Catarina’s tourist regions. The Complexo Hidromineral de Gravatal (Gravatal Hydromineral Complex), in Encantos do Sul, is considered the second best in the world (after Aux-Les Thermes, in France). Whereas the Complexo Caldas da Imperatriz, in Florianópolis, is known for being the first thermal spa in Brazil. In the charming town of Treze Tílias, in the Contestado Valley, the trick is to enjoy the thermal waters in winter, since temperatures in the city can drop to -10° C. In the Great West, Quilombo (Chapecó’s neighboring town) stands out because of its hot springs park located right in the town square. And in São João do Sul (neighboring town of Praia Grande, in the Caminho dos Cânions region), is the only salt-water resort spa in the country.

Take advantage of the power of the hot springs and comfortable structure of the spas, complexes and hydrothermal hotels.

The therapeutic properties credited to the hot springs range from combatting stress and chronic diseases to rejuvenation. Santa Catarina’s main thermal complexes are more than immersion baths, offering supplementary alternative therapies, infrastructure for recreation and sports, saunas, convenience stores and other visitor services.

Seniors cannot miss the opportunity to also explore Balneário Camboriú.

Spas are very popular tourist places for seniors. But the destination in Santa Catarina that is preferred by this group is Balneário Camboriú. Almost entirely horizontal, the city has good hotel chains and a complete urban infrastructure, right on the beach, with numerous options for recreation and services, cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlors, plus a great beach with calm waters that amazes older tourists. Visiting all these attractions on foot is easy and very enjoyable. Furthermore, Balneário Camboriú is surrounded by other interesting municipalities, such as Itajaí, Porto Belo, Bombinhas, Blumenau and Brusque, and it is also close to the capital, Florianópolis. This means that after relaxing in one of Santa Catarina’s thermal spas, you can go out and enjoy yourself in Balneário Camboriú.

Grande Florianópolis

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz

Get to know the Thermal Waters Route and enjoy their benefits in one of the hotels or parks of the region.

Plaza Caldas da Imperatriz Resort & SPA
Rodovia Princesa Leopoldina, 3.355, Caldas da Imperatriz.
Phone: (48) 3281-9000

Hotel Caldas da Imperatriz
Rodovia Princesa Leopoldina, Km 4, Caldas da Imperatriz.
Phone: (48) 3245-7088

Hotel Santo Amaro
Rua Tereza Cristina, 119, Centro.
Phone: (48) 3245-2256.

Hotel Imperador Caldas da Imperatriz
Rodovia Princesa Leopoldina, 1.320, Caldas da Imperatriz.
Phone: (48) 3245-7080 / (48) 3245-7048

Parque Aquático Hotel Caldas da Imperatriz
Individual thermal baths in simple baths or hydro massage ones.
Rodovia Princesa Leopoldina, Km 4, Caldas da Imperatriz.
Phone: (48) 3245-7088

Águas Mornas

Relax in the thermal waters hotel of the town.

Águas Mornas Palace Hotel
Rua Coronel Antônio Lehmkuhl, 2487.
Phone: (48) 3245-7015

São Bonifácio

Enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters in the Estância Hidromineral São Bonifácio.

Estância Hidromineral São Bonifácio
It has mineral thermal water at 29° C, radioactive at source, with lithium and fluoridated. It also has a swimming pool, slide, waterfall, weirs for fishing, hostel and leisure area for children and adults. The restaurant functions on weekends and holidays. Rio Broecker.
Phone: (48) 3252-0120

Encantos do Sul


Relax and have fun at the hot spring resorts of Tubarão.

Hotel Termas do Rio do Pouso
Pools of thermal waters, various sport and leisure options, as well as alternative therapies.
Estrada Geral Rio do Pouso, Km 13, Rio do Pouso (on the left bank of the Tubarão River, 13 km from the Center).
Phone: (48) 3622-1660

Hot Springs of the Guarda Hotel
Offers programs for 1-day use. There are pools and baths of thermal waters and alternative therapies.
Estrada Geral da Guarda, s/n, Termas da Guarda, Right Bank. The water of this resort is special for being the 2nd most radioactive of Brazil.
Phone: (48) 3622-3773/3403

Hotel Sandrini
Offers SPA.
Estrada Geral da Guarda, 9.500, Termas da Guarda.
Phone: (48) 3622-1717

Hotel Adolfo
Rua Porto Alegre, s/n, Termas da Guarda.
Phone: (48) 3622-4341

Santa Rosa de Lima

Have fun and relaxe in the thermal waters of Paraíso das Águas.

Paraíso das Águas
The thermal waters of up to 37o C can be enjoyed in the large pool for up to 200 people or in individual baths, with or without whirlpool. There are also ecological trails and a German food restaurant with a view to a waterfall. Tuesday to Sunday, 8AM to 8PM.
Estrada Geral Águas Mornas, s/n, a 7 km do Centro.
Phone: (48) 3654-0156


Discover the power of the thermal waters, staying at or visiting the resorts of Gravatal. The Hot Spring Complex of Gravatal includes a water park, 5 hotels, and an apartment-hotel with inside and outside pools, and collective and individual baths. The thermal waters, at a temperature of 36º C at the source, are considered to be relaxing and helpful in various treatments, such as relief of stress, regulations of arterial pressure, and recovery from orthopedia surgeries. Acupuncture, Indian medicine (Ayurveda), phytotherapy, homeopathy, iridology, and massage therapy are some of the alternative therapies offered by the hot spring complex as supplements to the baths.

Hotel Internacional Gravatal
Av. Pedro Zapelini, 882, Termas.
Phone: (48) 3648-8100

Cabanas Termas Hotel
Rua José Agostinelli, 101, Termas.
Phone: (48) 3648-2082

Termas Park Hotel
Rua Antônio Pedro Mendonça, 496, Termas.
Phone: (48) 3648-2157

Castelo Palace Hotel
Av. Pedro Zapelini, 197, Termas.
Phone: (48) 3648-2562

Hotel Termas
Av. Pedro Zapelini, 285, Termas.
Phone: (48) 3648-8200

Condomínio Apart-Hotel Termal Intergravatal
Rua Dr. Hélio A. Agostinelli, 301, Termas.
Phone:  (48) 3648-2033

Parque Aquático Acquativo
Tuesday to Sunday, 8AM to 6PM.
Av. Pedro Zapelini, 882, Termas.
Phone: (48) 3648-8275

Centro de Naturopatia e Fisioterapia Equilíbrio Natural
Av. Pedro Zapelini, 882, 4º andar, Termas.
Phone: (48) 3648-8100 r. 3171

Clínica Semente Cristal
Rua Virgílio Serafim, 560, Termas.
Phone: (48) 3648-2087

Vale do Contestado


Relax and enjoy yourself at a hot springs resort full of attractions.

Termas Oásis Parque das Águas
In addition to the thermal pools (32ºC), it has a native forest reserve, reservoirs, solarium, panoramic bar, water slide, sand volleyball court, a “seven-a-side” soccer field, playground and grills. Open daily November through March, 8am to 8pm.
Comunidade de Vista Alegre, divisa Videira-Fraiburgo.
Phone: (49) 3566-7921

Treze Tílias

Relax and enjoy yourself at the city’s hot spring.

Treze Tílias Thermal Baths
This exclusive waterpark for members and guests of the partner hotels, offers pools for adults and children, a waterslide, a wet bar, grills, a fast food restaurant, pizzeria with bowling, a game room, a beach volleyball court, an events hall and a store. Open Wednesday through Sunday, 9am to 7pm.
Rua João Anrain, s/n, Centro.
Phone: (49) 3537-0396


Bring the whole family to enjoy Piratuba’s hot springs park.

Piratuba Thermal Baths
A complex of pools (shallow, deep, semi-olympic, covered, outside, or even with a slide), immersion baths, individual showers and water aerobics. It also has fast food stands, grills, an area for camping, nature trails and a parking lot for cars and motorhomes.
Open daily, 7:30am to 7pm. In the summer it is open until 8pm.
Avenida 18 de Fevereiro, 2.455, Balneário.
Phone: (49) 3553-0132


Relax and enjoy yourself at Itá’s hot springs resorts.

Itá Hot Springs Water Park
Maintained by the town government, there are 16 pools (five are covered), a waterslide, trails for hiking, a bar and a restaurant.
SC-466, Km 72, Lago Azul.
Phone: (49) 3458-1909

Itá Thermas Resort e Spa
Located next to the Parque Aquático. Exclusively for use by the resort’s guests.
SC-466, Km 72, Lago Azul.
Phone: (49) 3458-9200

Campos Novos

Relax and enjoy yourself at the hot springs resort that moves the city throughout the year.

Leonense Spa
A green area with thermal pools, a restaurant and camping. The sulphurous waters have an average temperature of 33ºC. Open daily, 8:30am to 7pm.
Rua da Liberdade, s/n, district of Barra do Leão, between Campos Novos and Capinzal, 60 km from the center of the city.
Phone: (49) 9922-0787

Grande Oeste


Relax and have fun in the thermal waters park of Chapecó.

Thermal Water Resort
Swimming pools with thermal waters, children’s aquatic playground, waterslides, ecological retreat with a track for walking, lake for small-scale fishing, polysports courts, restaurant, snack bar, barbecue pits and a small hotel. Tuesday thru Sunday, from 8:30am to 11:30am e from 1:30pm to 5:30pm.
SC-480, s/n, direction Rio Grande do Sul, district of Marechal Bormann, at 12 km from the Center.
Phone: (49) 3329-7010.