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Santa Catarina is one of the most popular destinations in the country for events. In all regions of the state there are a number of food festivals, trade shows, symposiums, cultural and sporting events, shows, religious celebrations, agricultural exhibitions and other celebrations, totaling about 10,000 annual events. In all events, the hospitality of the population is a registered trademark. But a few, the people from Santa Catarina are proud to welcome and present their land and their customs to visitors from all parts of Brazil and the world.

Enjoy the October Holidays and learn about the different faces of Santa Catarina’s culture.

During the month of October, 13 traditional festivals take place in Santa Catarina: Oktoberfest – the biggest German party of the Americas (Blumenau), the Fenaostra (Florianópolis), the Shrimp Festival (Porto Belo), the Fenarreco (Brusque), the Immigrant Festival (Timbó), the Kegelfest (Rio do Sul), the Heimatfest (Forquilhinha), the Schützenfest (Jaraguá do Sul), the Colonial Product Festival (São Martinho), the Efapi (Chapecó), the Oberlandfest (Rio Negrinho), the Tirolerfest (Treze Tílias) and the Itapiranga Oktoberfest, the first of its kind in the state. Tourists can take advantage of the short distance between the majority of the host cities and have fun with the songs and dances, folk concerts and presentations, and taste the delicious typical dishes from each of these festivities.

Discover a wide variety of events that take place throughout the year in Santa Catarina.

Fans of religious tourism will find various pilgrimages, processions and religious festivals in Santa Catarina. The state is also full of options for those seeking culinary festivities. The agricultural and industrial exhibitions, trade fairs and services also stand out in all regions of Santa Catarina. Furthermore, nationally and internationally recognized sporting and cultural events have been growing in number and importance.

Enjoy Santa Catarina’s excellent events infrastructure and do good business.

Santa Catarina offers large event centers, arenas, theaters, convention halls, auditoriums and other spaces for large, medium and small events. The good hotel and service infrastructure is another strong point, as is the prime location of the state – in the South American economic epicenter, between São Paulo and several Mercosul countries. All of these competitive advantages, added to the natural beauty, safety and quality of life found in most cities, as well as the reception work done by Santur and the convention bureaus, have increasingly brought more events to the state. Yours may be next.