Rural Tourism

Horseback riding, fishing, hiking to waterfalls, enjoying delicious forager food, seeing cows being milked and the harvesting of agricultural products are some of the activities offered by Santa Catarina’s farm hotels and rural inns. Santa Catarina was the forerunner of rural tourism in Brazil, when, at the start of the 1980s, farmers in the Lages region began to open the doors of their properties to visitors. Today, these places have facilities for complete leisure and comfort, with attractions for all ages. More modest, rural properties registered in the Acolhida na Colônia (Welcomed in the Colony) project also offer a great experience connecting with country life, where food is harvested from the garden and cooked on a wood-burning stove.



Recharge your batteries appreciating the beautiful rural scenery of Joinville. Fishing, rides on horseback, ecological trails and typical cuisine are some of the attractions offered by the rural properties.

Estrada Bonita
The excursion through this rural area of the municipality (at 25 km from the Center) goes through bucolic scenarios, with wooden bridges over streams surrounded by much greenery, and by small properties which sell bread, jam, cakes, treacle and other home-made delights. During the visit, it is possible to follow up the production of these items and practice activities as fishing and ecological walks. There are small hostels and typical restaurants with food made in a firewood oven.

Piraí, Vale do Quiriri e Estrada Dona Francisca (Dona Francisca Road)
The rural properties in these localities offer trips in carts, tractors or on horseback, fee-fishing, ecological trails, restaurants of typical food and points-of-sale of colonial products.

Casa Fleith (Fleith House) and Casa Schwisky (Schwisky House)
Buildings listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN) located in rural areas of the municipality (respectively on Estrada do Pico (Pico Road) and Estrada Quiriri (Quiriri Road)).

Hotel-Fazenda Dona Francisca (Dona Francisca Farm Hotel)
SC-301, Km 94, Distrito Industrial de Pirabeiraba.
Phone: (47) 3422-3377.

Chacará de Oma Palmark (Oma Palmark Smallholding).
Estrada Geral do Piraí s/n – Vila Nova.
Phone: (47) 3439-5390.

Hotel Vale das Hortências (Hydrangea Valley Hotel)
Estrada Geral Rio do Júlio, km 12,5 – Pirabeiraba.
Phone: (47) 3492-1518 / 3422-2242.

Propriedade Reinaldo e Anita Hattenhaue (Reinaldo and Anita Hattenhauer Prpoerty)
R-101, km 20.
Phone: (47) 3464-1500.

Jaraguá do Sul

Go along the Immigration Paths in the rural communities of Jaraguá do Sul and note the cultural traces of the colonizers in the architecture, in the feasts and typical culinary.

German colonization

Sociedade Recreativa (Recreative Society) Rio da Luz (Salão Barg)
Timber frame building from 1915, it is the stage of the State Colonist’s Feast (July). It also handles king and queen feasts and dinner dances.
Rua Eurico Duwe, 2.600, Rio da Luz I.
Phone: (47) 3376-2184.

Casa Rux
Timber frame stype building dated from 1915 and listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN).
Rua Erwin Rux, 663. Rio da Luz II.

Igreja Luterana Apóstolo Paulo (Lutheran Church Apostle Paul)
The new church was built in 1958 and restored in 2004.
Rio da Luz II.

Igreja Luterana (Lutheran Church) Rio da Luz Vitória
Built in 1958, today it has been restored.
Rio da Luz.

Igreja Luterana (Lutheran Church) Barra do Rio Cedro
Dated from 1932.
Rua Pastor Albert Schneider, 353, Barrado Rio Cerro.

Sociedade Esportiva e Recreativa Aliança (Alliance Recreative and Sports Society)
It is the organizer of the Kolonistenfest (Colonist’s Feast), in July.
SC-416, Km 18, Rio Cerro II.
Phone: (47) 3376-0146.

Sociedade Esportiva e Recreativa Alvorada (Alvorada Recreative and Sports Society)
The Winterfest, in May, is promoted by this association
Rua Gustavo Gumz, 289, Rio Cerro II.
Phone: (47) 3376-0776.

Hungarian colonization

Igreja Santo Estêvão (Church Saint Stephen)
Built in 1922 as a homage to King Stephen, who converted Hungary to Christianity. It organizes a great typical feast on the first weekend of September.
Rodovia municipal JGS-466, s/n, Garibaldi.

Churches Santa Cruz (Holy Cross)(1952), Santíssima Trindade (Holy Trinity) (1926) and Luterana (Lutheran)
Integrate the Hungarian Colonization Route of Jaraguá do Sul.

Casa Arthur Hansen (Arthur Hansen House):
The building of 1947 is in front of a dam and a sawmill.

Casa Família Mayer (Mayer Family House)
Built in the 1940’s in timber frame style, it has mosaics with bricks.

Sociedade Independência (Independence Society)
It promotes typical feats, as the New Year’s Eve Dance and Anniversary Dance (April), besides 4 annual king and 2 queen feasts.
Estrada Jaraguazinho, s/n, Garibaldi.
Phone: (47) 3055-8024.

Centro de Processamento de Alimentos Jaraguazinho (Jaraguazinho Food Processing Center)
It serves a typical Hungarian lunch and colonial breakfast, highlighting the strudel. It sells jams, biscuits, smoked items and other colonial products. It is necessary to book in advance.
Estrada Garibaldi, s/n, Garibaldi.
Phone: (47) 3055-8368.

Italian colonization

Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosário (Church Our Lady of the Rosary)
The church of 1950 has a stucco ceiling and mosaic floor.
Rua Luiz Sarti, 1.397, Nereu Ramos.
Phone: (47) 3276-1002.

Capela Duquesa de Chartres (Duchess of Chartres Chapel)
Built in 1951, listed by the Municipal Historical Heritage.
Rua Manoel Francisco Costa, s/n, Vila Chartres.

Capela Santo Antônio (Saint Anthony Chapel)
Dated from 1951
Rua Lino Piazeira, s/n, Nereu Ramos.

Casa Vitório Schiochet (Vitório Schiochet House)
Built of face bricks, with a stucco ceiling and arched veranda. Listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN).
Rodovia municipal JGS-240 (Estrada Geral Itapocu Hansa), 8.315, Nereu Ramos.

Casa Eurides Silveira (Eurides Silveira House)
A mill driven by a waterwheel and a small collection of colonial objects are the attractions of this typically Italian residence built in 1912.
Rodovia municipal JGS-240 (Estrada Geral Itapocu Hansa), s/n, Nereu Ramos.

Estância Ribeirão Grande (Ribeirão Grande Country Seat)
The farm hotel has a swimming pool, spa and offers trails and other activities in the open air.
Estrada Ribeirão Grande do Norte, s/n, Ribeirão Grande do Norte.
Phone: (47) 3274-8700 / 3275-1995.

Rio Negrinho

Check out the main touristic rotes of the municipality and enjoy rural bucolic scenarios.

Estância Colonial (Colonial Country Seat)
Touristic route to rural properties, where the visitor can fish, ride on horseback and savor the delicious typical gastronomy. The programming includes stopping at the Café Colonial Vera Zeithammer (Vera Zeithammer Colonial Café) and the Propriedade de Mário Hack (Mário Hack Property).
At about 5 km from the Center.

Colônia Olsen (Olsen Colony)
Touristic route by the São Pedro community, where the Vale do Rio Casa de Pedra (Stone House River Valley) stands out, with historical buildings as the Capela São Pedro (Saint Peter’s Chapel) and other colonial properties.
São Pedro community.
Phone: (47) 9187-4637.

Rio dos Bugres (Bugres River) rural area
Fee-fishing is the main attraction of the rural properties of this region. Some also offer barbecue pits, area for camping, renting houses and chalets.

Campo Alegre

Make pleasant excursions in the beautiful rural scenery of the municipality, fishing, riding and savoring the delicious homemade food offered in colonial houses.

Pousada Casa Antiga (Ancient House Hostel)
Estrada Geral de Campinas, s/n, Campinas dos Faria.
Phone: (47) 3632-8181

Hotel Pousada Campo Alegre (Campo Alegre Hostel Hotel)
SC-301, Km 45, 8.348, Santo Antônio.
Phone: (47) 3632-2149.

Sítio Cambará (Cambará Farm)
Estrada Geral de Campinas, s/n, Campinas dos Faria.
Phone: (47) 3632-8185.

Associação de Turismo Rural Caminhos da Serra (Mountain Paths Rural Tourism Association): it is advisable to book for weekends.
Phone: (47) 3632-2450.


Visit the rural properties located along the Estrada Otto Roeder and go riding on horseback and take away some colonial products. The exotic meat (wild boar, frog, duck and rabbit) served in the Café Colonial Vale do Sol (SunValley Colonial Café) also stands out.


Visit or stay in rural properties which offer activities as fishing, horse riding and trails to the waterfalls, besides the delicious homemade food.

Hotel-Fazenda Massaranduba (Farm Hotel Massaranduba)
It organizes trails to the waterfalls and promotes activities as Tyrolese, trips in carts and horse riding.
Rua Rio Bonito, 222, Rio Bonito.
Phone: (47) 3324-7608.

Farm Hotel Santo Antônio
The place has ecological trails to waterfalls, lagoons for fishing and offers trips in carts and horse-drawn carriages with monitors at weekends, besides serving a colonial breakfast and homemade food.
Estrada Rio Bonito, 111, Rio Bonito.
Phone: (47) 3324-7536.

Pesque-Pague Recanto das Águas (Fee-Fishing Water Reterat)
Wednesday thru Sunday, open for lunch and dinner.
Rua Patrimônio II, s/n, Patrimônio.
Phone: (47) 9157-7923.

Pesque-Pague Dori (Fee-Fishing Dori)
The menu of the local restaurant is specialized in fish. Wednesday thru Saturday, from 10am to 10pm; Sunday, from 9am to 7pm.
Rua Silvio Michelucci, s/n, Guarani Mirim.
Phone: (47) 3379-1848.

Pesque-Pague Águas Claras (Fee-Fishing Clear Waters)
It has a restaurant and large leisure area. Wednesday thru Sunday, from 8am to 10pm.
Rua Ribeirão Wilde, s/n, Campinas.
Phone: (47) 9220-7505.

Pesque-Pague Recanto da Amizade (Fee-Fishing Friendship Retreat)
Rua Braço do Norte, s/n, Campinas.
Phone: (47) 3379-1494.

Revitacentri (Revitalization Trinity Center)
Curative and personalized alternate therapies for those seeking wellbeing.
Rua Madre Rosa Antonina Hutnik, 425, Guarani Mirim.
Phone: (47) 3379-1203.

Vale do Contestado


Visit rural properties and taste the honey produced in the region.

Casa do Mel Lauro Sauer (Lauro Sauer Honey House)
It has a small museum of beekeeping, internal routes to see the hives, an area for camping, parking and the sale of honey and derived products. Monday thru Friday, from 7:30am to 6:30pm.
BR-280, Campo da Lança.
Phone: (47) 3643-0061.


CSee first hand the lifestyle of families that work with agriculture and livestock. The rural properties located next to the central region of the city offer nature trails, cascades, boat rides, fishing, colonial coffee and typical lunches.


Cataventos Turismo & Eventos
Rua Albino Rota, 45, Centro.
Phone: (49) 3444-1150.


Learn about the daily routine in the country by staying at an authentic farm hotel.

Hotel-Fazenda Cocho Velho
Horseback riding. SC-488 – Toldinho I.
Phone: (49) 3432-0212.

Treze Tílias

Enjoy pleasant moments of rest and relaxation while staying at cozy rural inns.

Pousada Sítio Palmeiras
Horseback riding.
Rua Três Barras s/n – Interior.
Phone: (49) 3537-0026 / 99730030.


Enjoy pleasant moments of rest and relaxation while staying at cozy rural inns and farm hotels.

Fazenda do Engenho Parque Hotel
SC-303, km 21.
Phone: (49) 3553-0012.


Stay in a rural environment and enjoy horseback riding, hikes, swimming in lakes and pools, zip lining and relaxing.

Pousada Pica-Pau Verde
Linha Abatti, between the airport and the Industrial District.
Phone: (49) 3522-2226.

Grande Florianópolis

Rancho Queimado

Visit the typical rural properties and experience the day-to-day of the farmers in the strawberry fields.

Welcome to the Colony
A project which schedules visits to rural properties, where the guest can accompany the farmers’ activities.
Phone: (48) 3654-0186.

Junckes Colonial Mill
considered to be the model property of agritourism in the region, it produces and sells organic products.
Taquaras, at 2 km from the Museu Casa de Campo Hercílio Luz. Schedule a visit.
Phone: (48) 9906-3119

Bauer Hostel
it preserves the cattle driver culture in the cuisine and customs. It offers horse rides on nights with a full moon.
Estrada Geral do Morro Chato, at 4 km from the Center.
Phone: (48) 3275-0104.

Strawberry Company
It groups rural producers around a successful agrotoxic-free agricultural project. The new technologies allow the fruit to be produced in all the seasons of the year.
District of Taquaras.


Visit or stay in rural properties and enjoy a differentiated leisure experience.

Welcome to the Colony
The tourist can stay in rural properties which promote activities of leisure and agroecological awareness.
Phone.: (48) 3654-0186.

Silva Farm
“Colonial breakfast”, organic and handicraft products, honey and ecological trail.
Community Rio da Prata.
Phone: (48) 3256-0196.

Waterfall Retreat Hostel
Estrada Geral do Rio da Prata.
Phone: (48) 3256-1155.

Passárgarda Farm Hostel
Estrada Geral do Rio da Prata.
Phone: (48) 9116-8339.

Flora Farm
Coffee, nursery of orchids, fixed locomotive.
Estrada Geral de Povoamento, a 3,5 km do Centro.
Phone: (48) 3256-0390.

Serra Catarinense


Experience daily life on a large farm, with the opportunity to go horseback riding, take carriage rides, hike century old trails, fish in reservoirs, and do many other outdoor activities. Do not miss the Coxilha Rica, a plain that has an area of around 100 km2. As the old route for drovers, it still has rivers, wetlands and fields that are completely preserved.

Boqueirão Hotel Fazenda
BR-282, Km 228, exit for São José do Cerrito.
Telephone: (49) 3289-0700.

Hotel Fazenda Pedras Brancas
SC-438, Km 10, district of Pedras Brancas.
Telephone: (49) 3223-2073.

Fazenda Dourado
Estrada Lages-Morrinhos (highway), Km 14.
Telephone: (49) 8814-9881.

SESC Pousada Rural
SC-425, Km 4,5 - Rincão Comprido, rural zone of the Índios district.
Telephone: (49) 3224-9988.

Pousada Aza Verde
BR-116, Km 6 (old BR-2, Km 4).
Telephone: (49) 3222-0277.

 Pousada Refúgio do Lago
SC-438, Km10, Pedras Brancas.
Telephone: (49) 3223-1416.


Relax and enjoy the excellent inns and farm hotels located in Urubici.

 Refúgio de Montanha Rio Canoas (inn and hostel)
SC-370, Km 27, Serra do Corvo Branco.
Telephone: (48) 8401-7304.

Serra Bela Hospedaria Rural
SC-370, Santo Antônio, 44, 4 from the Center.
Telephone: (49) 3278-5113 / 3278-4666.

Fazenda Hotel Serra do Panelão
SC-430, Km 11, Serra do Panelão.
Telephone: (49) 3278-4566 / 8843-4138

Cambuim Cabanas Hospedagem de Montanha
SC-430, Km41, 14 from the Center.
Telephone: (49) 9129-4536

 Pousada Fazenda Pedra Preta
SC-430, Km43, 3 km from Vacas Gordas.
Telephone: (49) 3278-4591 / 9128-7778

 Estalagem Villa da Montanha
Estrada do Rio Engano, s/n, São Francisco.
Telephone: (49) 9926-9679

 Fazenda Fogo Eterno Hospedaria Rural
SC-430, Km 42.
Telephone: (49) 9116-9094.

Pousada Kiriri-Etê
SC-430, Km 15, Serra do Panelão.
Telephone: (49) 3278-5481.

Pousada Fazenda da Invernada
Bairro Fetti, km 1.
Telephone: (49) 3278-4131.

Pousada das Araucárias
Estrada Geral Santa Terezinha s/n - Interior.
Telephone: (49) 3278-2008.

Hospedagem Rural Nossa Senhora das Graças
Av. Rodolfo Andermann, 2.238 Esquina.
Telephone: (49) 3278-4040. 

Eco do Avencal Resort Ecológico
Estrada Geral Rio Capoeira, s/n.
Telephone: (49) 9168-2088.

Acolhida na Colônia
Telephone: (49) 3278-4244

São Joaquim

Experience country living while staying at farm hotels and rural inns. Hiking along trails, horseback riding, “fogo de chão,” cow milking, fishing and apple harvesting are some of the activities that are offered.

 Fazenda Ipê
SC-438, Km 62, Monte Alegre.
Telephone: (49) 3233-8040 / 9125-7529.

Pousada Água Santa
SC-438, Km 3.
Telephone: (49) 3233-1140.

 Pousada Caminhos da Neve
Rua Irineu Bornhausen, s/n (1km from the centro).
Telephone(49) 3233-0385.

Chalé Alto da Serra
Rua Davidoff Lessa, 89 Centro.
Telephone(49) 3233-0953 / 9991-1204 / 9101-3024.

Pousada Colina da Neve
Rua jair Aguiar Nunes, 45 - Monte Carlo.
Telephone(49) 3233-2426 / 9995-9801.

Pousada Monte Carlo
Rua Coronel José Palma, 43 Monte Carlo.
Telephone(49) 3233-0301.

Bom Jardim da Serra

Experience unforgettable moments at the region’s charming farm hotels and inns. Outdoor activities include trout fishing, canoe trips, nature trails, bird watching, horseback riding, swimming under waterfalls and music around the traditional “fogo de chão” (fire pit).

Rio do Rastro Eco Resort
SC-438, Km 130.
Telephone: (48) 9931-6100 / 9985-3253.

Pousada Morro Grande
SC-438, Km 110.
Telephone: (49) 3232-0103 / 9135-6899.

Pousada Fazenda Santa Rita
SC-438, Km 31.
Telephone: (49) 3232-0255.

Hotel Fazenda Rota dos Canions
Rodovia SC 438 km 121.
Telephone: (49) 3232-0203/9171-3300


Relax and enjoy yourself at Urupema’s farm hotels and inns. Take part in horseback rides and hikes, trout fish in reservoirs, go down rivers in rafts or see how cattle are managed. The typical cuisine, such as the traditional carreteiro (type of rice) and feijão tropeiro (drover’s beans), prepared on a wood stove, is another attraction of the hotels and inns.

Fazenda do Barreiro (Barreiro Farm)
One of the oldest farm hotels in Brazil, it has a private museum with objects that portray country life all the way back to the XVIII century.
SC-438, Km 43.
Telephone: (49) 3222-3031.

Hotel-Fazenda Morro Agudo (Morro Agudo Farm Hotel)
SC-439, Km 3.
Telephone: (49) 9143-1070.

Bom Retiro

Stay at one of the farm hotels or a rural in and experience mountain life, taking part in outdoor activities, such as rappelling, hiking along nature trails and horseback riding.

Hotel-fazenda Curucaca
SC-430, Km 8, Caminhos da Neve.
Telephone: (49) 9136-9186 / (49) 9136-9184.

Pousada Trinca Ferro
SC-430, km 5.
Telephone: (49) 9917-3447 / 9993-3526.

Encantos do Sul


Visit the small rural properties of Rio do Pouso and Sertão dos Corrêa, enjoy delicious colonial meals, and buy homemade and artisanal products.

Sítio Lunardi
Scheduled visits.
Rio do Pouso Alto.
Phone: (48) 9966-3155.

Recanto Maria Laura
Serves colonial lunch and desserts. Only on Sundays. Scheduled visits.
Rod. Alfredo Anacleto da Silva, s/n, Sertão dos Corrêa.
Phone: (48) 3632-7081.


Visit the rural properties of the town and enjoy the pleasures of life in the fields.

São Miguel
Neighborhood located in a mountainous region, above the valley, full of places suited for the practice of eco-tourism. The properties located in the region also offer various attractions for rural tourism. The neighborhood is also home to the Nossa Senhora da Saúde Grotto, destination for many religious tourists. 4 km from the Gravatal Hot Springs.

Acolhida na Colônia
The project organizes a route for visiting the rural properties of the neighborhood of São Miguel, including the Casa do Mel Bioápis and Pousada do Vô Juca. The tour, recommended for the whole family, has the attractions of open-air recreational activities, such as fishing and horseback riding, as well as colonial meals. Reservation center.
Phone: (48) 3654-0186.

Casa do Mel Bioápis
Sells honey, dried bananas, sun-dried tomatoes, and organic sauces.
Phone: (48) 9956-8092.

Pousada do Vô Juca
Offers fishing, as well a colonial meals and artisanal cachaça.
Estrada Geral de São Miguel.
Phone: (48) 9966-1244.


Enjoy the beautiful natural scenes of Urussanga, staying at rural properties and pousadas which offer various outdoor activities.

Pousada da Vinícola
Estrada Gera São Pedro s/n – São Pedro.
Phone: (48) 3465-1500.

Santa Rosa de Lima

Enjoy typical rural environments, do outdoor activities, and savor the delicious homestyle food.

Acolhida na Colônia
Project which schedules visits to rural properties of the town. The visitor can stay at pousadas with typical German architecture and experience the pleasures of life in the fields, with a spotlight on the typical local cuisine. Reservation center.
Phone: (48) 3654-0186.

Pousada Doce Encanto
Rio dos Índios Main Road, s/n, Rio dos Índios.
Phone: (48) 3654-0042.

Pousada Vitória e Pousada Boeing
Estrada Geral Barra do Rio do Meio, s/n, Rio do Meio.
Phone: (48) 3654-0048.

Pousada Sítio da Cristine
Estrada Geral Rio Brabo Alto, s/n, Interior.
Phone: (48) 3654-0164.

Pousada das Águas
Estrada Geral Águas Mornas, s/n, a 5 km do Centro.
Phone: (48) 3654-0117.

Quartos Coloniais Vandressen
Accommodation in a hundred-year-old house.
Estrada Geral Barra do Rio do Meio, s/n, Rio do Meio.
Phone: (48) 3654-0186/0155.

Chalé Assing
Fishing for tilapia.
Rio dos Índios.

São Martinho

Discover the rural community of Vargem do Cedro and other places of great natural beauty, where you can practice various outdoor activities.

Vargem do Cedro
Rural community located in a valley full of waterfalls. The set of houses with flowery gardens are enchanting, as is the beautiful Church of São Sebastião. Beside it is the Nossa Senhora de Fátima Grotto, which has a historical museum with objects and utensils of the colonizers. Other attractions of the community include the artisanal and colonial products. Access by dirt road. The majority of the establishments are open only on the weekends.

Father Renato Rohr Museum
Estrada Geral Vargem do Cedro, 1, Vargem do Cedro.
Saturday and Sunday, 1:30PM to 5PM.
Phone: (48) 8804-0019.

Pousada Salto das Águas
The main attraction of the location is the waterfall surrounded by bromeliad trails, at the foot of Koch Hill. The pousada has a restaurant.
São Martinho Alto.
Phone: (48) 3645-0321 / 9991-1903.

Recanto da Natureza
Pools, fee fishing, horseback rides, a soccer field, and a restaurant are among the attractions of the pousada.
Estrada Geral Vargem do Cedro, s/n, Vargem do Cedro.
Phone: (48) 3645-6133.

Salto do Rio Capivara
The structure of the location includes an area for camping, a snack bar, a typical restaurant, and pools.
Estrada Geral Vargem do Cedro (a 6 km from the Center).
Phone: (48) 3645-6166 r. 23 / 9657-0202.

Cascata Recanto das Pedras
Comunidade Bom Jesus (approximately 12 km from the center of the city).
Phone: (48) 8837-2236.

Pousada Hellmann
Organizes horseback rides.
Estrada Geral Vargem do Cedro s/n – Vargem do Cedro.
Phone: (48) 3645-6166 r24.

Salto de Cima
In São Martinho Alto.

Grande Oeste


Visit the rural communities of Chapecó, and discover traces of the colonizing cultures and many natural beauties.

Museu da Cultura Italiana (Italian Culture Museum)
It preserves furniture and utensils of the pioneering immigrants, in a building which simulates an Italian house from the start of the 19th century. Schedule a visit. Colônia Cella. Phone: (49) 3328-0377.

Hotel-Fazenda São Luiz (São Luiz Farm Hotel)
The architecture and cuisine are typically Italian. There are cabins for accommodation, weirs and horse riding. Distrito de Sede Figueira (District of Sede Figueira).
Phone: (49) 3324-9810.

Gruta de Sede Figueira (Sede Figueira Grotto)
In the place there is the Capela Nossa Senhora de Lourdes (Chapel Our Lady of Lourdes) and, nearby, the Trilha dos Mistérios do Rosário (Trail of the Mysteries of the Rosary) – marks of the Catholic religiousness of the colonists of Italian origin.
Distrito de Sede Figueira, at 1 km from the BR-282.
Phone: (49) 3324-9833.

Capela São Carlos (Chapel Saint Charles)
Was built when the first Rio Grande do Sul of predominantly Italian origin arrived. Colônia Bacia.
Phone: (49) 3328-0175.

Museu Tropeiro Velho (Old Cattle Driver)
It keeps domestic items and utensils of the old residents of the town and, mainly, of the cattle drivers who passed through the region. It has an area for leisure and camping. Monday thru Friday, from 8am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm. Property of the Fonseca Family, at 15 km from the Center.
Line Boa Vista.
Phone: (49) 9107-5210.

Sítio Pousada (Hostel Farm)
Swimming pool, weir for fishing, large leisure area, cabins for accommodation and space for camping, besides the delicious cattle driver gastronomy. Line Boa Vista.
Phone: (49) 9138-9896 / 9117-5005.

District where the Usina Hidrelétrica Foz do Chapecó (Chapecó Falls Hydroelectric Power Plant), the Vale do Rio Uruguai (River Uruguay Valley) and the Trilha do Pitoco (Trail of Pitoco). Since the installation of the plant, the locality has developed a good touristic infrastructure, with restaurants of typical gastronomy, besides a lake for bathing and nautical activities. At approximately 23 km from the Center.

Vale do Rio Uruguai
The beautiful scenery of the valley can be seen from the Mirante da Ferradura (Horseshoe Viewpoint) (15 km from the Center), including the bridge which makes the division with Rio Grande do Sul State. Distrito de Goio-En (District of Goio-En).

Náutica Faé
Distrito de Goio-En.
Phone: (49) 3322-3889 r. 21.

Restaurante Calenda
SC-480, Km 18,5, Goio-En.
Phone: (49) 9156-4077.

Costa Verde e Mar

Balneário Piçarras

Take advantage of the the tranquility of the rural areas in the town to have fun in open air activities.

Sítio Tio Tonho
Chalets, lakes for recreational fishing, swimming pool and horse-riding.
Estrada Morro Alto, s/n, Morretes. Com agendamento.
Phone: (47) 3347-1472 .

Dunga Fish and Pay
Opens on the weekends only but operates the whole year. Saturday to Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm.
Estrada Geral da Lagoa, s/n, Lagoa.
Phone: (47) 9118-8944.

Tironi Fish and Pay
Functions as a water park in the summer and fish and pay center in the offseason. October to April, daily, from 8.30 am to 7 pm; May to September, daily, 8 am to 6 pm. Water park: December to February, daily, from 8.30 am to 6 pm. There is a restaurant at the location.
Rua Pedro Rodrigues da Silva, 502, Barretos.
Phone: (47) 3347-0400.


Visit rural properties and get in touch with nature to practice activities in the open air.

Recanto Duas Quedas
Waterfall, ecological trails, swimming pools for adults and children, waterslides, cabanas with barbecues, sports pitches and diner. December to march, Tuesday to Sunday, 8 am to 6.30 pm.
Estrada Geral Baú Central, 3.401.
Phone: (47) 3391-5707.

Célio Zuchi Fish and Pay
There are two lakes for fishing and a bar. Lunch served on Sundays. December to February, Wednesday to Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm; March to November, Wednesday to Sunday, 2 pm to 6 pm.
Rua Silvério Silveira Ramos, 2.600, Minas.
Phone: (47) 3343-1676.

Truticultura Paraíso
Fish and pay lake and restaurant. Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm.
Estrada Geral Alto Baú, s/n, Alto Baú.
Phone: (47) 9917-2432  / (47) 8419-3555.


Discover the enchanting rural properties of Camboriú and enjoy walks, fishing and the typical homemade foods, as well as buying colonial products direct from the producers.

Vale Europeu

Luiz Alves

Travel through the beautiful rural scenery in the town and take the opportunity to buy colonial products direct form the producers.


Leave the routine behind by staying at a farm hotel and taking a differentiated route through the scenery of Gaspar.

Park Hotel Farm
Rural tourism, with sports and leisure alternatives, as tennis, soccer, horse riding, peddle boats, carts, heated swimming pool, fishing, water polo and bowling. There are monitors to play with the children.
Rod. Ivo Silveira (SC-411), Km 6, Gasparinho.
Phone: (47) 3397-9000.

Total Traction
One-day trips in fields, roads and trails of the town, aboard a truck made in 1967. It includes a rural breakfast, a trout-based lunch and visits to a farm, a Brazilian brandy distillery and trout fee-fishing. Daily, from 8am to 5pm. Schedule trip.
BR-470, km 39, Left Side.
Phone: (47) 9182-6399


Relax and have fun practicing activities in the open air in the rural hostels of Pomerode.

Old World Rural Hostel
Ecological trails, waterfalls, fishing riding on horseback or in carts, a museum. Lunches with typical dishes are served on Saturday and Sunday. It is possible to stay on the property or schedule visits during the week to get to know the Museu da Antiga Colônia (Ancient Colony Museum), which has 19th century furniture and artifacts.
Rua Ribeirão Herdt,1.830, Ribeirão Herdt.
Phone: (47) 3387-3143.

Benedito Novo

Get in touch with nature by visiting the main rural attractions of Benedito Novo.

Clear Waters Retreat Aquatic Park
A swimming pool for adults and children, a lagoon for fishing, a trail for motocross and snack bars.
Rua Guilherme Konell, s/n, São João.
Phone: (47) 3385-0533 / 9981-2913.

Zinc Field Hostel
It organizes horse riding, trout fishing, canoe trips, among other activities.
Estrada Ribeirão Liberdade, s/n, Vale do Zinco.
Phone: (47) 3385-0160 / 3391-3411

Rio dos Cedros

Stay at one of the charming rural hostels and farm hotels of Rio dos Cedros. The attractions include boat trips, horse riding, walking and bathing in waterfalls.

Mountain Stop Hotel
Estrada Geral Alto Cedro s/n – Barragem Pinhal.
Phone: (47) 3340-7540 / 3386-0690.

Chalet Island Club
Estrada Geral Alto Cedro s/n – Barrage Pinhal.
Phone: (47) 3386-0780.